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Obstetric Interventions

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Written by Judy Cohain, CNM
45% of births in the US are now induced, but evidence supporting this intervention is severely lacking. Case controlled studies show no benefit to inducing for postdates. Routinely inducing for postdates is based on 3 uncontrolled, retrospective studies showing 1/1000 less stillbirths while ignoring possible increases in brain damage to newborns as a result of induction.
Written by Judy Cohain, CNM
Caesarean sections, unless strictly indicated, may be harmful to the health of mothers and their newborn babies. Two questions remain. Why are rates still on the increase? What can be done to reverse current trends? As a head obstetrician recently said, "If highly-paid soccer goalies won't practice evidence-based diving for the ball when they are paid millions of dollars a year, what hope is there for obstetricians?"
Written by Judy Cohain, CNM
Since the ability of ultrasound to both diagnose and improve outcomes of severe defects is close to non-existant in most locations, routine prenatal ultrasound screening is most often simply the best way to terrify a pregnant woman.

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