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Abstract Title:

Physicochemical, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory evaluation of fixed oil from Boa constrictor.

Abstract Source:

1: Acta Pol Pharm. 2008 Jul-Aug;65(4):477-80.



Abstract Author(s):

Abiodun Falodun, Omonkhelin Josephine Owolabi, Obasuyi Osahon


Boa constrictor is one of the snakes found in the riverine areas of Nigeria, especially in the Niger Delta regions. The fat obtained from the snake is used ethno-medicinally for the treatment of burns and inflammatory conditions. The purpose of this study was to validate the traditional use of this crude fat and oil. The fat obtained from the Boa snake was subjected to some physiochemical screening tests. A systematic chemical and antimicrobial investigation was carried out using some bacterial found in wound such as Staphylococcus aureus, B. subtilis and Streptococcus pyrogenes. The degree of zone of inhibition was a measure of the antimicrobial activity of the fat and oil. The maximal inhibitory dilution was determined for significant zone. The anti-inflammatory investigation was done using the croton oil induced ear edema. The results of the study revealed a potent anti-inflammatory and a significant antimicrobial activity of the fat from Boa constrictor against S. aureus and S. pyrogenes organisms, thus, justifying the traditional usage of the fat of Boa constrictor.

Study Type : Human Study
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