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Abstract Title:

Coincidence of biophoton emission by wheat seedlings during simultaneous, transcontinental germination tests.

Abstract Source:

Protoplasma. 2013 Jun ;250(3):793-6. Epub 2012 Sep 26. PMID: 23011402

Abstract Author(s):

Cristiano M Gallep, Thiago A Moraes, Samuel R Dos Santos, Peter W Barlow

Article Affiliation:

School of Technology, University of Campinas, Limeira, SP, Brazil, gallep@ft.unicamp.br.


Measurements of spontaneous ultra-weak light (biophoton) emission from native Brazilian and German wheat seedlings in three simultaneous series of germination tests are presented, two run in Germany and one in Brazil. Seedlings in both countries presented semi-circadian rhythms of emission that were in accordance with the local lunisolar gravimetric tidal acceleration, as did seeds which had been transported from Brazil to Germany. The simultaneity of the photon emission patterns in all tests argues for the lunisolar tide and its rhythmic variations as regulators of the natural rhythm of photon emission. However, seedlings from seed samples transported from Brazil to Germany showed, in addition, a temporary disturbance within the emission periodicity which may indicate a possible short-term acclimatization to the new location.

Study Type : Plant Study
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Additional Keywords : Biophotons : CK(76) : AC(18)

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