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Abstract Title:

Inhibition of human fibroblast growth in vitro by a snake oil.

Abstract Source:

1: Br J Plast Surg. 1990 Mar;43(2):183-6.



Abstract Author(s):

D D Datubo-Brown, A Blight


The inhibitory effects of boa constrictor fat (BCF) oil on the growth kinetics of keloid and normal dermal fibroblasts were tested in fibroblasts cultures. BCF significantly (p less than 0.0001) inhibited the in vitro growth of both keloid and normal dermal fibroblasts. Although the active ingredient(s) in this snake oil is not yet determined, it is postulated that fatty acids which are the main constituents of the oil may in part account for this observed in vitro effect.

Study Type : In Vitro Study
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