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Abstract Title:

Parkinsonism after glycine-derivate exposure.

Abstract Source:

Mov Disord. 2001 May ;16(3):565-8. PMID: 11391760

Abstract Author(s):

E R Barbosa, M D Leiros da Costa, L A Bacheschi, M Scaff, C C Leite

Article Affiliation:

Divisão de Clínica Neurológica, Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade, Medicina da Universidade, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil.


This 54-year-old man accidentally sprayed himself with the chemical agent glyphosate, a herbicide derived from the amino acid glycine. He developed disseminated skin lesions 6 hours after the accident. One month later, he developed a symmetrical parkinsonian syndrome. Two years after the initial exposure to glyphosate, magnetic resonance imaging revealed hyperintense signal in the globus pallidus and substantia nigra, bilaterally, on T2-weighted images. Levodopa/benserazide 500/125 mg daily provided satisfactory clinical outcome.

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