Abstract Title:

Hypoglycaemia in patients with liver diseases administered levothyroxine.

Abstract Source:

J Clin Pharm Ther. 2003 Oct;28(5):355-61. PMID: 14632959

Abstract Author(s):

N Iihara, K Kurokohchi, T Tsukamoto, T Masaki, S Kuriyama, H Ohnishi, T Taminato, S Morita

Article Affiliation:

Department of Pharmacy, Kagawa Medical University Hospital, Kita-gun, Japan. naomiiih@kms.ac.jp


OBJECTIVE: Experience of a few hypoglycaemic patients with liver disease and receiving levothyroxine suggested to us that the prevalence of hypoglycaemia might be higher in such patients. The purpose of this study was to ascertain whether the prevalence of hypoglycaemia this was actually the case. METHODS: This study was a retrospective, cross-sectional analysis of a medical computerized database and/or written reports from our university hospital. Patients with primary liver disease who were admitted to our hospital between April 1998 and August 2000 were divided into two groups; the first group received levothyroxine and the second group did not. The patients in the second group were selected from three different time periods within the period shown. The prevalence of hypoglycaemia (blood glucose level<70 mg>

Study Type : Human Study

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