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Sucralose may be a migraine trigger. - GreenMedInfo Summary

Abstract Title:

Popular sweetner sucralose as a migraine trigger.

Abstract Source:

Headache. 2006 Sep;46(8):1303-4. PMID: 16942478

Abstract Author(s):

Rajendrakumar M Patel, Rakesh Sarma, Edwin Grimsley

Article Affiliation:

Department of Internal Medicine, Mercer University School of Medicine, Macon, GA, USA.


Sucralose (trichlorogalactosucrose, or better known as Splenda) is an artificial sweetener from native sucrose that was approved by the FDA on April 1, 1998 (April Fool's Day). This observation of a potential causal relationship between sucralose and migraines may be important for physicians to remember this can be a possible trigger during dietary history taking. Identifying further triggers for migraine headaches, in this case sucralose, may help alleviate some of the cost burden (through expensive medical therapy or missed work opportunity) as well as provide relief to migraineurs.

Study Type : Commentary
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