8 More Reasons I Haven’t Vaccinated My Daughter

8 More Reasons I Haven't Vaccinated My Daughter

Last week, my first blog on this very sensitive topic called "8 Reasons I Haven't Vaccinated my Daughter" went viral on MindBodyGreen, being shared almost 50,000 times in the first week. There has been such an outpouring of support from all over the world that has been very humbling. Given the imminent direction vaccination policy in going, it seems like a good time to speak up.

The original article I wrote had 15 reasons, but after editing it was turned into eight. Here are eight more that didn't make the cut, that I thought GreenMedInfo readers might like.

1.  I can't trust vaccine studies to be true.

We all love studies, right? Let's start off with one that I believe may be the most important study of all. This gem caught my attention because it examined the "undue industry influence that distorts healthcare research, strategy, expenditure and practice." The conclusion reads, "to serve its interests, the industry masterfully influences evidence-base production, evidence synthesis, understanding of harms issues, cost-effectiveness evaluations, clinical practice guidelines and healthcare professional education and also exerts direct influences on professional decisions and health consumers."

The key word there is masterfully, because it wouldn't be masterful if everyone knew it was going on. The fact that marketing is spun to be made to look like pure science is the true "mastery".

Any one of these factors in isolation might be enough to make anyone doubt whose interests are being served by pro-vaccine research, but all together and working synergistically? Given the scope of this conclusion, it seems unlikely that a doctor or hospital will provide the most objective opinion, given their exposure to the 'direct influences' from pharmaceutical companies that have paid over $11bn in fines in the last three years for criminal wrongdoing.

2.  I believe the benefits of vaccines have been exaggerated.

I already hear you saying, "But James, how can you say that about vaccines? We all know that vaccines have saved millions of lives." Well, when you talk about saving lives, you are talking about reducing mortality. And when we look at the mortality presumably impacted by vaccines, we see a different picture than we have been told is true.  There is no doubt that sanitation, nutrition and socioeconomic factors played a much greater role in reducing mortality from communicable diseases than vaccines.

Graph Courtesy of HealthSentinel.com

Prime example: measles. Mortality reduced 99.5% before the vaccine was introduced in 1963. Notice also, scarlet fever follows the same pattern of decline without the use of a vaccine ever. Even polio deaths were reduced 47% in the USA and 55% in the UK before the first vaccine was introduced, and were falling. How far could we have gone without vaccines? We will never know.

Since my article has come out, Dr. Suzanne Humpries has written a very well thought out piece on this exact topic, you can find it here. I challenge anyone to read that and still be 100% pro-vaccine.

3.  There is evidence of vaccines causing chronic and autoimmune disease

In my previous article, I detailed at least six chronic conditions proven to have come from vaccines. Given the ridiculously short observation periods and underreporting of the numbers, there is likely be a lot more.

This study from Japan spells it out clearly regarding vaccines and autoimmunity. "Systemic autoimmunity appears to be the inevitable consequence of over-stimulating the host's immune 'system' by repeated immunization with antigen, to the levels that surpass system's self-organized criticality."

Please know, I am not saying that vaccines cause all chronic diseases, but we are getting precious few answers as to what is causing them, and the answers that are starting to come are pointing at excessive toxicity or medical interventions, of which vaccines are both (see point #9).  If you really want to be 'one less', in my view, it is better to be one less iatrogenic death (caused by doctors or medicine, the #3 killer in America).

4.  The history of polio has been distorted.

The first thing anyone says when you discuss not giving vaccines is 'do you want her to get polio?' Obviously not, although 'getting' polio and being paralyzed are two completely different things, given that 95% of polio cases are asymptomatic. Furthermore, polio has been consistently reclassified over the last 50 years so that many diseases we called polio at one time are no longer called that. This reclassification is not just an American trait, though.

In India in 2012, they celebrated a whole year going by without a polio death. Great news, hey! But have you heard of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis? A new study revealed that rates of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) have increased 1200% since the oral polio vaccine was introduced a decade ago. Bear in mind NPAFP is "clinically indistinguishable" from wild polio.  Clinically. Indistinguishable. We may have eliminated a virus, but we have not eliminated paralysis, which, after all, should have been the goal of the program.

So, has polio been "eradicated" or reclassified?

Also, you most likely source of getting polio in America in the last 60 years was actually from a polio vaccine. In 1955, in what is now referred to as the 'Cutter Incident', 120,000 people were mistakenly vaccinated with live polio. Whoops!

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For your information: PLEASE explain!


The villages of Staphorst and its southern neighbour Rouveen came into existence as in the 13th century monks started to bring thebogs and swamps into culture. All the farms were built along the long road through the bog area. Thus a lengthy row of farms was built, becoming the 7 miles long village of Staphorst-Rouveen. This phenomenon is called in Dutch: lintbebouwing (ribbon urbanization). In many parts of the Netherlands this type of village is quite common, e.g. Vriezenveen, the villages along river dykes in the Netherlands, the so-called moor-colonies in the provinces Drenthe and Groningen, as well as the German regions opposite the border. A specialty for Staphorst is, that after a farmer's death, his land was often divided between his sons. The son, who didn't inherit his father's farm, built a farm-house for his own behind the other. Therefore, many pieces of farmland are very lengthy, yet narrow (e.g. 1500 x 40 metres). Originally, each piece of land was 125 metres wide. The farms are of the traditional Low Saxon type. They have green doors and window shutters. Most farms existing now were built between 1850 and 1910.



Staphorst is famous for people wearing traditional dress. Furthermore, it is one of the most religious towns of the Netherlands, with a lot of people attending Calvinist church. Staphorst grinds to a halt on Sundays.

A large proportion of the population holds fundamentalist Christian beliefs, and oppose technologies such as television. This is in contrast to the permissive, libertarian tendency in Dutch law. Nevertheless, Staphorst has a big industrial area with small, but modern enterprises; on days other than Sundays, tourists are welcome (see below).

In 1971, Staphorst became world news due to an outbreak of polio. Certain inhabitants did not wish their children to be vaccinated against polio on religious grounds. They found that vaccination was against Divine Providence, in particular the Heidelberg Catechism. Due to this (and probably also due to laxity of other inhabitants in getting vaccinated) 39 people (mostly children) became infected with polio. Of these, five died and a number of others became disabled. Most inhabitants are now vaccinated, however 20% remain unvaccinated. As a result, Staphorst and other similar areas in the Netherlands are classified as risk areas by the WHO[1] - the only such area in Europe


5 deaths. There are that many in each major hospital in America each month from iatrogenic disease.


Surely not a reason to make to never question anything ever again.

thank you

Thanks for your reaction.

I would be grateful if you would relate-as I suggested- to Staphorst etc and and explain this!

Flaccid paralysis only in the Dutch bible belt!!?? Weird.

Every "idiot" in Holland realized what was happening but these facts are totally ignored by fanatism when one prefers to be only a "desk-philosopher" 

Lets leave all rhetoric away-all of us -and explain the awful Dutch -not desirable "laboratory experiment", this would clear up a lot and I challenge Dr. Susan Humphrie not to skip this chapter.

Please convince me and the Dutch population........


Medicine is not easy and one tends to confuse things and is "against of in favour of".

There seems too be no middle path even if this would be the true path, according to FACTS!

Not vaccinating children against Polio [as long as is necessary ] is silly and is denying medical history.

May I suggest that you look in the famous classical story about the village Staphorst in Holland and you may change your opinion?

Polio [salk] has been one of the biggest blessings in medicine and of course also sabin in special areas in the world. How can one be blind for what has been an absolute "fear" in the past?

Trusting that one is immune for tetanus or diphteria is also "dreaming" even if the chance of attracting these diseases is much smaller now in the west.

For all the other vaccinations I will agree with you, they are pushed for no good reason and may cause damage.[excepr for some rare non-routine vaccinations like Yellow fever etc. ]

Medical History

I think the disagreement here is between the version of history written by those who promote vaccines and believe in their safety and efficacy a priori and the one that is unwritten, or that does not make it into history books. The difference, for instance, is between those who celebrate Columbus Day as a celebration of the 'discovery' of America, and those that acknowledge the historical realities of genocide, rape and theft which it represents. Do some looking around at the actual history of vaccination and you will find similar disparities, and a dialectic that refutes much of what you and millions of others take for granted as the accepted history of the matter. Take a look at Dr. Humphries' video on the 'secret history of the polio vaccine' if you are open-minded enough to view it: http://tv.greenmedinfo.com/susan-humphries-speaking-on-polio/

Regardless, thank you for taking the time to comment and express your opinion.

This is a great example, and I will use it in the future.

"History is written by the victors"

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