Are Cancer Stem Cells the Key to Discovering a Cure?

Cancer Stem Cells

From the perspective of conventional cancer treatment a diagnosis of multi-drug resistant cancer is equivalent to a death sentence. By the time such a diagnosis occurs, the patient's body has been irreversibly damaged by chemotherapy and radiation, and an even more aggressive cancer has emerged to take the place of the original one.

Tragically, these treatments do not simply fail, but make the cancers more malignant.  This fact is effectively concealed by the name multidrug resistant cancer which makes it seem as if the cancer was so exceptionally resistant and malignant that the normally effective drugs used to treat it just couldn't do the job.  

But wouldn't it be more accurate to call this multi-drug failed cancer, putting the responsibility back on the medical establishment, as it should be, in recognition of the impotence, or worse, cancer-promoting nature of its treatment choices?

In other words, instead of blaming the treatment failure on the patient's body – or a set of virulent gene mutations within their cancer – it is time we look more closely at why conventional chemotherapy and radiation-based treatments breed multidrug resistance within the cancer of patients, who ultimately succumb to the effects of the treatment and not the cancer they were originally diagnosed with.

How Conventional Cancer Treatment Creates Greater Malignancy

Multidrug resistant cancer is the byproduct of cancer doctors (oncologists) throwing the chemical and radiological kitchen sink at the patient and not only failing to improve their condition, but significantly worsening it. How so? In order to understand how conventional treatment drives the cancer into greater malignancy, we must first understand what cancer is....

Tumors are actually highly organized assemblages of cells, which are surprisingly well-coordinated for cells that are supposed to be the result of strictly random mutation. They are capable of building their own blood supply (angiogenesis), are able to defend themselves by silencing cancer-suppression genes, secreting corrosive enzymes to move freely throughout the body, alter their metabolism to live in low oxygen and acidic environments, and know how to remove their own surface-receptor proteins to escape detection by white blood cells. In a previous article titled "Is Cancer An Ancient Survival Program Unmasked?" we delved deeper into this emerging view of cancer as an evolutionary throw-back and not a byproduct of strictly random mutation.

Because tumors are not simply the result of one or more mutated cells "going rogue" and producing exact clones of itself (multi-mutational and clonal hypotheses), but are a diverse group of cells having radically different phenotypal characteristics, chemotherapy and radiation will affect each cell type differently.

Tumors are composed of a wide range of cells, many of which are entirely benign.

The most deadly cell type within a tumor or blood cancer, known as cancer stem cells (CSCs), has the ability to give rise to all the cell types found within that cancer.

They are capable of dividing by mitosis to form either two stem cells (increasing the size of the stem population), or one daughter cell that goes on to differentiate into a variety of cell types, and one daughter cell that retains stem-cell properties.

This means CSCs are tumorigenic (tumor-forming) and should be the primary target of cancer treatment because they are capable of both initiating and sustaining cancer.  They are also increasingly recognized to be the cause of relapse and metastasis following conventional treatment.

CSCs are exceptionally resistant to conventional treatment for the following reasons

  1. CSCs account for less than 1 in 10,000 cells within a particular cancer, making them difficult to destroy without destroying the vast majority of other cells comprising the tumor.[1]
  1. CSCs are slow to replicate, making them less likely to be destroyed by chemotherapy and radiation treatments that target cells which are more rapidly dividing.

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Did you guys read the article?

The article is written in part to bring into awareness that a major problem with "Curing" cancer is that cancers have a group of stem cells that have been resistant to conventional medicine. This article then goes on to explain there are numerous herbs that do in fact kill the originating stem cells within the cancer and can bring on a real and complete cure. This article is NOT about getting stem cell therapy.

Cure for Cancer

There are over 300 known natural cures for all cancers. In fact Dr Leonard Coldwell, has stated on many YouTube videos, that cnacer can be totally healed in 2 to 16 weeks, when you follow his protocol, as well as others. I was surprised to read the title to this article. "Are cancer stem cell the key to discovering a cure?" Please inform your readers that there has always been a cure. No one should have ever died from cancer, but because the FDA and Big Pharma, are more concerned about profits, they have been able to brainwash people into thinking that they are still searching for a cure. Many lives are being lost every year, because of the ongoing deception of the American people and to people around the world. You can start by listening to the Youtube video series of 6 videos titled "KILL CANCER" or any videos titled "Cures for Cancer" or "Forbidden Cures."  Please help to enlighten people, and not keep them in darkness. Thank you

Cancer and Stem Cells

Dear Sayer Ji,

There are few people in the alternative medicine scene as knowledgeable as you in the scientific background of disease. I am enjoying your articles. Stem cells will be important in future cancer cures.

For Carole Hilton, the patient above, I want to advise her to be very careful. Desperate as you are for a cure: Stem cells are not yet a viable option. Anybody who promises a stem cells cure right now is a scharlatan out for your money. Please, be careful! And I wish you the very best for your chemotherapy - your best bet at this moment!

Alexa Fleckenstein M.D., physician, author.


Thank you so much- I want desperately to have stem cell treatment.  I went thru breast cancer last august with a lumpectomy, chemo & radiation.  Then in January they found small cell Ca in my lungs and adrenal gland.  I am at present going thru chemo again- my third sesson in progress. Don't know if I am going to have radiation or not this time.  I have my final session the end of May.  I have tried to find the closest place I can go for treatment for stem cell.  I heard there was some in Illinois--I am (LIVING thank God) in Iowa and only have Social Security. Please if you can help somehow to enroll in stem cell research please include me.

Carole Hilton  (not Conrad) so I threw him back LOL  319-270-3733 sidewaysally @gmail.comN

Cancer and Stem Cells

Dear Carol Hilton - please, see my remarks below!

Alexa Fleckenstein M.D.

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