Body Language: Signals That Illness Is On The Way

Body Language: Signals That Illness Is On The Way

Our bodies are magnificent machines. When they're working properly, we feel invincible. When they're not working so well, we feel awful. But if we learn to read the signals that our magnificent bodies are giving us when something is awry, we can often take steps to avoid illness.

When things start to take a wrong turn in our body, they don't shut down at that precise moment. Instead, we get little warning signals that something is amiss. Taking time to decipher these messages is always better than popping an aspirin and hoping the symptoms just disappear.

Interpreting the body's signals requires a level of awareness that, like any other skill, can be practiced and perfected.

Have frequent headaches?

There are many causes, but a common one is that you're drinking too much diet soda. Artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame, can trigger headaches or even "brain fog". You should know that methanol, an ingredient which is broken down in aspartame, is a known carcinogen and a potent neurotoxin. Instead of treating your headaches with pills and trying to disrupt the signal your body is dutifully sending you as a warning, try cutting out the diet drinks instead. In fact, cut out EVERYTHING that contains aspartame, including your chewing gum.

Experiencing mood swings, itchy ears, frequent yeast infections?

The average American consumes nearly 150 lbs of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup each year, according to the US Dept of Agriculture. If you're one of those average Americans, or even if you just have a 'sweet tooth', your body may be harboring an unhealthy overgrowth of candida. Think of it as the kudzu equivalent in the body. A little is ok, but if it is allowed to run amok, it colonizes everything in its path. It prefers the body's warm, dark places such as between the toes, under the breasts and even in the ears. It irritates and inflames the skin, leading to telltale itching and redness. Instead of using creams or lotions to reduce the itchiness, you have to kill it at its source. The best way is to starve the little buggers by cutting off their food supply. They love sugar--including fruit--and refined flour products and fermented foods. By cutting these out of your diet for several weeks, you can reduce their numbers significantly.

Feeling constipated often?

The clearest signal that you're not eating enough fiber is constipation, but there are other signals you might not associate with not eating enough fiber such as inflammation and skin problems, frequent hunger pains, and energy slumps. When traffic is backed up, toxins from your bowel can leach back into your body, causing it to react with inflammation to fend off the unwanted particles. This inflammation can manifest in a multitude of ways, causing problems in your digestion, skin--even your heart or brain. Instead of reaching for a laxative, eat more vegetables, flax, pumpkin or sesame seeds.

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