BREAKING NEWS: GMO 'Suicide Seeds' On Edge of Approval in Brazil

BREAKING NEWS: GMO 'Suicide Seeds' On Edge of Approval in Brazil

News Release
10 December 2013

ETC Group 

After promising on World Food Day (October 16) to block legislation that would legalize the planting of Terminator seeds in Brazil, the country's Judicial Commission is set to approve suicide seeds as a Christmas gift to Monsanto, DuPont and Syngenta.

Intense internal and external pressure in mid-October forced the Brazilian Congress to pull back from adopting pro-Terminator legislation, and the Judicial Commission's Chair pledged never to allow legislation while at his post. Now, the same chair will entertain a motion Wednesday to accept Terminator seeds, making Brazil the first country in the world to defy a 13-year-old UN moratorium on the use of the technology. "If the Commission passes the bill this week," says Centro Ecológico's Maria José Guazzelli, "the Congress could make it law after it reconvenes in February. While most of Brazil is celebrating a Christmas birth, the seed multinationals will be celebrating the death of the 10,000-year right of farmers to save seeds."

If the bill is passed this week (the Judicial Commission meets Wednesday and Thursday), ETC Group expects the Brazilian government to take a series of incremental steps that will orchestrate the collapse of the 193-country consensus moratorium when the UN Convention on Biological Diversity meets for its biennial conference in Korea in October 2014:

First, the government will announce that adoption by the Judicial Commission does not necessarily mean adoption by the Congress. Next, the government will announce that it will limit, through regulation, the application of Terminator technologies to special circumstances and repeat its long-standing support of the UN moratorium. Later, the government will agree that Terminator seeds can be used on GM trees to prevent widespread contamination in the Amazon. This will be described as an environmentally beneficial initiative, disguising the intent to allow the Amazon's biodiversity to be replaced with GM tree plantations.

Monsanto, DuPont and Syngenta – all of whom have pledged to never sell Terminator seeds to farmers – will express their sympathy for the government's difficult situation regarding the spread of GM tree pollen and agree to act responsibly. Although the 3 companies that control 54% of global commercial seed sales all have a stable of Terminator patents, they will move cautiously to multiply Terminator seeds and prepare them for market over the next 2-3 years.

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terminator gene

Let us look at the other side to the terminator gene.  They keep these gmo plants from polluting its non-gmo relatives.  It would reduce the possibility of the gmo plant becoming a weed since they will not grow.  

It is a step in the right direction to control the distribution of the gmo genes.  Adding this gene may alter the plant to the point that no one can defend growing it. Adding this gene would cost them lots of money which they would not likely recover except to raise the price of seed beyond economic value.  If farmers knew that the seed would not grow, they may be less likely to grow it to start with.

We would not have the Monsanto police going after farmers since those farmers that did save seed would not be interested in growing their gmo crops.

gmo suicide seeds

NO country should play God with food....dangerous ground.

Playing God with food

I rather see a country in that role than the current companies who operate above the laws.  

God gave man dominion for the earth, we have been breeding plants for centuries to make them more useful to us.  I strongly object to the lack of testing to make sure these GMO plants are safe.  I do not believe the companies have done the studies needed to really prove it one way or the other.  I also think that the current GMO crops are going to fail in the next 10 years as Mother Nature always wins.


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