CA Vaccine Bill Legislates "Freedom Only With Permission"

CA Vaccine Bill

CA Bill 2109

"This bill, if passed, would require parents to obtain the signature of a "health care practitioner" for a personal beliefs/religious exemption. MDs, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants can sign. Naturopaths and chiropractors cannot. The signature will need to be obtained on a separate form provided by the Department of Public Health, which states that the health care practitioner has provided risk and benefit information to the parent."


In case you’ve been living in an underground grotto, the proposed Bill would require parents to get an MD’s signature to allow parents to sign the vaccine exemption form, a form which has been in use for the past century in California. Does that sound bizarre? The MD signature is required before the citizens can sign their own name.

The new bill is masquerading as a vaccine safety issue.
Understand that it is not.

Rather, this is a constitutional issue – de facto negation of Bill of Rights concerns, whereby parents are being forced to get PERMISSION to opt out of a voluntary medical procedure. –

Asking the doctor if it’s OK if we don’t choose a controversial medical procedure like vaccines, which the manufacturers themselves admit is dangerous.

This is the new freedom: Freedom with Permission.

Puts an Orwellian twist on the Personal Beliefs Exemption: you now need permission to exercise your personal belief in choosing a controversial procedure for your own child.

Let’s take the blinders off the horse here. Having realized in the past 2 years that they are losing the debate on vaccine safety, organized medicine has taken a completely different tack: outlaw the debate itself. Don’t debate: Legislate.


Dr Blaylock succinctly frames the issue in his recent interview

[Russell Blaylock interview]



- after the abysmal failure and professional embarrassment of the H1N1 fiasco in 2010, it would have seemed logical for the vaccine industry to back off vaccines for awhile. Despite millions of dollars and 2 years of global marketing and hysteria, the American people just didn't buy the whole idea of H1N1 as a real disease. They rejected the vaccine, en masse. Remember?

But instead, medicine has done the opposite. They have redoubled their efforts, with several new policies since then, which are unprecedented in forcing vaccines on people, while still maintaining the pretense that shots are voluntary. This CA Bill 2109 is just one example.

Just a few months ago, it became a law in California - CA Bill 499 - that 7th graders may be vaccinated in school with the controversial HPV vaccine without the parents' knowledge or permission. Did we happen to notice that?

What opposition did we register? That was not primarily a vaccine safety issue either, but a question of parents' rights. The assertion and insertion of government authority over parents' rights to choose health care for their children - that is a primary right which the people of California have just lost. With scarcely a whimper.

Medicine as government, government as medicine.


Why were chiropractors specifically excluded as signers of the Forms?

Because they don't have the needle, obviously.

To the chiropractic organizations that say they will take no action because this isn't a chiropractic issue, they're missing the mark twice over:

1. We are specifically excluded in favor of those who are not even primary care doctors. This is a an insult, both professionally and academically, as though we are not well enough educated to inform patients about fundamental health issues.

2. Who is more informed to counsel the large proportion of California patients who seek a course of natural health that follows the holistic, vitalistic model? This has always been a matter of personal choice. Who else but DCs [and perhaps NDs] represent natural health care?

A bit of back channel politics occurred recently where a naive group of DCs considered withdrawing their "opposition" in exchange for an empty promise to allow DCs to sign the exemptions.

What opposition?

Astounding that anyone would really think the proponents would actually remove the exclusion of DCs from the bill. Never happen. No matter what they promise. Even if they did, it would almost be guaranteed to be tacked back on in the midnight hour. Why? Because we don’t have the needle.

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Risk and Benefit information?

Where is the doctor supposed to get the so called 'risk and benefit information'?  Is this some one-sided document provided by the vaccine maker - who clearly is not unbiased.  If the doctor cannot get a document he believes is unbiased, how can he honestly present it to his clients?  Is the doctor allowed to choose what risk benefit information he presents to the parents? 

As I see the draft, it says the doctor must provide: "benefits and risks of the immunization and the health risks of specified communicable diseases".  I'm betting these so called 'risk' are not presented with 'real numbers' to facilitate an honest decision.  Where do the real numbers come from? 

The doctor is not obliged to provide the risk of vaccination.  And not obligated to provide information about the 'benefits' that will be available to the parents, or the child, if the child is harmed by the vaccination - which are, frankly, none at all.

If parents are to make an intelligent, well thought out decision about their children they have a right to information about both risks - the risk of vaccination and the risk of non-vaccination as well as both benefits, the benefits of vaccination and the benefits of avoiding vaccination.  

GreenMedInfo has already busted the myth that Vaccine Exemptions put others At Risk.  Maybe all doctors should sign a document that they have read this information BEFORE they are allowed to administer vaccinations. 

Vaccine promoters want to simplify this very complex situation - to get on with the sale and damn the consequences. It's their dollars against your child.  And if you lose, they keep the dollars. 

tracy, Personal Health Freedom

Absolutely Disgusted Absolutely

This situation is over the top and out of hand. Who is anyone to take our rights away and give us permission for something that is GOd-given? Who are THEY to condescend to take our right of free will from us on ANY issue -- but especially on what we will or won't accept to take within our bodies. This is all very ALIEN. It is almost as if something alien is trying to take over -- especially when one looks at all the other symptoms that are affecting our world overall. Why would our own people do this to us??

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