Cleanse, Flush, Sweat, Mobilize, Chelate, Detox...and Heal

Cleanse, Flush, Sweat, Mobilize, Chelate, Detox...and Heal

It's an industrial world out there. Few pristine places are left on Earth, and even there the winds of industry blow. Luckily we have answers.

Obviously sunshine, exercise, a truly healthy diet and a happy mindful kinetic lifestyle are lobby-level, yet illness can begin in the best of us when toxic chemical intake and auto-generated wastes overwhelm the capacity for elimination. In other words the rate of elimination must meet or exceed input...or toxins accumulate.  Amalgam fillings, air and water pollution, smoking, eating fish and processed foods, pesticides, battlefield toxins, radiations and drug residues commonly lead to cancers, heart/artery disease, autism, depression, PTSD, candidiasis, viral infections, autoimmune disorders, etc., etc. These conditions can logically and practically be prevented, improved or reversed by expeditious elimination of the offending molecules.

The term "cleanse" usually causes us to think "bowel" cleanse with strong laxatives and dreadful colonics traditionally used to address gross elimination problems. The intestinal tract can become a plumber's nightmare so consider that vitamin C doses exceeding bowel tolerance leave one clean as a whistle in a few hours. 

Attention then zooms in on the intestinal floral population, care and feeding of the good guys and starvation of pathogens. This is done by eliminating sugars and processed carbs (gluten/GM grains) and killing yeasts and other bad guys directly with oregano oil or oxygen releasing products.

And then focus on healing the cells lining the intestines that otherwise leak toxins, pathogens, emulsified fats and proteins directly into the bloodstream to source allergies and autoimmune disorders.  Cells respond to saturated fats like butter/coconut oil and Omega 3 fats, high fiber leafy greens and green juices w spirulina, intermittent fasting, bone/cartilage soups, raw milks/yogurts, minerals like K, Mn, Se, Zn and Mg, Vitamins C/E and other phyto-antioxidants like curcuminoids, carotenoids, cannabinoids....and regenerate.

"Flush" commonly refers to liver and kidney cleansing. They are targeted with various herbal/olive oil flushes. R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, silymarin, beets, liver and added baking soda for kidneys help restore function. The GMI database holds a laundry list of regenerative aids for these organs.

"Sweating" and sauna raise body temperature, dump wastes and stimulate all biochemical activity, circulation of blood and lymph.

Hot baths of epsom salts or dead sea salts and soaking in ocean water draw-out toxins while infusing alkalizing magnesium; all transdermally.

Sunbathing raises body temperature when photons, at various wavelengths from infra red to ultra violet, penetrate the skin to not only produce Vitamin D, but entrain body frequencies and energize our predominant water fraction. UV and radiant heat make H2O's charge, polarity and conductivity stronger so blood, lymph and other body fluids become thinner. This speeds circulation moving oxygen-rich blood in, waste products out.

Exercise, massage and quick temperature shifts like a sauna followed by plunging into cold water agitate fluids that had become stagnant during periods of inactivity. Hot peppers are also great for enhancing circulation.

Still, in spite of cleanses, flushes and sauna, metals and toxins will remain lodged in body fat, bones, nerve tissues and cell membranes.  A double barreled defense is required. First mobilize them.... then chelate them.

Chelation does not occur efficiently without MOBILIZATION...

Cellular detoxification is initiated when a flood of electrons (using mega-Vitamin C/baking soda) moves materials out of tissues and organs into the bloodstream and on to the kidneys or the intestines to be snatched by chelators.  This electron-driven liberation of metals is punctuated by electron-stealing bursts of oxidation ( mega-Vit C generated peroxides, hydrogen peroxide, MMS chlorite, ozone) that disassemble organic poisons, pathogens, fibrin overgrowth and cell debris. Oxidative bursts also spark redox signalling to provoke the release of more in-house antioxidants like SOD and glutathione and awaken other dormant genes to produce protective enzymes.

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MMS chlorite

Many alternative ideas have been demonized. I have used MMS successfully, very carefully and as last resort...starting w 1 drop, following Jim Humble's directions. As I said it is an oxidizer not a mobilizing electron input, and not first choice since it is not pleasant to take and can invoke a powerful Herxheimer reaction...Megadose Vitamin C/baking soda to bowel tolerance is first choice w food grade peroxide second. These practices should be studied and implemented with due caution. And yes, raising ORP is the goal and that means ridding the system of oxidized materials and free radical generating metals working both sides of the equation...all in the interest of restoring oxygen penetration and energy production.

MMS chlorite

Google MMS chlorite, it's a powerful oxidizer not a mobilizer, and as such is used in severe cases to destroy pathogens, organic toxins and cell debris. Chlorite also spurs redox signaling.

MMS Is Poison

Your article said MMS Chlorite was among substances that would mobilize toxins so they could be removed from the body.I have researched MMS Chlorite and would like to refer readers to one of many articles warning people about this product. It is at written by Heidi Stevenson on Sept. 27 2010 entitled "MMS IS Pure Poison But The FDA Lets It Be Sold" It is marketed on Amazon "for water purification only". More correctly it is a water sanitizer because Chlorite is Sodium Chloride also known as Chlorine. To make matters worse it is supposed to be mixed wth citric or ascorbic acid which makes Sodium Dioxide. As you said it is a powerful oxidizer. Combining Chlorine and Acid creates Chlorine Dioxde also known as Chlorine Gas which proved quite deadly in Worlr War I which is why Europeans are so against using Chlorine in their swimming pools to this day. They prefer to use Ozone as a safe non-toxic oxidizer and sanitizer instead. Having spent years in the pool business I can attest to the lethal effect of mixing Chlorine and Acid and of course when you "shock" a pool you oxidize impurities by adding enough Chlorine to reach what is called "break point" which removes chloramines and other organic waste to clarify the water and remove the odor of the chloramines. This spurs the Redox Potential of the water(increased capacity for electron exchange). Low Redox Potential is what makes Chloramines a bad snitizer and why the Redox Potential of water is tested (ORP test) to determine it's sanitizing ability. I suppose when we "shock" our internal body with Chlorine it spurs the redox signaling that you refered to. It must be called Miracle Mineral Supplement so as to make it sound safe for ingestion. I assure you there are no minerals in this product other than Sodiun Chlorite otherwise known as industrial strength Bleach. Examples of it's toxicity include articles in the Guardian and at the (written by Debra Dupre) who reported on a Mexican woman who traveled to Vanuatu with her American husband on a yacht who got Ill 15 minutes after ingesting MMS and Died 12 hours later. OSHA also lists Chlorite as a toxin. I could go on but hopefully you get the idea. That being said, I enjoyed the rest of your article as well as your previuos ones and agree on the importance of detoxing for our health.

Thank you for your comment

Thank you for bringing this up. I (Sayer Ji) have actually came to similar conclusions, and even have a small section on GMI on sodium chlorite's apparent toxicity. But, I would love for Capt. Randall to answer this himself, as I trust he may know quite a bit about this topic that I do not. Again, appreciate this debate/conversation, as it is quite important we ascertain the truth.

MMS chlorite

Sayer, We need to understand that natural immune response works by "burning" irritants with powerful singlet oxygen oxidation and is accompanied by the inflammatory complex of reactions including the increased release of antioxidant glutathione via redox signalling. DR. Saul/Orthomolecular Med advocates oxidative therapies using hydrogen peroxide. Mega-dose ascorbate provokes peroxide release and ozone/MMS have similar action. * and regarding detoxification in general and conventional ignorance: I heard an Alzheimer "expert" (on Dr. Oz) demonize metals associated w dementia (he mentioned Fe/Zn/Cu which he advised to limit intake although admittedly unhealthy levels were "insignificant" ...he missed F, Hg and Al, but pointed out rusty cast-iron cookware and fish as metal sources)...He was on the cusp of understanding the problem, but stopped short of recognizing the charge state and charge terrain of those metals. I wish all MDs would get a clue...stop masturbating to their own pharmaceutical studies and start healing people on a realistic molecular level. Redox balance determines molecular behavior. (period)


What is MMS chlorite for "mobilization" of toxins out of tissues and organs?Where and how did you hear about it?

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