Do You Believe in Offit?

Do You Believe in Offit?

By Scott C. Tips, President of the National Health Federation

    The pharmaceutical industry and the American Medical Association (AMA) are running scared – very scared. In fact, jackrabbits have more courage right now than they do.  After having created a near-monopoly in medical care that has endured one hundred years since the Flexner Report came out in 1910 with its hatchet job against competitive health treatments such as homeopathy, naturopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic, and herbal medicine, this drug and medical mafia has kept a jealous and vigilant watch over its monopolistic commercial privileges.

A Coercive Monopoly

    These privileges, mind you, would not and could not exist without the very active participation of government enforcers who ensure that any serious competitors will be regulated out of existence or into insignificance.  And if, by chance, any of these competitors should pose a serious threat to the medical mafia, then heavy fines, incarceration, and public humiliation will be their fate.

    Yet, despite government thugs' relentless and best efforts to suppress these challenges to the medical monopoly, we have all seen a phenomenal growth in alternative healthcare and throughout the dietary-supplement business, proving once again that government is hopelessly incompetent at waging war against anything, whether it's the War on Cancer, the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, or, yes, the War on True Healthcare.

    That the medical mafia is truly scared can be seen in its scooping up large chunks of the supplement business, some of them made into "Pharma Lite" companies that will not threaten drug-industry profits but instead simply silently support the status-quo medical system that sees hundreds of thousands of Americans and Canadians die each and every year.

    Their fear can also be seen in their repeated – and now stepped up – media campaign to demonize supplements and alternative medicine.  From the April 2010 Reader's Digest cover story screaming "The Vitamin Scam" to the equally biased USA Today front-page story by Liz Szabo (June 19, 2013) on the dangers of alternative medicine, the push is on once again to convince consumers everywhere that supplements and alternative medicine are dangers to be avoided at all costs. Conspicuously absent from any such "exposés," though, is any comparison of the health risks between highly regulated drugs and doctors, on the one hand, and "loosely regulated" supplements and alternative healthcare, on the other.  All except the naïve know that supplements and alternative healthcare are not even in the same league as deadly conventional medicine.

The Medical "Hit Man"

    Enter the medical mafia's latest boy wonder talking head – Dr. Paul Offit, or should we say "Dr. Profit"?  Looking as if he were sent straight out of Central Casting, Dr. Offit has put his name on a book that I would bet was actually written, or at least heavily researched, by a medical-mafia marketing team and given the cutesy title "Do You Believe in Magic? The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine." Presumably, Dr. Offit would know the answer to that question, as he himself has proved to be a fervent believer in the magic of over-vaccinating children as well as the magic of drugging Americans at every opportunity despite a yearly body count that would make ancient despots proud.

    Remember, Ibuprofen alone kills some 17,000 Americans a year.  And how many thousands of Americans are killed annually by vitamin-and-mineral supplements? A big, fat zero. So, if anyone believes in magic, it is the pathetic talking head Dr. Offit.

    Still, in a back-handed compliment to the National Health Federation that recognizes its importance, Dr. Offit's hatchet job begins with an attack on the Federation, claiming it "represents the financial interests of the alternative-medicine industry" and even had a hand in the death of a child whose parents were led astray from conventional medicine.  Serious, but false, accusations – which ignore, once again, the hundreds of thousands of deaths every year at the hands of properly licensed doctors and hospitals and because of FDA-approved drugs.  It is also predictable that Dr. Profit, who most assuredly represents the financial interests of the drug industry, should try to tar the Federation with the same familiar brush that tars him. Even if true, which they are not, Offit's claims are nothing more than those of a Drug Lord complaining to the police or public that someone had trespassed across a corner of his property.

    Back in the 1960s and 1970s, the AMA similarly unintentionally complimented the Federation by spying on its conventions.  The medical mafia guards its monopoly jealously.

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