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Does Ingesting GM Foods Create Disease, Such as Morgellons?

Does Ingesting GM Foods Create Disease, Such as Morgellons?

Perhaps you've heard about Morgellons Disease, and by now you know about GM (genetically modified) food, but the link between the two, is possibly connected according to Professor Joe Cummins, Professor Emeritus at the University of Western Ontario.  Most people are aware that soybeans, canola, and corn are GM foods ubiquitous in our food chain. However, sadly 75% of US food contains unlabeled GM ingredients. Many processed foods contain things we cannot dream of as being edible, much less healthy. We are what we eat, lets face it. 

Professor Cummins noted that Morgellons sufferers tested for Agrobacterium tumefaciens (AT) infestation. Agrobacterium tumefaciens is a bacteria used to create intercellular plant transport in GM (genetically modified food), a technique used for genetic manipulation.

The Morgellons disease is characterized by skin lesions where afflicted individuals claim they can feel something crawling, biting, and stinging under their skin... some people have pulled fibers out, with documented photographs. Right out of a horror movie, right?

So many people were inflicted that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) did study this at one time, with Kaiser Hospital in California. Unfortunately, the study was inconclusive and thought to be a delusional disease.

Throughout the world, it is estimated that millions suffer from this disease. Why would there be so many delusional people? The bulk of the cases have been reported in California, Florida, and Texas...and the numbers keep rising. Some people believe that it is contagious.

Theories on Morgellons range from nanotechnology in foods, aerosol experimental spraying (persistent contrails), weird pesticides, and now, the link with Agrobacterium Tumefaciens, these appear to be possible causes of this strange disease.  Prominent individuals claim to suffer from Morgellons, such as Joni Mitchell, and former baseball player Billy Koch.  Morgellons is still a mysterious condition without a known cure.

Whatever Morgellons disease is, people are experiencing something consistent as reported.  Explanations for Morgellons do not exist. The long term studies on GM foods are difficult to find. There are emerging new diseases, besides Morgellons, Winter Vomiting, obesity, and new 'flu' strains, plaguing people we connect the dots, might determine how well we live.


Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.

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No explanation??? Oh gimme' a BREAK.

"Explanations for Morgellons do not exist."

First:  As a 50-year sufferer now well and truly on the mend due to having abandoned hope in the American School of Medical Practice and taken the full responsibility for doing all the research that the doctors should have done themselves but refused, I find I have cause to take issue with a few points of orthodoxy such as the above.  I can't speak for any other such sufferer but (unlike most others) I did the BASIC MICROSCOPY HOMEWORK.  All by MYSELF.  Got it PEER-REVIEWED, no less.  And it HOLDS WATER, I tell you plain and true.

Right here in my own home, at that!  Microscopes sure work dandy on business desks and in normal civilian people's kitchens too.  Has everyone else just forgotten such things as this?  Are we all now mere media-driven slaves to the Dominant Professional Authority, No Matter What?

Well, YOU stay there...  I'm RIGHT HERE.  Interested?  Read on.

The results of my looksee are hoisted to URL  They correlate well with the entirely credible - and incredibly strong - general theory of Gall Midge and Fungus Gnat larval infection presented at URL too - but only with a third and DIFFERENT SPECIES in my own instance(!).

Suggestion:  Drop the denial - and all the hope in Big Pharma's ability to bother curing this schtuff.  Instead, start looking at TINY insect species that produce larvae with 1)  Paedogenic, 2) Gregarious, and 3) Carnivorous characteristics and behavior.  ANY insect species' larvae that do these three things is IMVH&deeply-thought-out_o a prime candidate for recognition as a Morgellons(sic) pathogen, as I for one sure do find it.

Observation:  At minimum, "Morgo" is a triple-pathogen condition.  To wit:  You got millions of eggs.  You got flesh-eating larvae from those eggs (who all get together to lay more eggs every night; they are truly gregarious, ergo the "Corrugated Crawlies" at night and in the wee hours).  And you got Agrobacterium.  All three pathogenic items MUST DIE OUT - else the misery continues indefinitely, with bizarre shifts in symptoms as the Foul Balance swings from one point to the next under the treatments based on the common "Single Pathogen Theory" most generally accepted by those few mainstream medics who even accept the entirely natural reality of the matter at all.

Fact:  Although high-potency Colloidal Silver (@3600ppm) in large doses is now known to kill off all such larvae, by the time their lesions appear it is already just a leetle late.  These maggoty little gals are paedogenic, remember - they are, in other words, "Hatched Pregnant".  By the time the larvae succumb to the Colloidal Silver they have already egged-out millions of times over.  The eggs in and of themselves cause no great distress.  BUT:  Once relief from the grossest of attention-grabbing larval symptoms is obtained and the silver is discontinued, those selfsame symptoms do inexorably recur as their offspring hatch out, deep down and yet again.

Fact:  Half a gallon a day of an herbal tea simmered-up from Sage, Thyme, Marjoram, Mint, Aniseed and Star Anise clearly, reliably kills those eggs and (just maybe) the larvae too.  Four days minimum; seven maximum will give a human body the strength it needs to kill and eject the massed-up eggs, thus eliminating the heart of that aspect of The Problem.  Once the process is underway (which may take an additional week to ten days post-dosing with the tea as above; watch your walking-about energy level and lay yourself down with plenty of fluids and food at-hand when it hits) the egg masses and related foreign-protein detritus is energetically ejected from deep down  - all the way from the the bones and joints where they are deposited - out through the epidermal layer.  It all emerges to the light of day in classic eruptions of the sort that those who know the Hulda Clark wormwood-based anti-helminthic herbal protocol just might expect.  

But these are larvae and not worms.  Their neurochemistry is entirely different.  So the Clark Treatment, which is a Good Idea in and of itself imvh&experienced_o, does NOT dislodge this class of larvae nor their eggs although it IS highly effective against the pupal "Burning Seeds" stage in these tiny insects' complex life-cycle.  (The which tag, producing as it does an even more convenient professional confusion and needless psychiatric diagnoses than the "Morgellons" Word, reliably removes all hope of cure if forced into the conversation at the Doctor's office.  So WATCH THAT LANGUAGE PLEASE!)


Caution:  Women who are nursing, pregnant or wish to become pregnant might want to lay off the Sage component after no more than four days.

Tip:  One might want to lay in a fair quantity - maybe twenty to fifty pounds, depending - of Epsom Salts for bathing-in once the herbal-assisted "pushout" process starts.  (Four pounds to the twenty-gallon tubful of the hottest water one can comfortably stay deep-immersed in for half an hour or more as-needed seems about right fwiw.)  Epsom salt baths soften the discharge "pills" and ease their complete removal from the likewise-softened skin.  (It's the Sulfur, fwiw.)  If not removed promptly and correctly, you see, that Very Itchy solidified dreck from the Deep Places sure can leave deep pits amid considerable bleeding once pulled free in the dry state.  (I for one tend to think it is indeed FAR better to spend the money and just bathe it off in compete antiseptic safety.)  A rough washcloth OR a pad of finest-grit Scotchbrite(r) (Grey or White grade from any Industrial Supply House) and plenty of antiseptic soap (eg Dial(r) brand with its Hexachlorophene) will prove helpful in the necessary detritus removal and cleanout phase.

Suggestion:  One pass with this tea may not prove adequate in cases of chronic protracted infection.  But relapse is no option.  So a second pass may prove necessary. One might just want to set aside the time for that eventuality in advance.

Opinion:  The "Genetic Sponge" action of the agrobacterium tumefaciens and (just possibly; still under investigation but GEE!) other assorted mycobacterial strains that inevitably "come along for the ride" whenever these filthy insects take up to make their Marriage Bed - and later their dinner -  of us mammals while we ain't lookin' accounts rather well for the rest of the "bizarre" effects - the persistent "weird" rashes, the coccoon-like fuzzballs ejected from the skin, the odd-colored fibers trapped under the skin, the ribbon-like coppery-sheen'd silky material that seems to replace the round cross-sectioned human hair when the schtuff gets into the scalp.  (Think what Agro reliably sponges up from the larvae.  Genetic material, remember?  Remember how entirely mobile Agro is.  Now think, "Mutated Follicles" and see if it ain't just likely just so.)

Admittedly, this aspect is as yet not proved in the lab; it's all inductive reasoning at the edge of What IS Known.  It DOES seem to account for everything with nothing left out, though, which is a real attention-grabber as far as I am concerned.  So my own FORMAL experiments are well into the protocol-formulation stage and the petri dishes, agar etc are on their way.  Maybe one can grow silk and/or fuzzballs in vitro, hm?

Meanwhile the treatments that follow the above theory show plenty promise.  So there.

Caveat:  To date, I for one have discovered no clear permanent remedy for the agrobacterial aspect of the condition.  Meticulous bathing with the above-mentioned materials does help, though, by removing the apparent biofilm buildup from the surface of the skin.  Activated Sodium Chlorite (aka "MMS", sold as a Water Purification System) and Colloidal Silver both produce great short-term relief - but relapse following a week to ten days of their withdrawal has proved inevitable.  Mullein, though, shows some ancient promise against mycobactria in general; this site has articles on that too.  So that Old School herbal approach is next on the chart.  

Fact:  Agro is one tough and resourceful bacillus, let me tell you.  No known commercial antibiotic even touches it; only the hygeinic+biocidal approach shows any promise at all to date.  Believe me, I have tried.

Disclaimer:  I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  I am merely an old-school Homegrown Scientist with a lifetime of success in "demystifying" the Damned Things of this life under my Funny-Lookin' Belt.  This "Morgo Thang" is just Another One of Those as far as I am concerned.  It was literally given to me in 1960 (under entirely bizarre circumstances, one Sunday, on the wings of a Mockingbird), pronounced incurable by high-priced MD Doctors of the Party Line School more times than I care to count, and darn near killed me in my foolishness before I took up to HEAL MYSELF.  The results thus far, being entirely encouraging, sure do spur me on.  We gonna' BEAT this thing, my friends - but Big Pharma ain't gonna' get a patent on much of the treatment, mark my words.

Just don't let 'em winkle our hertb gardens etc away.  THAT action would be a disaster.

Again: gets you the pix that prove the point re the basic etiology, Gentle Reader. integrates the concepts expressed herein from the POV of other folks who I have never met - NO collusion nor fraud is possible under these conditions, ya'dig?

Now hear this:  We need MORE ORDINARY PEOPLE to document their lesions' content at the microscopic level!  The aggregated body of larval evidence, I say, shall eventually wash the Walls of Medical Denial downstream and back to the Lazy Mammonite Hell they came from.  Hey, WE want our LIVES - and THEY want our MONEY!  So go figure, Gentle Reader!  Do we own our own lives or WHAT, HM?  

So:  Let's get it ON, now.  Denial of Lyme Disease - an entirely natural spirochetal infection - ended in like manner, does anyone else remember?  ( fwiw.)  And that is all.  0{:-)o[


Found this article to be individually interesting. I have been troubled with a similar discription for several months now. Although it is no longer painful, the tingle and itching sensations are still relevant in my upper back. Anyone with suggestions as to how to erase this problem, will be greatly appreciated.             Annette Brandes AADP, CHC


Annette, chances are extremely slim that you have Morgellons. Find a good TCM practioner and have yourself checked. I suffered from severe itch/burning/rashes for years, and it was due to excess internal heat. When I moved to a hot climate (from Canada), the condition became severe.

Quite easy to manage after you know what's going on (though your personal make-up will determine what diet/remedies you should adhere to).

Good luck!


Found this article to be individually interesting. I have been troubled with a similar discription for several months now. Although it is no longer painful, the tingle and itching sensations are still relevant in my upper back. Anyone with suggestions as to how to erase this problem, will be greatly appreciated. Annette Brandes AADP, CHC

Erasing the Problem

Ms. Brandes,

I know your pain, your itching etc.  I have submitted a rather comprehensive top-level comment on what IS known and has been PROVED to help, drawn from my own deep-researched long-term experience as well as that of some similarly afflicted friends.  

That comprensive comment re the etiology and known remedies - plus emerging prospects for a full-cure cleanup - is at this moment awaiting staff approval.  Given that it is indeed approved, I tend to think some aspects brought out in the text may likely prove helpful in your instance.  If for some reason it is not (Heaven farfend!) duly approved, well, I have saved the text to the Documents folder.  Those key concepts shall thus be on tap for the providing - if you will have it - in any other manner that you are comfortable with.

Watch and pray.  Play it by ear.  Let's see what GMInfo Staff does with a synoptic presentation of the field-proved Real Deal as best as Yours Truly has thus far ferreted it out from behind the all-too-prevalent Medical Mystery Curtain.  

And that - for now - is all.  0{:-)o[

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Easy Turmeric recipes + The Dark Side of Wheat

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