Monsanto and the Bio-Rape of India

Is India Being Bio-Raped by Monsanto?

Earlier this year, Vandana Shiva generated quite a stir within the blogosphere after comparing GMOs to rape in a Twitter post:

 Dr. Vandana Shiva Tweet

Despite the outrage evoked by her tweet, the metaphor is quite fitting, especially when one considers the technical definition of the word rape:

Rape: the unlawful compelling of a person [replace 'person' with 'organism'] through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.

Because many GMO crops are wind and insect pollinated, their pollen (and the transgenes they carry) easily evade containment and are capable of traveling great distances. For instance, if pollen from genetically modified corn reaches a receptive non-GMO corn plant, transgenes will be forcibly integrated (through sexual reproduction) into the germline of their offspring, rendering them and all their future offspring permanently GMO. This could therefore be defined as a form of 'bio-rape.'

The farmer whose non-GMO crop is contaminated with GMOs is also violated. First, his ability to make a living is compromised, as his formerly organic crop has now been rendered non-organic. Second, Monsanto can legally suit that farmer for 'patent' infringement for having his crop contaminated by their seeds, essentially accusing him of criminal activity for being a victim of their biopollution!

It is one thing for GMO crops to contaminate adjacent organic land within a country which has already weighed the risks and benefits and approved that GMO product, but another for a multinational corporation's seeds to illegally contaminate a country who has not yet approved their use due to biosafety concerns. The latter case describes the long and abusive history of Monsanto vis-à-vis the Indian people, beginning in 2001 with the discovery of a Monsanto-patented Bt gene within fields planted with conventional, non-GMO seeds in the western state of Gujarat. Monsanto, who discovered their gene in these fields, claimed that the Gujarat farmers were guilty of seed piracy, when in fact they were victims of either bio-pollution (i.e. contamination via cross pollination with GMO plants), or had been coerced into using illegal Monsanto Bt-containing seeds before they were officially approved.1

Widespread Illegal Use of Monsanto GM Cotton Across India.

A new report published on Down To Earth, Science and Environment Online, documents the spread of illegal Monsanto GM cotton across India.

According to the author of the May 22nd report, Latha Jishnu, Monsanto's Roundup Ready Flex seeds are being grown in at least three Indian states without biosafety clearance, repeating the Bt cotton saga that began in 2001, when reports surfaced in Gujarat of thousands of farmers starting the illegal cultivation of Bt cotton before regulators could approve its commercial use. 

Jishnu stated

In 2013, history is repeating itself as herbicide-tolerant GM cotton known as Roundup Ready Flex  (RRF) spreads illegally in at least three states. Roundup Ready Flex, first reported to be in use in Gujarat last season, has since spread to Punjab and Maharashtra although the regulator, the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee, has not cleared the technology. This is being field-tested by Monsanto's Indian partner, the Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company better known as Mahyco.

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GMO Terrorism

This looks like G.M.O terrorism and genocide to me.

If I were India, I would take this G.M.O  

event as an attack of a foreign nation on the people of India!  

Kind of like germ warfare! And time released reduction in the human and animal population. WAKE UP BEFORE IT GETS OUT OF HAND!

Robert S


Thank You

Thank you fro this article

I'm currently living in India, and it's a shame how all these US companies are really affecting India.....

Pepsi, Coke, Monsanto, Frito-Lay,

It's horrible

I'm almost ashamed to be from the US, living here

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