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New study: Amish prove raw milk promotes health in children

New study: Amish prove raw milk promotes health in children

An international team of researchers recently confirmed that children who drink fresh milk – unprocessed and unpasteurized – have a better immune response to allergens and are far less likely to develop asthma.

Researchers from Indiana, Switzerland, and Germany ran surveys and tests on Swiss and US children aged 6-12 years and submitted their results to the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology last month. [1]

Because the Amish emigrated from Switzerland, and are thus genetically similar, the team compared Northern Indiana Amish farm children with today’s Swiss kids. Though rural kids are known to be healthier than city kids, the team found that the Amish have a superior immune response to allergens and asthma than even Swiss farm kids have.

"Finally a health professional in America conducted research into the low incidence of allergies among farm kids," said Kimberly Hartke, publicist for the Weston A. Price Foundation in an email to Food Freedom News. "This research validates what European researchers have already discovered: Raw milk is health-promoting."

Over the past century, the US and Europe have seen a spike in "allergic sensitization" reaching more than half the population of both regions, says lead researcher Mark Holbreich. Concurrently, studies in the last decade continue to demonstrate "that certain populations have a significantly lower prevalence of allergic sensitization and a lower prevalence of asthma."

"In one study, certain whey proteins in farm milk were inversely associated with asthma," said researchers, referring to a 2011 study, which asserted:

"Exposure to farm milk in early life and consumption of raw farm milk have been associated with a reduced asthma and atopy risk, and it has been suggested that this protection might be mediated through receptors of the innate immune system." [2]

Atopy is "a genetic predisposition toward the development of immediate hypersensitivity reactions against common environmental antigens," explains one dictionary.

Holbreich’s team ran a skin prick test on Amish children, most of whom drink raw milk, finding that only 7% of them showed an allergic reaction. They compared this to parental surveys of Swiss kids, both urban and rural. Over 44% of the Swiss non-farm kids suffered from allergies, the parents reported, while 25% of the Swiss farm kids did.

This led the team to conclude that the Amish have additional protective factors, suggesting larger family size may play a role. With 5 or 6 siblings, each child will be exposed to that many more enviro-pathogens, thus gaining the opportunity to develop resistance while the immune system is still developing.

That’s not so for most urbanites who are mostly only exposed to industrial pollutants (rather than microbial pathogens), and denied access to fresh milk beyond their nursing years.

Most US cows are fed a daily regimen of pharmaceuticals, a practice linked directly to antibiotic resistance in humans. The Food & Drug Administration has refused to ban the practice.

Of note, one of the researchers admitted to being funded by the pharmaceutical industry, naming Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline, among others.

Ninety-seven percent of US milk is heated and processed to the point that all probiotics are destroyed, while some pathogens remain.

One probiotic found only in unpasteurized, fresh milk from free-range cows, Lactococcus lactis, became Wisconsin’s state microbe after legislators hailed its unique features which enable the development of cheddar, Colby and Monterey Jack cheese. In fact, when making these cheeses from pasteurized milk, the live bacterium must be added back into the mix to curdle the milk and produce the whey. [3]

As with natural L. lactis, even a genetically reengineered form of it has been shown to break down lactose, allowing those who are lactose intolerant to drink raw milk without ill effects. [4]

In addition to being drug-laden, most US milk has also been adulterated with genetically modified bovine growth hormone (rBST or rBGH), which states and the federal government refuse to disclose on labels.

"The anecdotal evidence is mounting," said Hartke. "But we need more scientific research to affect a change in our nation’s food policies."

One immediate policy change demanded by 90% of the public is that all foods containing genetically modified ingredients, including milk, be labeled.

Connecticut’s Governor Dannel Malloy secretly gutted a GMO-food label bill before the legislature even voted on it. Organizers are asking residents to demand that the Governor restore Section 2 of CT HB 5117, An Act Concerning Genetically Engineered Food:

Phone – 860-566-4840 or 1-800-406-1527
e-mail –
Twitter – @govmalloyoffice
Facebook –

Last month, Vermont Governor Bill Shumlin promised to veto similar legislation. Taking it out of the hands of corporate-owned politicians, Californians will vote on the measure this November.

In Iowa, House Study Bill 585 proposes allowing direct farm to consumer sales of raw milk and milk products. [5]  One medical doctor posted an editorial at the Des Moines Register, calling raw milk "child endangerment." After an opposing medical view was posted, [6] the disinformation piece was pulled down, but Dr. Daniel H. Gervich, a board-certified infectious diseases and critical care medicine doctor still practices medicine in Des Moines, despite his sloppy, irresponsible and unscientific claims about milk.

Over a dozen lobbyists have registered their opposition to the bill, including those from allopathic medicine, with its jealousy over nature’s superior ability to heal without harm. Others represent the usual players: Big Dairy, Big Meat, grocery chains, and their government lackeys. [7]

In Minnesota, "Mothers who host 'drop sites’ for their farm buying club are being threatened with criminal charges," adds Hartke. "It’s a new level of intrusion into private contracts between farmers and local customers."

But, some consumers are willing to risk arrest rather than have the state dictate their food choices.

A civil disobedience action and rally will be held next Monday, May 14, to protest the Minneapolis trial of farm buying club manager, Alvin Schlangen. Sponsored by the Farm Food Freedom Coalition, customers and supporters from around the state and country will rally for Schlangen on the first day of his criminal trial at 7:00 a.m. outside the Minneapolis courthouse. Details about the event are on the Raw Milk Freedom Riders website.

As more people join in asserting our earth-born right to eat what nature provides, keep in mind that humans have been drinking unpasteurized animal milk for at least 10,000 years. [8]  We co-evolved with these animals and their micro flora and fauna. All the chemical, nano and genetic additives found in factory foods, we did not evolve with; nor are they good for us.

As we watch industry poison our streams, air and land, as well as our foods, it’s not at all surprising that our health has declined over the past 70 years, with 54% of US citizens and their European cousins showing atopy, [1] with a spike in autism, neurological disorders and cancers for every part of the body. [9]

It’s also not surprising that nature knows better than Big Dairy, Big Pharma, or governments what does a body good.  Any laws criminalizing natural food, plants or animals have no place on the planet; they are neither valid nor sane, and need not be enforced or obeyed.


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[9] Emmanuelle Schick Garcia, "The Idiot Cycle," 2009. (96 mins.)

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.

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Happy Mothers Day!

Dear Moms,

Thank you for allowing us all to see the light and the comfort you give so lovingly.

Happy, happy mothers day!

Plant Milk

Virgin Coconut milk and home-made Hemp Nut milk are reasonable alternatives to cow milk.

"All mothers milk contains mRNA specific to promoting the growth of intestinal cells (epithelial) for the species it came from."

"Prove" is not the right word, superior might be more appropriate. Just as the preceding compounds from plants are Superior.

'Prove' is the right word

I only cited a few studies, but those studies cite several more. This is an article, not a book.

The US medico-pharma-GMO establishment spews absolute lies about raw milk to preserve their income stream of sick people drinking drugged, GMO-contaminated milk, and eating chemically and GMO-adulterated foods.

It profoundly disappoints them when more studies refute their nonsense. That's all this article does -- it discusses the latest findings.

The correct info is reaching the US public, thank goodness, despite the war on natural foods, natural plants, and natural animals.


~ Rady

Amish Life Span?

Question: What is the average life expectancy of Amish men and women and what is the number one cause of death in the Amish communities?

Answer: It is the same as for all persons in the United States, no different than for other groups of people. Answer coordinated by THE BUDGET [Editor: According to US Government Statistics, the average life expectancy for Caucasian men is 74.3 and for Caucasian women is 79.9. The leading cause of death is heart disease.]


My greatest concern is with the title of this article using the words PROVE while the study may fail to look at the bigger picture.
The Amish shun smoking and the use of alcohol. They have a high rate of physical activity (they walk an average of 14,196 steps to 18, 425 steps in a single day) and eat fresh, organically grown foods while avoiding convenience foods. This study is by no means conclusive.
There really is not one magic bullet when it comes to our health. For many humans; the damage caused by the consumption of raw, or all COW-milk may be irreversible and not show up for 10 years, or more.
P.S. My family was raised on raw-cow-milk and we suffered in ways you cannot imagine. Got Milk?



@GlyCop:  Of course! "The studies are irrelevant"!!

The data only matters if you don't agree with the subject . . .

If you don't want to drink raw milk anymore, don't.  People who know they can't tolerate it should do the same.  But it's a personal choice and massaging the numbers until they say what you want them to say won't change my mind.  I drink raw milk, grew up on raw milk and have no intention of NOT drinking raw milk.  I also use raw butter, raw cream, and eat pastured eggs.  I suppose you have "numbers" on those items too? 


how cow is raised matters

your first comment got to the crux of your research links -- it very much matters how the cows were raised, whether in concentrated feeding operations (CAFOs) where they're fed a mash of doped and genetically modified grains, slaughtered cow remains, corn, etc. and not allowed to move most of their short lives, vs. being free to range on natural grasses, which they evolved to digest.


Without that answer you might as well post links to how bad it is to eat corn, without identifying if it was raised with toxic chemicals and if it is genetically modified.


We can draw no conclusions from your research because the information about what kind of milk is missing.


However, I suspect those studies you cite are on CAFO milk -- which only further supports that raw animal milk is superior. 


And, as sourced in my article, humans have been drinking raw animal milk for at least 10,000 years -- not only allowing us to survive but also to thrive.

Not necessarily

The word PROVE in the title of this article is misleading. One may not be able to draw conclusions (from a couple of studies). The (minor issues addressed by the referenced) studies are irrelevant (and fail to address "The Big Picture"). People may suffer devastating diseases from all forms of cow milk products. 
The epigenetic effect of cow’s milk on human physiology can be devastating for some individuals. There really is not one magic bullet when it comes to our health. For many people, once the damage is done it may be irreversible. The potential immune response is not worth the risk.
I prefer not to debate, simply obligated to say that the studies you cite PROVE nothing, to say the least. See
 P.S. The devastating effects of corn in ancient societies is well documented.


It never ceases to amaze me how emotional people get over their cow-milk. It is about as thrilling as this text editor.

Just because a group of people did not suffer from the consumption of a cows milk, does not mean that others do not. Consider the science and the effects it may have on others.
It is now known that cow milk may cause an immune response that can destroy the beneficial bacterial load and other compounds that support the pancreas. Anyway, here are a few articles that may be helpful...
Milk May Help Bacteria Survive Against Low Levels Of Antibiotics (September 9, 2008) -- Milk may help prevent potentially dangerous bacteria like Staphylococcus from being killed by antibiotics used to treat animals. ... >
New Insights On Link Between Early Consumption Of Cows' Milk And Type-1 Diabetes (May 7, 2008) -- Researchers in Maine report a new explanation for the mysterious link between consumption of cows' milk protein in infant formula early in life and an increased risk of later developing Type-1 diabetes. A protein in cow's milk that triggers an unusual immune response appears to be the main culprit, they say. ... >
Breakthrough In Understanding Development Of Type 1 Diabetes (December 19, 2008) -- Finnish scientists have reported a breakthrough in understanding the development of type 1 diabetes. They discovered disturbances in lipid and amino acid metabolism in children who later progressed to type 1 diabetes, also known as juvenile diabetes. The alterations preceded the autoimmune response by months to years. The study may prompt new approaches for prediction and prevention of type 1 diabetes in pre-autoimmune phase of the disease. ... >

Not Milk

For good reasons that are too numerous to mention, humans should stay away from cow milk products. The number one reason is the immune response that it can create that causes Type 1 Diabetes. Second, all mothers milk contains mRNA specific to promoting the growth of intestinal cells (epithelial) for the species it came from.

In other words, if you drink the milk from a cow as a young baby, RNA can actually change the structure of the cells in the intestines. And there are many more reasons humans should not drink a cow’s milk. I’m sorry, but the science I have seen clearly states that milk is species specific and the only reason a person should take a milk product is to initiate an immune response, even that is risky.

Please see


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Easy Turmeric recipes + The Dark Side of Wheat

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