Paul Offit Threatens All Vaccine Exemptions - An MD Responds

Paul Offit Threatens All Vaccine Exemptions - An MD Responds

Millionaire vaccine inventor and mandatory vaccine advocate Paul Offit recently released a short VIDEO for doctors on medscape. Here is a transcript of the speech. This statement that outlines Offit's personal belief system could be a prelude to the legal removal of all philosophical and religious vaccine exemptions in the United States of America. This is something that Offit has been working toward for years, and the likely end-purpose of his series of books.

Paul Offit believes that exempting your child from vaccination is morally reprehensible. He considers himself an authority on autism, all infectious diseases, morality, history, every religious system, and infant immunology. You may also recognize Dr Offit as the one who says that all vaccines are perfectly safe and infants can tolerate theoretically 10,000 of them at once:

"A more practical way to determine the diversity of the immune response would be to estimate the number of vaccines to which a child could respond at one time... each infant would have the theoretical capacity to respond to about 10, 000 vaccines at any one time." [1]

The status accorded to him by the pharmaceutical and medical fields permits him to influence the opinions and practice of lower rung physicians regarding vaccine exemptions. Unfortunately, even doctors will simply believe the "expert"[2] without bothering to go and check their own medical literature, to see if the self-proclaimed expertise has a solid scientific foundation. Research shows that when people listen to the expert, the part of their brains that is capable of independent thought goes to sleep.[3]

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In Offit's video, he said that religious exemptions do not "make sense" and went on to inform doctors on the chronological age of three religious scriptures, and how they could not possibly have anything to do with vaccination because vaccines are so much newer than those tattered and outmoded scribbles of hundreds or thousands of years ago.

Those "outmoded" books, including the Old Testament and the Koran, include specific passages containing principles which obliquely address many health issues. To many people, these scriptures place vaccines amongst may things which are not consistent with scriptural hygiene. Here are specific references from the HOLY BIBLE and the KORAN. Dr Katme's explanation of the Islamic problems with vaccination can be read HERE. Hindu faith also has restrictions on what is permitted in their bodies, the treatment of cows and monkeys etc. Vaccination is an affront to many Hindus who know the contents of vaccines.

God gave Moses core principles on Mt. Sinai that are held in high esteem by both Christians and Jews the world over. Offit misses out on the timelessness of God's words. God's principles don't wear out. Neither do they need continuous repeating and revising.

God could have instructed Moses on how to inoculate the Israelites in the desert when the diseases came upon them. If you take note of the Old Testament books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, you'll see that there were very specific guidelines handed down on everything from worship of God to disease management, with warnings as to what would happen if those guidelines were ignored.

The Israelites had highly skilled metal smiths and very sophisticated craftsmen and oil production. They had access to all the tools that Edward Jenner used to invent the smallpox vaccine, which included cowpox (not smallpox) pus scraped directly from infected cow bellies, a crude filter, glycerine, and a sharp prong. Paul Offit may not realize how crude the highly praised first vaccine really was. Still, medical vaccination or inoculation of any sort, was never part of God's instruction.

Hospital-based doctors who consider any disease that is supposedly treatable by pharmaceutical medicine to have a spiritual component, are considered to be quacks. Lip service, however, is given through the tolerance of chaplains and religious representatives, so long as they don't interfere with the use of drugs, vaccines or "medical science."

In the New Testament, did Jesus, the greatest human healer of all time, ever turn to Luke, the physician-apostle, to do any of the healing work of people brought to him? No. Did any of the apostles and disciples ever call on Luke to do God's healing for them? No. Did Jesus instruct Luke to carry on with his old medical practices later? No. Jesus left the Holy Spirit here on earth for any and all to ask for, receive and gain wisdom from.

In medical school, doctors are taught to view the human body as a random mistake-ridden vessel, which is to be forced into submission with antibiotics, antihypertensives, antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, surgery, drugs etc. The natural extension of this paradigm over the past 100 years has been for the medical profession to condition human beings to not trust anyone but certified medical doctors to fix this defective mistake-ridden aberration of creation.

Veterinary science has similarly conditioned humans to consider animals as defective, mistake-ridden creation prototypes. The number one successful strategy in creating this industry has been to always implant fear into people's heads. That increases cortisol, undermines the immune system, and creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Vaccines are the template for the fear-based belief system that those who don't know their history will easily fall for. The trajectory of fear removes God from the picture. A fear-ridden populace couldn't possibly credit God with any usefulness once the medical/pharmaceutical industry sets itself up in God's place.

hands raised to the sky

Through the resultant lack of faith in the human creation and the God who does actually have the power to heal all through both the design of the body and miracles, seeps the arrogance (and ignorance) of doctors and scientists who think they can outwit God's nature. While sometimes it might look like it's possible to outwit nature, for example by using antibiotics, the law of "What you sow you will reap" often comes back with a vengeance. Drug-resistant bacteria like MRSA, VRE, and overgrowth of the colitis-causing Clostridium difficile, are prime examples.

Doctors like Paul Offit believe that the slowly maturing immune system of an infant is defective[4] and that vaccinations[5][6], designed to put it into hyper-drive, will fix the defects. On the other hand, Dr Offit doesn't have much faith in his own laboratory creations, since he believes that the anti-vaccination movement "threatens us all," including presumably ...the vaccinated.

Paul Offit makes reference to the two states that have ruled that parents do not have a religious privilege to decide how their children's bodies are treated, citing US Constitutional amendment 14. The 14th amendment was designed to protect newly freed slaves. It is being used for a different purpose in Mississippi and West Virginia. Many people are unaware that the 14th amendment is the most controversial amendment ever proposed, and that according to some legal experts, it was NEVER LEGALLY RATIFIED. See also this PDF.

I would like to refer Paul Offit to Public Law 97-280 96 STAT.1211 (97th Congress) which is a law that Declares the Bible to Be The Word of God. This represents Congress' stance that the Bible has its rightful place above the Constitution because our forefathers were inspired by the Bible in the writing of the Constitution. Every four years the president of the USA is sworn into office with his hand on a Bible. Offit would probably just consider this a silly tradition. However, most presidents have publicly recognized the role of God and religious faith in the public life and spiritual heritage of America.

Paul Offit Threatens All Vaccine Exemptions - An MD Responds

If corporate medicine is going to be permitted to over-ride parental philosophical and religious objections, and invade the bodies of our children with dozens of vaccine antigens, chemicals, animal DNA, aborted fetal tissue, and CANCER CELLS, the source of these laws must come under scrutiny.

The impingement on the First Amendment of the Constitution should also be taken into consideration.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

It would appear that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has made PLANS that would steamroll right over the protection of our free speech.

"An anti-vaccine surveillance and alert system Seth Kalichman of the in the USA will establish an Internet-based global monitoring and rapid alert system for finding, analysing, and counteracting communication campaigns containing misinformation regarding vaccines to support global immunization efforts."

Only time will tell what is going to be considered "misinformation" and "counteraction." If parents were convinced that vaccines are safe and effective, there would be no anti-vaccination movement. It shouldn't take military action or Internet surveillance to maintain the health of communities or global immunization efforts. This type of action is not new. It is reminiscent of policies found in National Socialist empires, Stalinist countries, or Communist China.

Those who push removal of philosophical and religious exemption should at least be free of financial CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, and they are NOT. More importantly, in order to bolster the 30-billion-dollar-per-year-income vaccine industry they consider to be evidence-based science, they should not be proclaiming worldwide expertise in something they have no experience in.

Dr Offit considers "evidence based medicine" to be separate from religion, or spirituality – yet the Christian scriptures, both old testament and new, make it perfectly clear that good health is solely predicated on a living relationship with God.

When it comes to vaccines, these flag bearers of evidence-based medicine use research protocols which involve tight selection and exclusion criteria for vaccine study entrants. They then recommend those same vaccines, assuring safety to concerned parents, to even the children who would have been refused entry to that vaccine safety study.

Overwhelming evidence

Instead of placebos, evidence based medicines uses vaccines, and calls them placebos, yet vaccines do not fit their own definition of placebo;

1. A harmless pill, medicine, or procedure prescribed more for the psychological benefit to the patient than for any physiological effect.
2. A substance that has no therapeutic effect, used as a control in testing new drugs.

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We need to study healthiness as thoroughly as we study illness. When we learn to study healthicine we will learn to study the health effects of vaccines as well as the illness effects. Vaccines are injected - and illness is measured. Healthiness is not measured. We have no idea if vaccines, individual or in groups - in a single year or every year (as the flu vaccine is often administered) increases or decreases our healthiness. Anyone who thinks they know the truth is fooling themselves. Those who push vaccines are not interested in the truth - they are selling "their truth, their whole truth, and nothing but their truth". tracy

vaccines - do not trust their safety

Yes, we are a republic. A nation of laws, but where does the law end and the right to protect yourself from vaccine dangers begin? I am a disabled woman over 50. I have a bit of life experience, traveled some, and have seen the ravages of war first hand. The controversy of vaccines will continue until we each decide to take action in some productive way to change things. I am very blessed to have a medical service dog. She warns me when debilitating fatigue is starting to change my chemistry,so I will take steps to recover after much love and appreciation is given to my girl. Last year she was due for her 3 year rabies vaccine; a killed virus of course,the one they say is so safe.This was not the first time she had been vaccinated. We arrived at the vets office and had the shot given to her. Within minutes something started going terribly wrong. She became disorientated , unable to stand without wavering, but the worst symptom was the brain swelling symptoms that started. My most precious best friend was going to die from a vaccine, and all I could do was cry. My vet immediately took action giving various drugs to counteract the reaction. An hour later, she began her recovery. She does have some residual effects to this day that cannot be reversed, but she still wants to and is able to work for me. She has given me a new life and I nearly took hers doing something we take for granted every day. The most important thing to keep in mind is that once you inject anything,you CANNOT take it out! I now know that there are some vets that know this is happening and will run a rabies titer, which is acceptable for renewing the dog license. And, if you are thinking that the vaccine was a bad batch or that something was done wrong;it was all checked out. I made sure. I know she is just a dog to many of you out there, but this experience is quite the same as what happens to people with vaccinations. Do not forget the horrible side of medicine/drugs which is animal experimentation. This terrible reaction occurs in people and animals at an alarming rate, but the fact is that it is not reported enough. You must fill out a special report for the FDA . At least your experience will be registered in this great republic of ours, and perhaps even noticed as the law requires an inquiry for every adverse event report filed. Please, let's use the law to our advantage since we have to live within it. The Native Americans have a philosophy that we can all use. It bases decisions on looking 7 generations ahead , and doing nothing that may harm those in the future. May we all consider this in all areas of life. Drugs,medicine, and money have destroyed the oath to do no harm. Lets reinstate the oath for all medical professionals. Thank you GreenMed. Let's all be safe, not sorry.

Republic not a Democracy

Most Americans are ignorant to the fact the US is a Republic NOT a Democracy. A Republican government and society abide by the "Rule of Law" while a democracy abides by the rule of the majority, whether or not the majority are right or wrong. Huge difference. "The essence of a republic is the rule of law, by which is meant the common or scientific law which is certain and unchangeable. Their law is discovered, not made, in that the tendency is to find the freedoms and restraints imposed by natural law, and base decisions on them." "In a democracy, the majority rules either directly, or through elected representatives or appointed officials, without the restraint embodied in a fixed body of law. The law is whatever an official organ of government determines it is. ('The law is in their mouth', as was said of absolute monarchs') Historian Charles Austin Beard (1874-1948) said it perfectly "At no time, at no place in solemn convention assembled, through no chosen agents, had the American people officially proclaimed the United States to be a democracy. The Constitution did not contain the word or any word lending countenance to it..." Through the corrupt media (owned by the elite) the average citizen has been misled to believe the US is a democracy. Research the origins and planks of communism and you'll find democracy and communism are twins, if not the same. Were it not because of dumb downing the public, they would not waste their time or energy having sit-ins like Occupy Wall Street, but would take up arms and drive the outlaw Congress out of office and return this country to a Republic, forcing anyone who would be a representative OF THE PEOPLE to OBEY the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Ron Paul was the ONLY one who spoke on this matter, yet the ignorant, and I dare say mostly stupid people looked at him as a kook failing to understand what he was about. See The level of ignorance, especially those for obama, is shocking because we will see the destruction of this country within the year. Republicans are no better - 2 sides of the same coin. In the obamacare package are little known requirements for forced vaccination. And if you do not comply the irs (NOT a federal government agency but a collection agency for the International Monetary Fund/World Bank/Federal Reserve Bank) will have its way with you. They will have 24 hour real-time access to your bank accounts (anyone hear of the 4th Amendment?) and will take out your "tax" for not complying. Welcome to a Brave New World


Offit is offensive! BTW, Luke was not one of the original 12 disciples/apostles. He joined the movement after the death and resurrection of Christ.

democracy and vaccines

The goals of democratic governments should be to enable freedoms, not to restrict them. Mandatory vaccination is another 'mandatory medication' proposal - when all others have proven a failure. We know from history that once a medication becomes mandatory, it is extremely difficult to reverse the wrong law as proof of harm becomes more clear. We know now that 'mandatory' consumption of fluoride by putting it in the drinking water has resulted in much illness and disease. And that it has provided minimal benefit. We also know that once a community starts to fluoridate the water, they create a bureaucratic well that is extremely difficult to climb out from. Toothpaste packages warn about swallowing fluoride, doctors warn mothers to not provide fluoridated water to babies - but communities still put fluoride in the water. If everyone is vaccinated, how do you learn which vaccination situations cause damage? When everyone is vaccinated, it's not possible to know if a specific vaccine actually works - the statistics disappear. It's not possible to learn when you can't choose. It is also not possible for vaccine manufacturers to learn from their mistakes if vaccines are enforced by law - mistakes disappear. When everyone is vaccinated, many doctors, lawyers and politicians will (as they do today) refuse to recognize vaccine damage when it occurs. Everyone has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of healthiness. to your health, tracy

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