Vitamin C Saves Man Dying of Viral Pneumonia

Vitamin C Saves Man Dying of Viral Pneumonia

The Allan Smith Story – TV Documentary

Allan Smith, a New Zealand Dairy farmer, contracted Swine Flu while away on vacation in Fiji.  When he returned home, the flu quickly evolved into severe pneumonia which left him in a coma on life support in the Intensive Care Unit.  Chest x-rays showed the lungs were completely filled with fluid with an "opaque" appearance called "white out".  After three weeks of this, Allan's doctors asked the family permission to turn off the machines and let him die.  Allan's wife Sonia had a brother with some medical knowledge, so he stepped in and said, "you haven't tried everything, You have got to try high dose IV vitamin C on Allan".  At first, the doctors resisted, saying it was useless. Next, the three sons weighed in with a persuasive argument to try the IV vitamin C, saying there was nothing to lose.

Doctors Agree to Try IV Vitamin C

The doctors were in unanimous agreement that IV vitamin C would be useless and a waste of time, and that the patient would certainly die.  However, one doctor felt "slightly uneasy" with the decision to turn off life support, without first acceding to the family's wishes, and so they reluctantly agreed to give the IV vitamin C.  Their plan was to give the IV vitamin C, show it was useless, and then turn off life support.

Dramatic Recovery

That day, Allan Smith was given 25 grams of IV vitamin C in the evening and another 25 grams in the morning.  The next day, a CAT scan of the lungs showed improving air flow and a few days later the chest x-rays showed the lungs were no longer white, indicating air movement. The improvement was dramatic, clear and plain for all to see.  However, the doctors denied it was the vitamin C, and instead, attributed the improvement to "turning patient into a prone position".

Another Battle For Vitamin C

Soon after starting the IV vitamin C, Alan could be taken off ECMO life support, and started breathing on his own.  However, unexpectedly, a different physician consultant came in, took over the case and stopped the IV vitamin C.  Alan Smith's condition promptly deteriorated.  Allan's wife, Sonia, called a meeting with this new doctor to no avail.  The new doctor rolled his eyes, looked up at the ceiling and uttered, "No More Vitamin C ".  Not giving up so easily, the three brothers again weighed in, and demanding the IV vitamin C for dad.  The three brothers again used their powers of "persuasion", and the new doctors reluctantly gave in, restarting the life saving IV vitamin C, but only at low doses of one gram a day.  The brothers said, "Mucking about with the vitamin C showed in his fathers health".  "You had to be thick not to see it."

Oral Lyposperic Vitamin C

Allan's condition continued to improve and was eventually transferred to a hospital closer to home, still breathing with ventilator assistance.  Here, the family had yet another battle with a new doctor who again stopped the IV vitamin C.  This time, the family brought in a lawyer who sent a warning letter to the hospital threatening legal action.  The hospital was forced to restart the vitamin C, however, allowing only low dosage.  Finally, Allan Smith was able to sit up in bed and take oral liquids.   On their own, the family gave their dad 6 grams a day of oral vitamin C.  This was a highly absorbable form called Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, from Livon Labs (Dr Thomas Levy). (non-affiliate link)

Allan continued to improve and was discharged home from the hospital.  At home, Allan's neighbor John joked with him, and said, "Allan, you owe me the 15 dollars I paid to have my suit dry cleaned for your funeral, and you bugger, you came back."  They laughed together at the joke.

Click the image below to watch 60 Minutes New Zealand TV - the Alan Smith Story, documenting his recovery from terminal viral pneumonia with high dose IV vitamin C.

Interviewed in part two was the Principle Advisor to the Health Ministry and Senior Intensive Care Specialist, David Galler, who denied that the intravenous vitamin C was a contributing factor in the Allan Smith's recovery.  He proclaimed that the recovery could have been just as likely from a "bus driving by" as the high dose vitamin C .  When asked what he would need as proof to that vitamin C is effective, he replied he would need a randomized controlled trial, such as those for new drug approval funded by a pharmaceutical company.

Three Randomized Placebo Controlled Studies

Apparently Dr Galler is unaware of three double blind placebo controlled studies of IV Vitamin C in critically ill patients in the ICU.  These studies were published in Dr. Galler's own peer-reviewed specialty medical literature. (1-5)

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Beware of GMO-based liposomal formulations

The problem I have with DaVinci Labs' liposomal formulation, including many others, is that they use lipids derived from GMO soybean oil in the form of soy lecithin, which being toxic and carcinogenic, kinda defeats the entire purpose of using a supplement to cure disease. So one must take care to use a liposomal formulation which is based on a non-GMO formulation. One such product that I use is Dr. Mercola's Liposomal Vitamin C, which uses non-GMO sunflower lecithin. [Note I have no financial stake in promoting his products, merely sharing good info.],1084,0.htm


Vitamin C = Electrons

   These life-saves with Vitamin C are not uncommon, they are just not publicized.  We live on a round earth, conventional medicine is stuck on a flat one vainly looking for answers in a million obtuse studies and trials...The reason for the confusion lies in the fact that we do not recognize how charge is the determiner of life...The energy that occurs between the positive and negative is what animates life...neutrality is inert, lifeless.  Though every aspect of nutrition, toxicity, lifestyle and emotion enter the equation of charge, Vitamin C is the best jumpstart for a failing organism...Take a mini step to get the concept and make a giant leap toward enlightenment.


Here's Dr. Pollack's science from the point of view of water, the original "self-charging" energy matrix...

May your epiphanies be huge.....

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