Will The GMO-Breast Cancer Link Be Pink-Washed Away?

Will The GMO-Breast Cancer Link Be Pink-Washed Away?

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) less than two weeks away, the latest bombshell GMO/Roundup study produced by a French research team, and presently making international headlines, is well-timed. The researchers found, in the first long-term GM corn and Roundup feeding study of its kind, that female rats, exposed to concentrations well below official safety limits, developed massive, progressive mammary tumors which either lead to premature death, or required euthanasia due to their great suffering.

Why would this be of concern to BCAM? After all, BCAM is the annual pinkwashing celebration, where people collectively and forcibly remove the thought of there being preventable and treatable causes of breast cancer from their minds, hurl themselves over the lemming-like cliff of cause-marketing, e.g. Buckets for a Cure, sacrificing their time, energy and money raising billions more for a pharmaceutical cure for a pharmaceutically incurable condition.  This annual ritual celebrates ribbon-wearing vacuity, pretending like "carcinogens" don't exist, or that it doesn't matter that a carcinogen-producing chemical company, now defunct Imperial Chemical Industries, and its  pharmaceutical subsidiary, Zeneca, co-founded Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 1985.  

Zeneca, of course, merged with Astra AB in 1999, becoming AstraZeneca, manufacturer of the breast cancer blockbuster drugs Arimidex and Tamoxifen. By pushing for widespread adoption of breast screenings they generated millions of new and future customers (mammography-induced breast cancer), even while one of the main forms of mammography-detected cancer, Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS), is often intrinisically benign, better left untreated with conventional, highly toxic "therapies" like radiation and chemotherapy.

The conflict of interest here is as devastating as it is obvious, which is why we hope the new finding linking GM corn and Roundup herbicide to breast cancer will compel BCAM to respond, and change their awareness strategy to become more patient- versus industry-friendly. One thing is for sure. The study's findings were not vague or equivocal, but disturbingly clear...

In an interview, Dr. Michael Antoniou, molecular biologist at Kings College, London, and a member of the CRIIGEN scientific council who funded the study, said

This is the most thorough research ever published into the health effects of GM food crops and the herbicide Roundup on rats. It shows an extraordinary number of tumors developing earlier and more aggressively - particularly in female animals.  I am shocked by the extreme negative health impacts.

The rat has long been used as a surrogate for human toxicity. All new pharmaceutical, agricultural and household substances are, prior to their approval, tested on rats. This is as good an indicator as we can expect that the consumption of GM maize and the herbicide Roundup, impacts seriously on human health.

Here are some passages excerpted directly from the study

Suffering inducing euthanasia and deaths corresponded mostly in females to the development of large mammary tumors. These appeared to be clearly related to the various treatments when compared to the control groups. These tumors are generally known to be mostly estrogen-dependent (Harvell et al., 2000). We observed a strikingly marked induction of mammary tumors by R[roundup] alone, a major formulated pesticide, even at the very lowest dose administered. R[oundup] has been shown to disrupt aromatase which synthesizes estrogens (Richard et al., 2005)...  [pg. 9]

In conclusion, it was previously known that glyphosate consumption in water above authorized limits may provoke hepatic and kidney failures (EPA). The results of the study presented here clearly demonstrate that lower levels of complete agricultural glyphosate herbicide formulations, at concentrations well below officially set safety limits, induce severe hormone-dependent mammary, hepatic and kidney disturbances. [pg. 10]

Breast cancer, by the way, is the #1 form of cancer which afflicts women today, and cancer the #2 cause of mortality in women. What if women were being advised to equate "prevention," not with exposing their breasts to highly carcinogenic x-ray wavelengths, i.e. "early detection via mammography" but with removing all non-organic, pesticide-laden and GMO food in their diet, immediately?  Would this not be an excellent precautionary step to take, given the latest findings on their carcinogenicity?

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GMO breast cancer

Thank you for writing this article. Every year I feel so pressured to conform...get the mammogram, buy products with the pink ribbon, sign up for the 5K walk. And then come the scowls from other women who don't get it. I am a loyal reader, and I'm grateful that the truth is being told.

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