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"Acid Reflux" Drugs Threaten Your Health in 7 Ways

Ulcers hurt! That burning, gnawing pain will make you want to reach for your ulcer meds fast. But, wait a minute. Not so fast. Those drugs may be causing some really serious problems.

What You Need to Know to Crush the Cold & Flu

Did you know that the science itself on the flu vaccine shows it does virtually nothing to protect you? Here's why you should look to the evidence and not the media for guidance this cold and flu season...

Chocolate: The Greatest Health News of All

You know chocolate tastes great. But now science has delivered the best news yet: Dark chocolate may just be nature’s perfect superfood

Super Herb: Ten Reasons to Use Curcumin

While the database contains evidence for the potential therapeutic use of curcumin in over 700 conditions, these ten are some of the most compelling applications. 

1) Depression

The Surprising Benefits of Dates, Figs and Prunes

Dates, figs and prunes have several things in common. They are all fruits we often eat dried. They all likely originate in the Middle East or Mediterranean. And they all have surprising secret health benefits


The Unheralded Strawberry: Finally Getting Attention

It’s strawberry season! Long touted for their taste, strawberries have drawn little attention for their health benefits

While berries get a lot of attention for their health benefits, most of the spotlight goes to berries like blueberries and cranberries. We rarely hear about the health benefits of strawberries (which are not, technically speaking, a berry). But, that’s changing. Strawberries are sneaking into the spotlight.

Breast Cancer & Unnecessary Treatment

Do cancer specialists owe women a huge apology? Recent research strongly suggests that treatments that are routinely recommended to women with breast cancer have led to unnecessary mastectomies and unnecessary chemotherapy

Unnecessary Mastectomy

Natural Solutions for The Double Burden of Depression & Anxiety

As if depression or anxiety is not enough to deal with, many people have to deal with both. Alarmingly, about 85% of people with depression also experience some anxiety; about 90% of people with anxiety suffer some depression (Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci 2016;266(8):725–736). When people suffer from depression and anxiety simultaneously, the condition is more disabling and harder to treat

Acupuncture: Calling the Defense

A recent article in the British Medical Journal asked whether doctors should recommend acupuncture for pain and then presented the argument for both sides. However, the argument against acupuncture suffered from three important flaws.


Mint Condition Memories

As our bodies age, our memory and cognitive powers often decline and grow weaker too. That is, unfortunately, a normal part of aging. Aging memory can range anywhere from the expected Age-associated memory impairment (AAMI) to the unexpected and debilitating Alzheimer’s disease.

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