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Monsanto's Losing Battle Against GMO Labeling

Monsanto's Pyrrhic Victory

Whoa! Did you see that?  No one seems to notice yet that we're winning the battle against genetically modified foods!

Over the last few years voters in Colorado, Washington State, Oregon and California created unsuccessful ballot initiatives to mandate labeling of GMOs. The Big Grocery and Big Chemical lobbies outspent the grassroots by tens of millions of dollars, were unconstrained by either the truth or ethics, and showed up on the winning side of each election.  That left us on the losing side. 

Where Does Mia Fever Live

Where Does Mia Fever Live

Although considerable effort has been invested in characterizing healthy gut and oral microbiomes, recent investigations of rural, non-Western populations have raised questions about whether the microbiota we currently define as normal have been shaped by recent influences of modern Western diet, hygiene, antibiotic exposure, and lifestyle. The process of industrialization has dramatically reduced our direct interaction with natural environments and fundamentally altered our relationship with food and food production.