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    I am curious about Maple Syrup and Honey.   Sugar is addictive...and once breaking that addiction, as long as one does not ingest sugar there is no craving.   Maple syrup and honey are healthy sweeteners, but i wonder if they do not start the addiction up after being sugar free.  This question comes up frequently  as I am a clinical hypnotherapist and have helped many people stop sugar addiction, and  they have lost lots of weight as a result, but the question frequently is if these sweeteners are safe addiction wise.

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    Sayer Ji,
    Thank you very much for what you do for all of us. This article was outstanding. I also used to be a scientist and Greenmedinfo changed my entire viewpoint on that too.

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    Subject: Trehalose Sugar
    Comment: It should be noted that Trehalose Sugar is an alternative to using Splenda. In fact, it is the only sugar I'm aware of that has antioxidant qualities.
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    Interesting connections Margie...Melanin is important in the translation of sunlight into useful energy...Ginkgo reduces lipid peroxidation..neural inflammation...Black sesame has been mentioned in this regard.

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    Subject: Melanin

    Melanin is a biological superconductor which has many known and yet unknown properties.It is a biological polymer composed of aromatic rings.  Extensivly researched over the last 80 years, Melanin as a pigment which is widespread throughout nature, but is most highly concentrated in Black humans.  Facilitating higher cortical functionalities and speed of neural processing. 

    Substantia Nigra in the Brain is the Melanin centre of the nervous system, and has high affinity for amines, Gold, Platinum Irridium and other high spin state elements and minerals.  Melanin also has the ability to convert sound, light and and other wave forms into cellular energy.

    In the international classification of Melanin Caucasians are rated 1, lowest melanin.Black Humans are rated 6 (highest Melanin) with other ethnicities somewhere between 2-5.

    To learn more fascinating truths about Melanin read:

    Melanin The Chemical Key To Black Greatness By Dr Carole Barnes

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    When I first met a client years ago, who had recently returned from the Gulf War, she left out that information.  I am a seer and this was a client who had been referred by her partner with a Christmas gift certificate for a consultation.  When she walked in, what stood out the most were extremely odd energies I had never seen before.  I'm a seer.  It is easy for me to see various qualities of energies inside and around the body.  What I was looking at was truly shocking and I had no idea how to talk about this.  Usually, when a person is as sick as she was, the person comes referred by their doctor.  Unfortunately, I had to be the one to send her to the doctor for confirmation of a brain tumor, that needed medical imaging.  Complicating the tumor was a very mysterious "black spore" that was "stuffed" as in "tightly packed" inside her body.  I knew this was NOT caused by ingesting the substance.  But how could there be so much quantity that was causing such congestion?  Then there was the "black spore" that was in significant quantity throughout her electromagnetic field.  It wasn't as tightly packed, but there was too much that indicated it was from environmental exposure.  But how could it be such a lingering influence in such quantity?  Oddly, the black spore in her field, did not seem like she could be "contagious" either.  I called the doctors I knew.  No one knew what this black spore could be.

    I sent her to her doctor. While she was in the waiting room, she picked up a magazine with a photo of Sadam Hussein on the cover. Opening the magazine, she found a map of the Middle East that had markers that indicated where there had been environmental exposure to biological warfare. She brought me the magazine and pointed to the map.  "Black Spore" aka Anthrax.  I had to do some research to find out if the military had given vaccinations to the GI.  I found the evidence that supported the fact that military personnel had indeed been vaccinated with Anthrax "black spore".  

    It took fully 3 years of treatment and spiritual/emotional work to rid her system of all black spore and the brain tumor.

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    Good work Gary!...I started contacting vet-help groups yrs ago recommending a comprehensive Vit C/chlorella detox protocol, polyphenols/cannabinoids, good fats and nurturing type work (ala Dylan Ratigan) for psych rehab...Not one of these support groups showed any interest...such are charities. Don't forget the horrendous cancer rates and birth defects among Iraquis..where babies are literally tossed into dumpsters....Corporate-loving fear-mongering warhawks must be expunged from the US government and our human rights violating "friends" in the MidEast reevaluated...Maybe start with the lyin media who sanitize foreign military adventures and thoroughly deceive the public.

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    Thanks Tetyana for breaking down the science. I came from a place where we all got measles infections, varicella infections, etc and it was a normal occurrence. On rare occasion, someone got a bad case but there were other factors usually at play such as historically bad immune status with persistent infections, or malnutrition, severe poverty and uncleanliness, or other factor. Either way, even now, living in the US with my medical degree and practice, I would rather my children have the actual infection instead of an experimental concoction from fallible corporate businesses. I call it that because initially, it was thought the one dose was preventative, so long at it met the originally determined 55% of the herd epidemiological level as postulated by the Johns Hopkins physician. But then herd immunity requirements climbed slowly to 95% and multiple doses and we still have outbreaks and we are still clamoring for higher rates and more doses. The experiment continues. Maybe it was a nice idea but it just doesn't work that way. Either improve upon it, avoid adjuvants which can cause issues, and let the free market take care of it, instead of attempting to act elitist and forcing people to accept what a group of us may think is a good idea to try.

    Tetyana, thanks for your sincerilty and diligent work.

    To "S": I assume you are a physician from the way you write :) Your true knowledge of vaccine history - of smallpox, of polio, flu, etc - is what the environment around you facilitates and Paul Offit books. The negativity towards those who may make the personal choice not to inject vaccines into their children is suffocating and no one really considers not breathing it in. There is a history and context to polio, small pox, flu, measles. You just need to look into it openly. I have looked. Perhaps, coming from a place where vaccines were not the heated and polarizing idea they are in the US, it was easy for me to look openly. I vaccinate people in my office. But I don't force or encourage it. I openly discuss ideas and if they want, they do it and if they don't want, they don't. I take great care of them regardless.

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    I’m pleased GreenMedInfo joined in to unveil the despotism of the so called Zika virus. I only suggest one editing change to the article: spell out the acronym BMGF (Bill Gates & Milinda Gates Foundation) in every sentence to vividly emphasize these blameworthy individuals.

    Commenter Sunspot questioned the 25,000 number of microcephaly cases in the USA. Associated Press(AP) article January 27, "270 of 4,180 suspected microcephaly cases confirmed." states: "The United States, with about 4 million births a year, has an estimated 2,500 cases of microcephaly a year, said Margaret Honein, a CDC epidemiologist”.  
    Conspicuously, either Honein stated or the AP printed the wrong number; it is 25,000 cases. See "Practice Parameter: Evaluation of the child with microcephaly (an evidence-based review)"; Neurology 2009 Sep 15; 73(11) 887-897; Report of the Quality Standards Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology and the Practice Committee of the Child Neurology Society.
    The information above is from an investigative reporter, Jon Rappoport. He’s written extensively on the Zika virus ruse and well worth additional reading.
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    Subject: Food Policy

    Which country has the best food policy, both in terms of production and local distribution?  I would like assistance with this to be able to influence government policy before widespread damage is done.