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  • Reply to: Millions of Children Infected with 'Vaccine Safety Experts' Rotateq Vaccine: Dr. Paul Offit   1 day 14 hours ago
    Subject: RE: Rotateq

    This should help, from one of our advisers Judy Mikovits, PhD:

    "It is simply misrepresentation of the literature and available data to suggest the presence of these retroviruses elements are of no concern simply because they are not replication competent.  There is a body of literature of more than two decades showing defective retroviral elements can have deleterious effects in humans.

    There are four primary areas of concern; these elements can:

    1) alter DNA methylation machinery

    2) stimulate proinflammatory cytokiness and chemokines and thus the expression of latent retroviruses (both exogenous and endogenous)

    3) alter cellular gene function through insertional mutagenesis or altered expression of microRNA or other regulatory elements3)

    4) recombine with human endogenous elements whose expression and methylation is also altered by the expression and integration and presence of defective retroviruses

    Since the sequencing of the human genome in 2003, numerous SNPs have been identified in key molecular pathways in response to viral elements.The genetically susceptible populations such as those with the inability to degrade these elements (RNASEL) defects APOBEC editing or methylation machinery (MTHFR) are hypothesized to be among the vaccine injured.  You also discussed the Thompson paper. It is our hypothesis that defects in the RNASEL pathway may in part be an explantation for the increased risk of autism in back males following MMR vaccinations. Had those data not been censored or cherry picked we (the scientific community) could have prevented much suffering. Special interests and politics have no role in scientific discovery and the protection of public health.


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    In a thorough reading of the two PDF studies provide within your article, I can find nothing to support what you claim in your article.  What gives?  I shared your article on my FB page and a friend with extensive education in science/chemistry jumped all over it. Then I went back and read carefully those two pdf sources and had to agree with her. Are there other sources you neglected to share?

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    Subject: Healing the eyes
    Comment: Dr. Kondrot has been a pioneer of healing the eyes. There are instances where the assistance of a professional is needed when treating eye disorders. The belated Dr. Royal Rife pioneered the use of "healing frequencies" for eye care, infections and many other disorders that are currently practiced today. Perhaps the most powerful implementation of that technology today is a system called Spooky2. It is essentially a program that is produced for free and can be downloaded at It will operate in test mode without any hardware. The hardware is also very affordable at less than $350 for most setups with accessories. Because it is so powerful and advanced over other machines, there is a slight learning curve for the more advanced features. But, it is simple to use in beginner mode. One is able to transmit the frequencies using DNA samples as a quantum carrier without any physical contact. Einstein referred to this as SPOOKY. Contact modes are also possible. This system is well worth the time and effort because it is affordable and more advanced than anything on the market. I have been using it on myself, my girl and others, with obvious results.
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    The whistleblower is being debunked by pro-vaccine sites as "having proven nothing".

    That's just one site but one which many laymen rely on for information. They are great about debunking urban legends but on this one, they are listening to the very people who engineered the cover-up in the first place.

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    Subject: GMI Goes Viral

    It's good to bring to everyone's attention how popular these monster companies are. You mention that the American Cancer Society and other organizatons have gone "viral" with their messages.

    Suppose some change in approach were made to cause GMI's message to go viral.

    Clearly the word is spreading. However the good message is not on everyone's tongue yet.

    Thanks for all the great work,

    Tim Marshall

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    Subject: Well written

    It is fascinating to me when I see a well written article supported by many additional articles and science based evidence on the subject... and than witnessing people making general 'pro-vaccine" comments without even reading it, thinking about its well presented logic??!! 

    What a great illustration of how "vaccine religion" or in my opinion a "vaccine cult" has its followers blindly accepting this faith without any critical thinking and logic. Few rush to follow the money (from economic, political, geo-political, true history aspects), investigate the science, or lack of it, and exercise common sense... 

    Thank you for your dedication to this cause Sajer Ji. I use a lot of your research in my work, its infinitely helpful in my practice of holistic health.

  • Reply to: Natural Treatments for Ebola Virus Exist, Research Suggests   8 weeks 1 day ago

    Ebola is relatively new to us,but hemorrhagic fever is not.According to old time medicine,which is still relavent,there are remedies for the illness.Crotalus Horridus has a history of use in these situations,also if you can,get some Baptisia which is best used in a 3x dilution,and should be repeated often.Baptisia is reported to stimulate the production of antibodies. 

  • Reply to: No Sex Required: Body Cells Transfer Genetic Info Directly Into Sperm Cells, Amazing Study Finds   11 weeks 5 days ago
    Comment: Yes, genetics can be affected in real-time. The process starts in our mouth. The human body never ceases to amaze me. Anyone that comprehends GreenMedInfo will have a greater understanding of disease than most allopathic physicians of today. Don't get me wrong, doctors are often great with emergency medicine. They just fail a lot when they start pushing pills to suppress symptoms, instead of researching the underlying cause of disease for that individual, i.e; food, habits, exposure, etc.
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    Subject: Frozen Beets

    I have a question.   I have beets in my freezer that have been there for several years.  I had scaleded them and skinned them.  Are they still good for health?

  • Reply to: Confirmed: Flaxseed Contains 'Estrogens' That Regress Cancer   13 weeks 4 days ago

    Thank you for publishing this article and confirming that phytoestrogens are not harmful.  I intuitively knew this all along, even though I was informed by a scientist, who created her own line of natural medications, that to eat soy or drink soy milk was wrong.  She had the temerity to tell me that Chinese people "don't drink soy milk", even though I lived in Hong Kong for 10 years and knew she was dead wrong.  I believe Chinese women (not those who eat a Western diet) rarely suffered through horrific menopause, PMS or breast cancer.  While living in Hong Kong, I went through menopause without a single hot flash or mood swing and put it all down to the mainly Chinese diet I was eating (which included lots of soy products).