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  • Reply to: 9 Health Benefits of Oranges Backed By Science   50 weeks 1 day ago
    Subject: Orange extract

    Your article left out a very important chemical from the orange peel. D-Limonene (besides being an effective chemical for cleaning) this same chemical has a very strong healing effect on the lower esophageal sphincters (LES), which can be a problem causing GERD. We have used this extract in medical practice and when the LES is at fault, it seems to correct it. We have no knowledge how it does this.

  • Reply to: Is the FDA Trying to Ban Over-The-Counter Homeopathy?   1 year 2 weeks ago

    Dear Mr. President:


    IMPLEMENT the Sherman Antitrust Act passed almost unanimously in 1890, prohibiting agreements in restraint of trade and abuse of monopoly power.

    No where in government is Anti-Trust more evident, expensive and deadly than with the criminal EPIC BETRAYAL OF the FDA.

    Every branch of the Healing Arts evolved from the Ayurveda Pharmacopoea, Ethobotony, Natruopathy, Acupuncture or Oriental Medicine, Homeopathy, Vibrational Medicine, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, and Dentistry,finally the most dangerous of all, Allopathy, a.k.a. Big Pharma.

    Thanks to the financial influence of JD Rockefeller, and all who followed, Allopathic controled FDA, prevents competition secures for Big Pharma TRILLIONS of dollars taken from the health care system, at the expense of millions of lives.

    The Gentle Healing Arts are far less expensive and proved efficacious or in the least, DO NO HARM.

    Each member of CONGRESS receives massive donations from Big Pharma, but almost none have the knowledge nor training to understand the consequences of their blind support.

    They need to be educated about the differences and what their one sided support has cost Americans..

    Each Branch should have it's own oversight as an FDA Board of Directors not ONE ALL POWERFUL CZAR who works for the Drug companies and gurarantees competition from other branches are blocked and their cost effective life saving remedies lost.

    Thank you.
    Charles Pixley
    Institutional Review Board, IRB Chairman
    585 217 2191

  • Reply to: The cyanocobalamin required to correct mild vitamin B12 deficiency in the elderly is 200 times greater than the recommended dietary allowance.   1 year 2 weeks ago
    Comment: "The lowest dose of oral cyanocobalamin required to normalize mild vitamin B(12) deficiency is more than 200 times greater than the recommended dietary allowance, which is approximately 3 mug daily." Someone could help me to understand this mug value in mcg, please?
  • Reply to: The Dangers of GMO Insulin for Type 2 Diabetics No One Talks About   1 year 3 weeks ago
    Subject: Really?

      This article is based on a study that shows that the higher the dose of insulin, the greater the chance of dying.  The question to ask is why are people getting the higher dosages?  Could it be because they have a stronger case of type 2?  The next question is do people with a stronger case of type 2, have a greater chance of dying. DUH!  This is like saying that if you are taking a medicine for heart attacks, you will have a greater chance of having an heart attack.  

    In fact, the conclusion of the study is that we need to study this more.  Its not that it actually increases the chances of dying. There is no way that the conclusions they derived from this study are valid.  And as many have said, this report could lead to serious complications for some people.

  • Reply to: Synthetic thyroxine products are below 100% purity.   1 year 7 weeks ago

    The article says that the pharmaceuticals all tested >99% purity.

    It was two of the four thyroxine lab reagents that were <99% pure.  
    Your headline is unnecessarily provocative.

  • Reply to: Avoid Drugs & Surgery for Prostate Issues with Flaxseed   1 year 9 weeks ago
    Subject: flaxseed

    I would still like to find out how much ground flaxseed equals the 1000mg of hull extract. Does anybody know?

  • Reply to: War on Coconut Oil: California Companies Attacked to try and Prevent the Sale of Coconut Oil   1 year 10 weeks ago
    Subject: Industry shills

    If it can be shown that the people suing are eating anything with saturated fats, including margarine, shortening-containing foods, meat, poultry, eggs, or dairy, and that they are not suing the producers of these foods, it would prove that they are just industry/FDA shills.

  • Reply to: Fecal Transplants for Allergies, Autism, and Autoimmune Disease   1 year 15 weeks ago

    Please have someone flip the image of the digestive system that accompanies this article.  It is backwards.
    A good article shouldn't be tainted by an inaccurate image.

  • Reply to: A Natural Cure for Crohn's Disease Explained   1 year 20 weeks ago

    I suggested in this article about Crohn's disease, that Crohn's is caused by the bacteria in the gut invading the intestinal lining.  I think the gut bacteria may also be responsible for wheat sensitivity. I am a scientist and I have wheat sensitivity.   If I eat a whole bagel, it gives me severe  gas pain within hours.    I avoid sour dough bread, as it also gives me gas and bleeding hemorrhoids.   I can eat a half white pitta bread daily with no problem, but if I eat more than 2 pieces of bread per day, then  after several days my anus becomes inflamed and starts bleeding.      My theory is that bread changes the microbiome in such a way that for me, it causes gas which seems to lead to  bleeding hemorrhoids.   

  • Reply to: 4 Sugar Alternatives That Won't Poison You   1 year 23 weeks ago
    Subject: Safe Ssugars

    This article misses an important point. We want to be using sweeteners that do not stimulate the need for insulin. Thus these sweeteners are diabetic safe, effective for weight loss and generally safe for prevention many sugar related diseases (that includes cancer).

    Stevia is OK but not Truvia. Coconut Sugar is an almost 1 to 1 exchange for sugar, Xylitol mentioned in the article and a real favorite Light Agave Nectar (low glycemic). The last one is a hands down favorite but must say low glycemic on the label.

    Honey is actually two sugars, the same that make up table sugar, sucrose. The only exception to honey is Manuka honey. Xylitol as a sugar alcohol made from the bitch tree is safe as is yacon syrup (mentioned by a previous member).

    The whole idea here is get the "sweet fix" without the side effects and the effect on the need for insulin.

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