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       At least the title had a question mark.  Interesting concept and could have some validity in the midwest.   But California's problem is due to lack of clouds, not lack of bacteria in the clouds.   Also, most of California's clouds ride the jet stream from the Pacific Ocean where contamination will be nil.  So as Stephanie Seneff said, "These ideas are speculative,"

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    I am working with a small circle of people in Uruguay, seeking solutions to the problems that impel agricultural producers and cattle ranchers to use glyphosate in the first place.

    In addition, we are interested in soil remediation. This article is quite interesting, and we will look forward to seeing how the velvet bean findings might lead to practical applications that shorten the normal half-life of glyphosate.

    Meanwhile, do you know of any soil bacteria that have been shown to degrade glyphosate in situ? Many thanks for your excellent work.


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    Subject: Guest

    Re: "Guest" This is a drug company troll, pure and simple. I suggest that everyone ignore or soundly discount the obnoxious, provocative, bejabberings of this disinfo machine. It cannot argue facts with integrity... it argues and ridicules "perceptions" from the false altar of presumed superiority. Those of us who have struggled with this issue as the loving parent of a precious, god-given child (as are they ALL) know that the drug companies have been given legal immunity from the effects of their toxic innoculants while parents are being commanded to allow them to inject this filth into our children's blood streams or be tried as criminals. The drug companies and doctors even want us to SIGN complicity that we "accept" all possible consequences, all the while we are threatened legally, and economically for defending our children with the best knowledge we often spend YEARS to learn. The assumption we are being strong-armed into acquiescing to - is that OFFICIALS of any stripe - are on a higher order of knowledge than rank and file humans can ever hope to aspire to - and we should not interfere with any contrivance they wish to impose on OUR children. Yes they are OUR children and not the property of the state, the government, ANY - GODLESS!!! - corporation and when the sum of a parent's actions and choices regarding their children demonstrate love and appropriate parental personal sacrifice (of time spent educating oneself and choosing what has the greatest probability of protecting the life and wellbeing of their children) that parent's decision trumps the presumptions of drug companies that won't even be accountable for the death and destruction they refuse to even admit to causing.

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    Subject: Oil Pulling

    I had upper mouth discomfort once and it reached into my facial muscles.  Finally I thought about oil pulling and tried it with coconut oil.  I swished for 20 min or so and then spit it out in the garbage can.  And what do you know, after suffering for several months, within a couple of days the issue completely cleared up.  Amazing!!

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    Garlic Reduces Plaque in Genetically Modified Mice

    Ayelet GonenOne might say the benefits of Garlic on slowing calcium score progression are nice, but what about preventing plaque formation itself?  This question was studied in atherosclerotic mice by Ayelet Gonen’s group at the Institute of Lipid and Atherosclerosis Research, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer Israel.  Dr. Gonen studied the effect of daily Allicin treatment (the active ingredient in Garlic)  in mice genetically modified to form atherosclerotic plaque in the aortic sinus.  These were Apo-E knockout  mice, and LDL receptor knockout mice.   Daily allicin (9 mg/kg) reduced the atherosclerotic plaque area by 70% in apoE-deficient mice and by 60% in LDL receptor knockout mice.(21)  This is rather impressive. They went further, showing allicin binds directly to the LDL particle preventing LDL oxidation, and inhibits macrophage uptake and degradation of the LDL particles. This, they speculated , was the mechanism for atherosclerosis prevention. Left Image courtesy of Ayelet Gonen

    Garlic and Atherosclerotic Plaque Regression –  Ayelet Gonen

    Gonen Ayelet 2005 Allicin AntiAtherosclerosis Pathobiology Fig 1

    Above image Fig. 1. Allicin reduced the atherosclerotic lesion area in aortic sinus.   Stained sections showing plaque (red arrows) from apoE knockout mice (A Allicin treated, B placebo treated)  Courtesy of Antiatherogenic effect of allicin Pathobiology 2005 Gonen.

    Future Research

    As mentioned above, independent researchers have found polymicrobial organisms colonizing biofilms in atherosclerotic plaque.

    One question I have is this: Why not conduct a series of experiments using these same  techniques to look for infected biofilms in the atherosclerotic plaque material in animal models of atherosclerosis ?   Perhaps the Institute of Lipid and Atherosclerosis Research might share mouse plaque specimens with the labs of Drs. Fry, Lanter and Ott.  This could answer important questions.  What is the timing of the infection in the plaque? Is infection a prerequisite for plaque formation. Does infection seed the plaque later ?   Exactly when in the life cycle of the atherosclerotic plaque does the infection occur? Is the explanation for Garlic as a preventive agent due to preventing LDL oxidation and inhibiting macrophage uptake as Dr Gonen speculates ? Or does infection also play a role in these supposedly “pristine” animal models of knockout mice genetically bred to form atherosclerosis ?   These and other question could be answered by studying plaque from animal models using the 16s RNA cloning and flourescent imaging techniques used in Dr Lanter, Ott and Fry’s labs.

    jeffrey dach md

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    Subject: Energy

    Good to have another angle on the molecular minestrone of energy production.  Since I live on coffee, green sun tea and lotsa fruit/plant water along with seasalts, I tend to disagree with parts of that approach and more strongly consider charge terrain, pH and the H2O/H3O2 matrix. 

    I find oxygen delivery to be the bottleneck in energy production which enters a downward spiral into oxidative stress and all disease when acidity builds and O2 is further refused. Metabolism generates water, and also occurs as fermentation in the cytoplasm...yet it is charge separation and water structure that holds more oxygen and builds potential, powers circulation and membrane transport.

    A major problem is the ingestion of too many easily absorbed processed food molecules and the inability to deliver oxygen sufficient to offset the resultant acidity from metabolizing  and processing the overload...Another is insufficient intake of antioxidants.  Metals kill charge, stress kills charge, bad/oxidized membrane fats, mineral/electrolyte imbalances fail to produce charge and organic toxins disrupt organ function and biochemistry in general.

    Since the understanding of matter and energy stand at the door to the secret of life, the synthesis of chemistry, physics and cell biology should be the focus of further investigation and clarification...and like Dr. Gonzalez shows, there's stuff we don't even know we don't know.

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    And you are illustrating this article with use plastic water bottles why???

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    Many of our Forefathers warned as the debates were held on the writing of the Constitution. They foretold that unless medical freedoms and protections were written into the Constitution the day would come that medical treatment in The United States of America would become a dictatorship in and of itself.  We must never forget that the government is the SERVANT OF THE PEOPLE, It is time that We the people elect leaders that understand this principle and the so called Departments that were established to protect the people do just that. Now these Departments are headed by former presidents and high ranking employees of the very mega companies that manufacture the products that are in question of damaging We The People! And they have a vested interest in the profits made by the current policies. "You can buy anything or individuals for money". Especially when they seek for power, fame, and Money!

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    Comment: GreenMedInfo has been a most valuable source for understanding and learning of options in life. At 39 I ended up in the ICU with Pulmanary Emboli in both lungs. My sweetheart was told that she needed to start planning my funeral. I was pumped full of Heparin and started on the medication Cumorin. I had an reaction to the Cumorin and was told that there were no other choices, so I had to stay on it and they would find additional medications to help with the side effects. I knew that I would live and I also knew that I needed to make a change in my work. During this time the Pulmanary Specialist said that I was not allowed to eat leafy green vegetables while on the medication, I asked why? I was told that leafy green vegetables are loaded with vitamin K, this vitamin increases your bloods ability to clot. I asked, if vitamin K enhances clotting are there vitamins that can enhance the thinning of the blood. The answer was aburrupt, NO, you must take the medications. It just did not ring true in my heart. This lead me into a entirely new direction in life. I became the National Sales Manager for a company called BioMeridian. It will take a book to share the rest of our journey. Thank you to GreenMedInfo, Burton Goldberg and a host of doctors that we would call Functional Medical Practitioners. God Bless all that are looking for answers from a Medical System that is failing the people.