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  • Reply to: Osteoporosis Myth: The Dangers of High Bone Mineral Density   1 year 37 weeks ago
    Comment: There have been scores of studies showing problems with Calcium monotherapy. Vitamin D and Magnesium are also needed to build bone. and Vitamin K2 is needed to direct the Calcium to the bone instead of elsewhere in the body. Also, these supplements have been shown to retain bone strength, but not restore bone strength. Once the "bridges" inside of the bone have been broken they are very difficult to rebuild. Adding bone density does not rebuild the bridges, but rather just adds to the supporting structure. A simple summary: 500 Calcium, 500 Magnesium, 100 Vitamin K2, 2000+ Vitamin D. Details with charts at:
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    This single graph shows that INCREASING cholesterol results in LONGER lives. There is a lot more documentation on the page as well.

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    Comment: Big outbreaks of whooping cough often occur during cloudy seasons, when there is little sunlight/vitamin D. A few examples: - California 2010: "Year of the invisible sun" - - The most whooping cough cases in 63 years - Washington state 2012 - extreme cloudy spring and summer, - - Whooping cough at epidemic levels: 10X higher than previous year. - Scotland 2012: rainiest April and June ever recorded - - Whooping cough 7X higher than 2011. Whooping cough has been increasing during the past decade, as vitamin D levels have been dropping - globally Having a adequate level of Vitamin D has been proven to greatly greatly reduce many respiratory infections.
  • Reply to: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as Early Diabetes Risk Indicator?   1 year 44 weeks ago

    A great many people have noticed the association.

    Both are associated with low levels of vitamin D

    Low vitamin D might be the common cause for both.

    There are a lot of publications which show that people with high levels of vitamin D

    are both less likely to get diabetes (prevention) and are able to reduce diabetes (treatment)

  • Reply to: 10 Healthy Reasons To Enjoy Real Butter   1 year 44 weeks ago

    Green grass ==> cow ==> vitamin K2 Overview on vitamin K2 and Vitamin D

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    Do a quick search on "marijuana DNA damage" or "marijuana cell damage" or "marijuana lung damage".  Masking pain rather than addressing its cause is still just an escape rather than a solution.  Nothing against pot smoking, it's just not a cure-all or without its own consequences.

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    Whilst I agree that research shows most people have sub-optimal Vit.D levels (and therefore need supplementation, especially in Winter, to avoid illnesses related to this), it is possible to take too much - and I'm not talking the 'poison' scare of yesteryear.

    Two examples: prostate cancer patients do worse above about 60 nmol/L. My own research shows my cancer gets worse as the Vit.D levels rise.

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    Subject: oh no

    pure ignorance. though chosen ignorance i suspect. grrr.

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    you should read up on what organic means, it can still be sprayed just not the same level, if you want to keep your baby healthy maybe to the thing most sane people do BREAST FEED.

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    Subject: organic

    Turns out in the agricultural/landscaping/nursery trade, the word 'organic' doesn't have any legal meaning. I tried to find organic manure, and manure that's labeled 'organic,' basically just means carbon-based--nothing to do with what most people think when they see an 'organic' label.