1) Unlimited Culminative Knowledge Lists: This time-saving feature shows how much evidence has accumulated thus far for each topic. Instead of having to sort through hundreds of studies on a topic our algorithm calculates the quantity and quality of data on a particular subject auto-magically. Instead of the default list size of the top 3, full access grants the top 50 (or more) in each category.

2) 40 GMI Tokens A Month FREE With a basic membership you will receive 40 GreenMed Tokens (100 for a GMI Professional Membership). These tokens carry over and have a dollar value of $25 per 100, effectively making the membership free! They can be used for:

  • Our Revolutionary GMI-Pub tool: Generate highly professional, individualized and automated natural medicine research reports using our proprietary Clinical Search Tools and GMI-Publication function.
  • Our Downloadable Documents Store: Purchase any number of hundreds of professional documents from our Downloadable Document store.
  • Our Focus Research Function: Steer our indexing in real-time to topics that you would like for us to expand on.
  • Purchase Educational Videos from our growing library of previous webinars.

3) Enhanced Print and PDF Options: Generate professional PDFs and print copy using this enhanced option on all 20,000+ articles.  This feature also enables you to print unlimited results of our revolutionary GMI search function.


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