Liver Cancer

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Coffee604Log in | Sign up
Curcumin4328Log in | Sign up
Antineoplaston AS2-1 (4:1 mixture of phenylacetic acid and phenylacetylglutamine)296Log in | Sign up
Lycopene276Log in | Sign up
Tea233Log in | Sign up
Resveratrol2214Log in | Sign up
Licorice213Log in | Sign up
AHCC202Log in | Sign up
Cholesterol 202Log in | Sign up
Garlic186Log in | Sign up
beta-Carotene165Log in | Sign up
Fucoidan143Log in | Sign up
Lactobacillus casei122Log in | Sign up
Milk Thistle122Log in | Sign up
Silibinin122Log in | Sign up
Vitamin K2123Log in | Sign up
Flavonoids115Log in | Sign up
Quercetin118Log in | Sign up
Alpha-Lipoic Acid101Log in | Sign up
Beta-glucan101Log in | Sign up
Fish101Log in | Sign up
Lactobacillus probiotics101Log in | Sign up
Lentinan101Log in | Sign up
Linoleic acid101Log in | Sign up
Menatetrenone101Log in | Sign up
Probiotics101Log in | Sign up
Silymarin101Log in | Sign up
Vitamin K2: Menaquinones (MK-4-14) 101Log in | Sign up
Genistein95Log in | Sign up
Anthocyanins83Log in | Sign up
Polyphenols83Log in | Sign up
Stilbenes87Log in | Sign up
Sulforaphane76Log in | Sign up
Ginger63Log in | Sign up
Homeopathic Medicine: All63Log in | Sign up
Inositol Hexaphosphate63Log in | Sign up
Vitamin A63Log in | Sign up
Andrographis54Log in | Sign up
Apples54Log in | Sign up
Catechin 53Log in | Sign up
Antineoplastons42Log in | Sign up
Fucoxanthin 43Log in | Sign up
Liquiritigenin41Log in | Sign up
Reishi Mushroom43Log in | Sign up
Turmeric42Log in | Sign up
Vitamin C43Log in | Sign up
Asparagus32Log in | Sign up
Astaxanthin32Log in | Sign up
Berberine32Log in | Sign up
Black Currant32Log in | Sign up
Goji32Log in | Sign up
Luteolin33Log in | Sign up
Schisandra33Log in | Sign up
Scutellaria barbata32Log in | Sign up
Solanum nigrum (black nightshade)32Log in | Sign up
Allicin21Log in | Sign up
Amino Acids: Branched Chain21Log in | Sign up
Andrographolide22Log in | Sign up
Antrodia camphorata21Log in | Sign up
Apigenin21Log in | Sign up
Apple Pectin 21Log in | Sign up
Baicalein21Log in | Sign up
Black Pepper21Log in | Sign up
Calcium D-glucarate21Log in | Sign up
Camellia ptilophylla21Log in | Sign up
Camptothecin21Log in | Sign up
Cannabinoids 21Log in | Sign up
Carob21Log in | Sign up
Carrot21Log in | Sign up
Celery seed21Log in | Sign up
Chinese Skullcap 22Log in | Sign up
Chlorella (Algae)21Log in | Sign up
DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)22Log in | Sign up
Diosgenin21Log in | Sign up
Ellagic Acid21Log in | Sign up
Embelia ribes21Log in | Sign up
Fenugreek21Log in | Sign up
Ginkgo biloba21Log in | Sign up
Guarana21Log in | Sign up
Homeopathic Medicine: Chelidonium majus21Log in | Sign up
Homeopathic Medicine: Lycopodium21Log in | Sign up
Isoflavones21Log in | Sign up
Litchi22Log in | Sign up
Methionine22Log in | Sign up
Oyster Mushroom: Indian21Log in | Sign up
Phloretin22Log in | Sign up
Pinus Massoniana Bark21Log in | Sign up
Potato22Log in | Sign up
Pterostilbene22Log in | Sign up
Rehmannia21Log in | Sign up
Rutin22Log in | Sign up
SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine)22Log in | Sign up
Semecarpus anacardium21Log in | Sign up
Sophora Flavescens21Log in | Sign up
Soy21Log in | Sign up
Spirulina21Log in | Sign up
Suma (Pfaffia Paniculata)21Log in | Sign up
Tabebuia22Log in | Sign up
Thymoquinone21Log in | Sign up
Tocotrienols21Log in | Sign up
Vitamin D22Log in | Sign up
Zhu Ling Mushroom 21Log in | Sign up
Artichoke11Log in | Sign up
Astragaloside11Log in | Sign up
Beta Sitosterol11Log in | Sign up
Black Tea11Log in | Sign up
Bran 11Log in | Sign up
Buckwheat11Log in | Sign up
Capparis spinosa (caper)11Log in | Sign up
Carotenoids11Log in | Sign up
Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus)11Log in | Sign up
Chlorophyllin11Log in | Sign up
Choline11Log in | Sign up
Chrysanthemum Indicum11Log in | Sign up
DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)11Log in | Sign up
Dandelion 11Log in | Sign up
Diallyl sulfide11Log in | Sign up
Dogwood11Log in | Sign up
EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate)11Log in | Sign up
EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)11Log in | Sign up
Euphorbia cotinifolia 11Log in | Sign up
Fennel11Log in | Sign up
Fisetin11Log in | Sign up
Fish Oil11Log in | Sign up
Folic Acid 11Log in | Sign up
Fruit: All11Log in | Sign up
Gallic Acid11Log in | Sign up
Ganoderma colossum11Log in | Sign up
Goldenthread11Log in | Sign up
Graviola 11Log in | Sign up
Green Tea11Log in | Sign up
Hops11Log in | Sign up
Icariin11Log in | Sign up
Inositol11Log in | Sign up
Lion's Mane (Hericium Erinaceus)11Log in | Sign up
Lupeol11Log in | Sign up
Lutein11Log in | Sign up
Lysine11Log in | Sign up
Melatonin11Log in | Sign up
Mustard Greens11Log in | Sign up
Myo-inositol11Log in | Sign up
Noni11Log in | Sign up
Omega-3 Fatty Acids11Log in | Sign up
Organosulfur Compounds11Log in | Sign up
Oyster Mushroom11Log in | Sign up
Pear11Log in | Sign up
Perilla 11Log in | Sign up
Phaseolus vulgaris11Log in | Sign up
Phyllanthus emblica11Log in | Sign up
Phyllanthus urinaria11Log in | Sign up
Pine Bark Extract11Log in | Sign up
Plum11Log in | Sign up
Proline11Log in | Sign up
Red Sage11Log in | Sign up
Rice Bran11Log in | Sign up
Saffron11Log in | Sign up
Selenium11Log in | Sign up
Smilax glabra11Log in | Sign up
Solasodine glycoalkaloids11Log in | Sign up
Sprouts11Log in | Sign up
Sumac11Log in | Sign up
Theanine11Log in | Sign up
Tocotrienol: Delta11Log in | Sign up
Tribulus11Log in | Sign up
Ume (Japanese apricot) 11Log in | Sign up
Ursolic Acid11Log in | Sign up
Vegetables: All 11Log in | Sign up
Vitamin B-1211Log in | Sign up
Vitamin E: Gamma-tocotrienol11Log in | Sign up
Vitamin K11Log in | Sign up
Wasabi11Log in | Sign up
Whey11Log in | Sign up
β-ionone11Log in | Sign up
Glucosamine01Log in | Sign up

View the Evidence: Ailments

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Adverse Pharmacological Actions : Carcinogenic : CK(951) : AC(135)

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