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Frankincense oil may receive most of the fame and glory, but the humble boswellia tree from which it is derived, can also create another powerful natural medicine. Oil and extracts of boswellia have been used for thousands of years to treat numerous health conditions.
What's causing microcephaly? It might not be what the media is telling you...
Written by Anonymous
Dr. Brogan believes that depression isn’t something that should be looked at just through the brain or through blood work, but is a symptom of many different potential sources of imbalance in the body. Watch her interview with Dr. Pedram Shojai to learn about her bestelling book, A Mind of Your Own.
Prevention is the best medicine, and essential oils work to both prevent and help control Lyme disease.
Written by Sydney Ross Singer
Breast cancer is one of the major killers of women in the United States. Sadly, most women have no idea that simply not wearing a bra can have a major impact on the likelihood of developing breast cancer.
Written by Dr. Shawn Tassone
The surgeon as priest, shaman, or healer performs sacred rituals every time he or she steps into the operating room.
Written by Valerie Burke, MSN
We all want natural alternatives to harsh chemical repellents, but do any really work? Learn how to make your own repellent with essential oils scientifically shown to be as effective as DEET
Written by GMWatch Reporter
Doctors and researchers say the widespread use of the toxic chemicals heavily promoted by the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to combat mosquitoes is not preventing the spread of Zika virus, but is putting at risk the health of the general population
Written by Kelly Brogan, M.D.
"Gluten Free": No it’s not a wellness fad. And its elimination may very well be the key to resolving what would otherwise be a chronic and disabling psychiatric condition.
Written by Capt. Randall
What if we could invoke healing via the Placebo Effect?