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Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
Your spice rack may contain the safest, most fast-acting, brain-boosting substance medical science has yet to confirm effective in a human clinical study.
Written by Robin Berzin, MD
Everyone needs a foundation, no matter what they are struggling with, and there are three steps to creating a healthier life recommended for everyone.
Written by William Conder
Robin Williams' health history would have made him a perfect candidate for Hoffer's high-dose niacin therapy. But would this therapy been better than the "best" drugs available to Williams?
Written by James Maskell
In a scenario where antibiotics or vaccines do not work against Ebola, what alternatives do we have?
The rest of the world has lost so much ground on supplement levels, usage, and sales - do you think it will happen where you live?
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
What if the simple act of being present to your body and mind could heal your diseased heart?
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
Chemical weapons cause excruciating, cruel and lasting bodily harm, but new research now shows turmeric extracts could provide significant relief from the pain and suffering caused by exposure to them.
Written by Heather Green
Can you call yourself a feminist If you don't support a woman's right to make healthcare decisions for her child?
Since when did a green magazine promote Ebola vaccines and publish articles by vaccine makers like Paul "Profit" Offit.
Written by Dr. Karen Dwyer
Citizens draw the line against new oil drilling in Greater Everglades after unauthorized fracking threatens water supplies and triggers county and state lawsuits.