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Written by Nancy B. Loughlin
Do you suffer from "text neck" pain? Here are two proper ways to relieve "text neck" pain.
The emerging science of antiviral mannose-binding lectins (MBLs) has found many diseases are associated with deficiencies in MBLs.
Despite the evidence of inefficacy and risk, why is the DTaP vaccine still recommended to pregnant women as of 2012?
Is Pharma abusing prenant women with HIV through toxic drugs, such as HIVNET 012?
Written by Lloyd Burrell
Is there a connection between cell phones and cancer? Here are 44 reasons to believe that cell phones can cause cancer.
Written by Kent Heckenlively
For those interested in health, "Plague" is a book about a bold and courageous scientist search for the truth about human retroviruses, ME/CFS, autism and other diseases.
Painful hemorrhoids, high blood pressure and skin issues, such as psoriasis, all have something in common: Blood flow. Research finds these three issues can all be successfully treated with the pine bark extract called Pycnogenol.
Does your baby have a healthy gut? What does your baby's poop say about your infant's well-being?
The international outbreaks of viral infections in late 2014 have shown we need a new antiviral strategy that go beyond sanitation, vaccination and medication.
Written by Judy Cohain, CNM
Is the most effective way to prevent perineal damage to avoid episiotomy?