All articles by Case Adams, Naturopath

Premenstrual syndrome effects many women monthly, resulting in pain and mood-related symptoms. New research confirms that ginger not only reduces pain, but also reduces pain associated with PMS along with improved mood symptoms.
New research finds that pine bark extract significantly treats the tinnitus and vertigo related to Meniere's disease.
New research finds curcumin combined with a polyphenol in green tea and other foods and herbs will inhibit multi-drug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii - often at the root of hospital-acquried pneumonia infections.
New research finds that a change to a low-carb Mediterranean Diet can significantly reverse and reduce type 2 diabetes incidence, even more than a low-fat diet - which also reduces risk.
New research finds black sesame seed reduces hypertension and exert antioxidant effects. Do white sesame seeds have the same capacity?
Pomegranate has come under scrutiny following two clinical trials. However, polyphenol content and dose may be the issue. Other new research shows pomegranate and other polyphenol-rich foods reduce PSA rise.
New research offers evidence of a therapeutic measure for irritable bowel syndrome: Cumin essential oil.
Nuts are great sources of protein and provide healthy fats. New research finds they also increase cognitive scores among elderly women.
Conventional drugs for hair loss come with outrageous side effects such as male breast enlargement and erectile dysfunction. New research finds nature's answer to male pattern balding - pumpkin seed oil.
Red Korean ginseng has been used for centuries to extend life and increase vigor. New scientific evidence points to at least two reasons why this is true.