All articles by Case Adams, Naturopath

New research confirms that breastfeeding increases a certain species of oral bacteria, and these oral bacteria inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria that infect gums and cause dental decay.
Clinical research has confirmed that the ancient herbal remedy Mulberry leaf significantly reduces levels of triglycerides, low-density lipoproteins and artery inflammation.
Research is indicating that women absorb drugs at a greater rate than men – and women could be more affected by negative side effects. Does this issue affect herbal medicines as well?
Two recent studies prove that vitamin C is therapeutic for type 2 diabetes patients. One shows it reduces blood glucose levels and the other illustrates vitamin C reduces anxiety among diabetics.
New research confirms that extracts of chamomile and pomegranate each reduce gum bleeding in gingivitis when rinsed with.
Saffron is again showing its healing abilities. Recent research finds it reduces heat shock protein antibodies and metabolic syndrome symptoms, along with stimulating immunity and cognition.
New research is confirming that cherries are more than just great-tasting. They are medicinal, able to reduce inflammation and increase sleep quality.
New research confirms that the pain of osteoarthritis is reduced by the use of two traditional anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing herbs in combination with bromelain from pineapples.
Research is discovering what ancient Japanese and Chinese medicine already knew: That dried plums slow the aging process with respect to bone loss.
New clinical research confirms that an Ayurvedic herb can successfully treat benign prostate hyperplasia or BPH.