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Full Featured Smart Search:
This powerful feature (aka clinical tool) enables you to personalize the information on our site by identifying the diseases and/or symptoms, which are associated through the medical research, with the relevant therapeutic substances. The GMI PRO members can plug in up to 10 therapeutic substances and receive an automatically generated report that shows the most relevant studies and scientific articles contained in our database. This tool indexes all 20,454+ studies on our site and allows you to save and share the results via a custom url.

Membership status provides tokens which can used to publish these results into a PDF document, the GMI-PUB. This GMI-PUB can then be presented to your healthcare provider as an additional tool in constructing the most effective treatment plan. Since the database is ever-growing, with the most recent studies and research continually being added, this feature becomes all the more indispensable for the health professional and layperson alike who wish to stay current.

The final product will look very similar to the report that is found at the following link: Sample GMI-PUB. This GMI-PUB was generated by inserting the five therapeutic substances shown at the top of the report. Since all five search criteria have some similar properties, the "Relevant Results for Diseases" section produced a fairly long and comprehensive listing. When this is the case, the ranking based on both Cumulative Knowledge and Article Count can be used to guide the direction of further research into the matter.

For the busy clinician or other healthcare practitioner, this Smart Search Tool provides an extraordinary time-saving search engine that will enable him/her to quickly construct treatment regimes that are backed by high integrity medical research. We encourage you to experiment with this revolutionary new tool; it will greatly enhance your range of practice and clinical repertory.

 In order for the Smart Search function to generate accurate results each entry must auto-populate with an nid#. Should any entry not auto-populate with the required nid# before you click "Submit", the Smart Search will not return the desired results.

 As an example, if you enter "Colloidal Silver" as a Substance the following data will auto-populate:
Colloidal Silver (AC 5) [nid:18462].

 If you have difficulty in activating the auto-population function, please check your web browser or operating system to determine that this feature is fully supported and turned on.
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