Mission Statement

GreenMedInfo.com exists in order to provide convenient and open access to the biomedical research available today on the therapeutic value of natural substances in disease prevention and treatment.*  Our website and video-based learning site GreenMedTV.com provides physicians, health care practitioners, clinicians, researchers and the layperson with an evidence-based resource through which the potential or actual therapeutic value of vitamins, minerals, herbs and foods can be determined. Our popular daily and weekly newsletters provide a continual source of relevant health information, free of charge.
*The information we provide access to is not intended, nor designed to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

Founder & Director

Sayer Ji is an author, researcher, lecturer, and advisory board member of the National Health Federation. He founded Greenmedinfo.com in 2008 in order to provide the world an open access, evidence-based resource supporting natural and integrative modalities. It is widely recognized as the world's largest and most referenced health resource of its kind, receiving over 1 million visits a month.

Sayer attended Rutgers University, where he studied under the American philosopher Dr. Bruce W. Wilshire, receiving a degree in Philosophy with a specialty in existential phenomenology in 1995. In 1996, he embarked on a 5 year journey of service as a counselor-teacher and wilderness therapy specialist for various organizations serving underprivileged and/or adjudicated populations, from the Princeton-Blairstown Center (NJ), the Mayhew Foundation (NH) and Eckerd Youth Alternatives (FL). Since 2003, Sayer has served as a patient advocate and an educator and consultant for the natural products industry and health and wellness field.

Contact: sayerji@greenmedinfo.com  

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sayerjigmi 

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sayerji

Website: http://www.sayerji.com

Lead Web Developer and Website Administrator

Cameron Fillers is the lead developer for GreenMedInfo.com.  He came onto the project to help migrate the system from a static html website, into the current Drupal platform that you see today. He currently manages all hosting and development requirements, and handles research and implementation of any technology required for the functionality of the website. His main points of focus entail anything to do with the front and back end for the website, and has written several custom modules for GMI in order to provide all the features found within the professional database suite. His specialties include: PHP, C++, C#, Java, MySQL, Drupal 6, Drupal 7, Wordpress, Linux, Zibmra, Windows, WHM, CPANEL, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, and other Video/Audio editing programs.

In order to manage the ever increasing web requirements for GMI, he started his own hosting company, Komputer King, to handle and support its continually growing needs. He currently owns servers in numerous data centers around the world, depending on his clients hosting needs and requirements. He currently uses his hosting company as an additional source of income to allow him to continue supporting GMI on an ongoing basis. If you have any hosting questions, or are interested in pricing, he would be more than happy to assist you with your hosting needs, and get you setup with the same servers which have been a necessity to power GMI.

A Few Companies that Cameron Fillers has worked on and supported

  • GMI
  • Time Warner (New York)
  • Various UC Berkeley websites
  • Rifftrax.com
  • NaturalSociety.com
  • StoryLeak.com
  • NewMediaRockstars.com
  • Compark.com
  • Various Canadian Based Radio Stations

Contact: cameron@greenmedinfo.com

Advisory Board Member

Scott C. Tips, JD, Editor of Health Freedom News, President and Legal Counsel for the National Health Federation

Born and reared in Texas, Scott C. Tips moved to California where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of California at Los Angeles. Scott then went to Paris to study French and history at the Sorbonne (Paris I and Paris IV).

Scott then was admitted into and attended the University of California, Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall). At Boalt Hall, he was one of the few law students accepted onto the California Law Review, where he became its Managing Editor and helped to bring that journal back on schedule. After three years of study, Scott obtained his Juris Doctorate degree from Boalt Hall and then quickly took and passed the California Bar Exam.

A California-licensed attorney, he has specialized in food-and-drug law and trademark law, but also engages in business litigation, general business law, and nonprofit organizations, with an international clientele.  Since 1989, Scott has been the General Counsel for the National Health Federation, the World's oldest health-freedom organization for consumers, as well as the Editor In Chief of its magazine, Health Freedom News.  In 2007, he became NHF President, and has been a frequent speaker for the organization and for health freedom on several continents.

A legal columnist, Scott writes a monthly column for Whole Foods Magazine called "Legal Tips," a column he started in 1984.  Currently, he is primarily occupied with health-freedom issues arising from national governments' and such international organizations as the Codex Alimentarius Commission's attempts to limit individual freedom of choice in health matters.  In that capacity, he has compiled, edited, and published a book on the subject entitled Codex Alimentarius - Global Food Imperialism. He also attends Codex meetings worldwide and has attended more Codex meetings than all other health-freedom activists combined.  

Medical Advisor/Professional Software Lead Developer

Patrick Garrett, DC, BS, DABFM, FAAFM, DACCN.

10 Years Private Practice – Concentration in Reversing Acute & Chronic Conditions Naturally Medical Director – Blood Id Director & Lecturer – Natural Medicine Seminars MEDIA KCTU Channel 43 – interview on reversing damaged DNA through epigenetics along with patient success New paper articles about the practice Letter to the editors about from patients GRADUATE EDUCATION Cleveland Chiropractic College – Doctorate & BS in Human Biology University Health Science School of Medicine POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION Harvard Medical School • Lifestyle Medicine for Nutrition & Metabolic Syndrome • Lifestyle Medicine for Stress Management • Lifestyle Medicine for Weight Management • Lifestyle Medicine for Celiac Disease • Lifestyle Medicine for Osteoporosis • Lifestyle Medicine for Prescribing Exercise • Parkinson’s Disease • Infertility & Endocrinology • Biology of Normal Sleep and the Consequences of Insufficient Sleep Yale Medical School – Lifestyle Medicine • Rationale for Lifestyle & Weight Management Counseling • Weight Bias in the Clinical Setting: Improving Health Care Delivery for Obese Patients • Lifestyle Practices for Weight Management and Health Promotion • Pressure System Model of Lifestyle Counseling in Primary Care • Models of Behavioral Modification Cleveland Clinic • Breast Cancer Prevention • The Next Generation of Therapies for Type 2 Diabetes POSTDOCTORAL TRAINING • Diplomate in Functional Medicine / Nutrition – American Board of Functional Medicine • Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition – American Association of Integrative Medicine • 3400 Hours – Surgery, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Psychiatry • 300 Hours – Internal Diagnosis Program (Natural Medicine) TEACHING & LECTURES • 2 Year 300 Hour PostDoctoral Program in Functional Medicine & Clinical Nutrition • College Anatomy & Physiology for 7 years • Applied Nutrition & Clinical Chemistry – New York, Texas, Oregon, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Arizona • Numerous Natural Medicine & Clinical Nutrition Seminars ASSOCIATION & LEADERSHIP ROLES • Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Association – Member • American Academy of Functional Medicine – Chairman of the Board of Directors • American Board of Functional Medicine – Immediate Past President, Liaison • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – Member

Dr. Brian Thornburg has been married since 2001 to Dr. Helen Thornburg and together they have eight children ranging in birth dates from 2002 to 2013. After many struggles trying to blend a healthy marriage with the rigors of professional careers, they decided family came first. Dr. Brian left a successful high-volume pediatric practice to start an unconventional practice based out of his home. Once he established a viable concierge pediatric practice, his wife left her career as an emergency medicine physician and joined her husband in his office as a medical practitioner.  Her expertise in emergency medicine helps keep many children from having to visit the emergency department. The family lives on a small farm in Naples and raises cows, goats, chickens, guinea hens and peacocks. They promote self-sustainability and grow a wide variety of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs.

In addition to being the owner and chief physician of Thornburg Pediatrics, Dr. Thornborg is an active member of the American Academy of Pediatrics Home Visit Advisory Committee, and  the Founder and CEO of Innovative Pediatrics, LLC. Naples, Florida, a pediatric concierge medicine practice management, consulting and licensing company.

Advisory Board Member

Glenn Sabin is a media and marketing veteran who is a 22-year cancer “thriver” who created a comprehensive, integrative oncology approach to achieve a complete pathological remission of his CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia)—considered an “incurable” disease—without conventional intervention. Glenn’s case has been chronicled through Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and his personal oncologist, Lee M. Nadler, MD, Dean of Clinical and Translational Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

A staunch proponent and leader in the area of integrative medicine, Glenn is a board member of the Society for Integrative Oncology and has a special interest in evidence-based integrative cancer care and the scientific exploration of whole systems protocols through well-designed clinical studies implemented in academic settings.

After a 25-year career running a media and content marketing company, Glenn sold his firm in 2009 to explore new media opportunities. Born out of his personal journey with cancer, Glenn also launched FON Therapeutics. He devotes energy to advancing medical research models, helping integrative health enterprises and providers grow their companies and practices, and to patient coaching.

Glenn has a uniquely relevant perspective on the business, policy and scientific matters specific to integrative healthcare and lectures on these topics across the country.  Sign up here to receive free chapters of Glenn’s forthcoming memoir, N-of-1, co-authored by Dawn Lemanne, MD, MPH.  

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Joel Bohemier is one of 30+ chiropractors in his family. He has lived the chiropractic principles and lifestyle his entire life. He is a 2000 graduate of Life University and practiced in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He operated one of the largest chiropractic practices in Canada, before coming to Trinity Chiropractic in Naples, Florida. He is passionate about bringing the chiropractic principles of life to the masses and uniting chiropractors around the power of chiropractic. He speaks at seminars around North America to chiropractors and the general public. He is most proud of his wife, Janelle and his two kids, Melina and Max.


Advisory Board Member

Dr. B.J. Hardick is a second-generation Doctor of Chiropractic.  He is a 1997 graduate of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and a 2001 graduate of Life University in Marietta, Georgia, USA.  Dr. Hardick operates a wellness-focused family practice in London, Ontario, one of the largest practices of its kind in North America, and has consulted for natural health clinics for over twenty years.  He maintains a particular interest in nutrition, spinal correction, detoxification, and children’s health.

Communicating the principles for living which he has championed his entire life, Dr. Hardick extends his message through his own weekly radio show, public seminars, and leadership development seminars for doctors.  Dr. Hardick is the co-author of the best-selling Maximized Living Nutrition Plans, and a contributing author for The Cancer Killers: The Cause is the Cure, which are used in clinics worldwide. 

Contact: www.DrHardick.com