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"When I stumbled upon, I thought I had died and gone to
abstract heaven! This is a marvelous resource and one I highly recommend."
~ Testimonial from Pamela Duff, RN, CSNC, author of Nature's Pharmacy: Evidence-Based Alternatives to Drugs Pro. (GMI PRO) is the world's largest, open access, evidence-based, natural medicine database. No other site on the web systematizes so much high integrity, peer-reviewed medical research and authoritative references pertaining to natural medicine applications. GMI PRO offers a forever-growing body of working knowledge and experience which will significantly enhance your capability to address the holistic health needs of your clientele.

11 Powerful Features

This time-saving feature shows how much evidence has accumulated thus far for each topic. Instead of having to sort through hundreds of studies on a topic our algorithm calculates the quality and quantity of data on a particular subject auto-magically. Instead of the default list size of the top 2, full access grants the top 50 (or more) in each category.

With this membership-only feature you can retrieve only those study abstracts you are interested in viewing. For instance, our Turmeric page has 1,500+ articles. If you wish to see just the 61 articles on Breast Cancer & Turmeric you have to navigate all the way down the list to find them, which is very time-consuming. The Focus Article feature reshuffles these 61 studies so that they emerge on the top automatically and instantaneously. See Video

This powerful feature enables you to personalize the information on our site by finding therapeutic substances for multiple diseases. GMI PRO members can plug in up to 10 conditions/symptoms and receive an automatically generated report that shows the research most relevant to the conditions they choose. This tool indexes all 20,000+ study abstracts on our site and allows you to save and share the results via a custom url. Membership also provides Tokens which can used to publish these results into a professional, hard-referenced PDF document.

From focused article results, e.g. when focusing Statin Drugs to "cataracts studies," you can publish all those studies into a custom PDF with hyperlinks to the original citations on MEDLINE. See Video

- Chiropractors
- Acupuncturists
- Osteopaths
- Naturopaths
- Homeopaths
- Holistic health coaches
- Wellness counselors
- Integrative health consultants

Finally, a simple to use, comprehensive system for all of your natural health research needs.

From focused article results, e.g. when focusing Statin Drugs to "cataract studies," you can publish all those studies to a custom page on our site, which is publicly viewable, and which can be hyperlinked to, or shared to support an argument, e.g. "there are 6 studies linking statin drugs to cataracts." See Video

Copy/paste for convenience and speed up to 3 different citation styles from each study abstract, making scholarly referencing a one-step process. See Video

With a professional membership you will receive 100 GreenMed Tokens. These tokens carry over and have a dollar value of $25 per 100, effectively making the membership free!

With a membership you are empowered to convert any article you see to a PDF for easy distribution and archiving.

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Being up-to-date on the latest research is important. With our sort by publication date feature you can organize the data - instantaneously - by the most recent to the oldest.

Some of our pages contain research on substances relevant to over 500 diseases. Because the Quick Summary topics are sorted according to the amount of evidence to support that substance or disease, it can be time-consuming to locate exactly the study abstracts associated with the diseases or substances you are looking for. With this feature you can quickly locate the substance or disease you are searching for by distributing them alphabetically, which then enables you to focus the articles quickly by using feature #2.

Membership provide you with the ability to get automated email updates on topics you wish to subscribe to. Whenever a new relevant article is posted you get an automated update, the timing of which you control.

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