Cumulative Knowledge

What is Cumulative Knowledge?
Cumulative Knowledge is determined by ascribing a numerical value to the various study types weighted in descending order as follows: (1) Meta-Analysis; (2) Human Study; (3) Human: Case Study; (4) Animal: Transgenic; (5) Animal; (6) In Vitro; (7) Review; and (8) Commentary.

The Cumulative Knowledge feature was created in order to make the increasingly voluminous information on the database more intelligible and user friendly.

As you may know the primary mission of is to collect, index, disseminate and popularize the scientific data in existence today on the therapeutic value of natural substances and modalities, which is why our motto is: "Where the Evidence is Sprouting Up!" 

The challenge with such a project is that we now have over 17,000+ studies indexed, with our "Cancers: All" page alone containing over 1,400 studies and our Turmeric page close to 1,500. This much information is hard to get a grasp on, and may leave the user feeling overwhelmed.

Our solution to this problem has been to devise an evidence scoring system which will enable us to present the data to the user in a more accessible and condensed manner. There are two immediate ways in which you will see this system operating on the site.