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 Last updated 12.30.12
Linked stats: Alexa: Is Listed #8 on's Top #25 Natural Health Sites in the World is now looking for a select group of advertisers with products and/or services that fall within the category of publishing, education, awareness campaigns, professional organizations and related non-consumable, non-supplement industries.
The ideal partner has products and services we believe in, and we can sincerely promote to our thousands of dedicated fans and ever-growing community of users.
We are creating a mutually supportive arrangement whereby we provide exposure to individuals and organizations who are involved in health and environmental advocacy and education.  Other areas of particular interest include all of the alternative healthcare services variously described as holistic, integrative, complementary and natural, as well as health and wellness publishing, and patient advocacy. In exchange, we will receive necessary financial contributions in the form of advertising fees and sponsorship payments which help to keep our public and private versions of the database up and running.
One of the unique benefits available to our advertising partners (and sponsors) is the opportunity to become a publicly acknowledged supporter of the free, public version of our website.  In other words, we are gratefully transferring to our supporters a portion of the recognition associated with the years of painstaking development that went into its creation. Not only does your organization and brand become featured on our site, but you are also partially credited for making available to the 15 million+ annual visitors from around the world.  
Students, researchers, professors, scientists, medical doctors, integrative health consultants, natural healers, health coaches, and wellness counselors are just a few of the professionals who are able to access the approximately 23,000 abstracts without cost, or membership due to your invaluable contributions.  We are especially pleased that so many the layperson - armchair healers, if you will - are frequent visitors to the GMI database saving them, as well as their families and friends, much money, time and effort.
We invite you to contact us at the following email address to learn more about how you might participate in our 2013 GMI Funding Initiative:

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Use this contact form to inquire about partnering with us. is not looking for typical advertisers as we commence our 2013 GMI Funding Initiative.  We're looking for a select few partners whose products and/or services we believe in.  Products and services we can sincerely promote to our thousands of dedicated fans and ever-growing community of users.