This downloadable document (GMI PUB) is filled with medically researched knowledge, relevant information and pertinent data on Cranberry. The GMI PUB contains 42 abstracts which consists of a Cumulative Knowledge * of 226. This GMI PUB document will greatly reduce your research time due to the Cumulative Knowledge feature, and contains a condensed form of the studies that we have accumulated on Cranberry.

*The Cumulative Knowledge feature was created in order to make the increasingly voluminous information on the database more intelligible and user friendly. Because it is presented according to a very specific system of weighing the relevance and significance of each and every article, the end user ought to have clear understanding of this logic. For a more detailed explanation of Cumulative Knowledge, please click on the following link: Cumulative Knowledge Explained.

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Documents with 500 or fewer abstracts $29.99
Documents with more than 500 abstracts $49.99
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