• Contains 121 Articles/Abstracts with research on Glyphosate formulations
  • Scores 386 in Cumulative Knowledge Points (Research Quality + Research Quantity = Cumulative Knowledge, or "CK")
  • Is Evidence-based & Medically-researched

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Documents with 15 or fewer abstracts $2.99
Documents with 50 or fewer abstracts $5.99
Documents with 200 or fewer abstracts $9.99
Documents with 500 or fewer abstracts $29.99
Documents with more than 500 abstracts $49.99

This downloadable document (GMI PUB) is filled with medically researched knowledge, relevant information and pertinent data on Glyphosate formulations. The GMI PUB contains 121 abstracts which consists of a Cumulative Knowledge * of 386. This GMI PUB document will greatly reduce your research time due to the Cumulative Knowledge feature, and contains a condensed form of the studies that we have accumulated on Glyphosate formulations.

This document is being offered to the world as a free download in order to support awareness of the unintended, adverse health and environmental effects of glyphosate and glyphosate formulations to exposed populations. For additional free research on GMO technology visit our Health Guide on GMO research.

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