Focus Research

On a daily basis we are constantly adding new articles to the website, and are always constantly searching for great articles to add to the site. While this has allowed the site to grow to the wonderful database that you see before you, it does not mean that the topic you are interested in is being populated on a daily basis. This product is a way to help remedy that situation to a small degree. Left to our own devices, we will continue to add articles, but now you can push us to add articles based on topics you are interested in.

Currently, there are two ways that you can choose a topic.

  1. Type in a topic inside the autocomplete textfield, and click on the result from the drop down list (only the first topic entered will be added to the shopping cart)
  2. Select the "Focus Research" link on the topic page in which you would like research focused

Once you click submit, This product will be added to your shopping cart, and upon purchase, we will find an article that meets the standards of our site based on your selection, and add it to our database. Also, when added, we will give your user account the credit of "sponsoring" this article, with a link to your profile.

*In the circumstance where we are unable to find a suitable article based on your selection, we will "Credit" you a research token so that you may choose another topic for us to enter.

Please specify in more detail, if you would like us to search for something specific based on your above choice. If we are unable to find information based on what you enter, we will find a more generic article, but we will attempt to fulfill your request first.