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Our modern technologies are bombarding us with electromagnetic fields (EMFs) now more than ever. Are EMFs really harmful and if so, to what degree? Are all EMFs bad? The EMF controversy has now pitted scientists, action groups and the technology industry into rigid corners. In "Electromagnetic Health," the author clearly and objectively presents the evidence and latest research from a perspective that embraces both the scientific and natural health communities. The entire spectrum of electromagnetic radiation is thoroughly examined, from modern technologies to nature’s sources. More importantly, the information provided in "Electromagnetic Health" invokes an entirely new and engaging perspective — one that may just change the EMF conversation completely.

Nature's Pharmacy
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Nature's Pharmacy: Evidence-based Alternatives to Drugs (2012) by Pamela Duff, RN, CSNC Forewords by Erin Toner, BA, DHMHS, PTS, and Parminder Kaur Khaira, BSc, DC, CAFCI A first-of-its-kind 500-page book, Nature's Pharmacy outlines 53 categories and examples of drugs, the nutrients these drugs are known to deplete, and suggested alternatives along with studies backing their benefits, safety, and effectiveness. A pertinent reference tool for anyone: health consultants of all levels as well as the average consumer who wants to use alternatives as a first line of defense to improve his/her health.

Green Body Cleanse
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Dr. Edward F. Group III has compiled more than twenty years of research, statistics, charts, tips, recipes, diagrams and facts into his latest book, The Green Body Cleanse.

Forbidden Healing
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The truth about disease has been repressed for generations. DISEASE DOES NOT JUST HAPPEN. Emotional stress, industrial foods, environmental toxins and the drugs that were supposed to heal you have made you sick. Endless combinations of these negative factors lead to oxidative stress which causes cancer, heart disease, arthritis, etc., and threatens every other life form in our biosphere. Operating from this point of view, simple common substances can be employed to correct cell chemistry, so that self-healing mechanisms can kick in. The simple fact that all life is electro-chemical by nature is the missing link in conventional thought.

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Food sensitivities, which include food allergies and food intolerances, are increasing throughout the world, especially among developed countries. What is causing this dramatic increase? Can we prevent food sensitivities? More importantly, can a person with food sensitivities do anything to alleviate them? Drawing from over a thousand peer-reviewed studies including hundreds of clinical studies, "Natural Solutions for Food Allergies and Food Intolerances" provides clear and proven strategies to reverse food sensitivities using inexpensive and natural methods. While there are many texts that provide clarity on how to safely avoid foods we might be sensitive to, this text cites the definitive research and practical evidence that shows health providers and their patients the means to reverse existing food sensitivities, and how to prevent them in the future.

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The causes and solutions for many arthritis conditions have become some of modern medicine's greatest mysteries. As a result, modern medicine has focused on treating the symptoms rather than the disease. "Arthritis - The Botanical Solution" combines hundreds of clinical studies with traditional medicines from all over the world to finally reveal the root causes and natural solutions to the devastating conditions called arthritis.

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Millions of people suffer from asthma, and asthma rates have been going up dramatically in the last few decades, primarily among industrialized nations. What is causing this almost epidemic surge of asthma? Is it as simple as air pollution and allergy triggers? More importantly, can asthma be reversed, and if so, how? Using over a thousand scientific references and clinical reports, "Asthma Solved Naturally" provides the surprising answers to these questions. Rejecting the 'dumbing down' of this condition as often portrayed, the author - a California Naturopath - comprehensively demonstrates the underlying causes of asthma while providing hundreds of clinically and scientifically verified inexpensive natural strategies - some thousands of years old - used successfully to eliminate asthma.

Cancer Killers Hard Copy
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The Cure For Cancer Is Within You

The Cancer Killers: The Cause Is The Cure offers a radically new perspective on cancer, overcoming the prevailing half-century-old fatalistic view of "its all in the genes" into a liberating and empowering new vision of what the human body is capable of overcoming, given the right conditions.

From the first-hand experience of Dr. Charles Majors, who overcame an "incurable" form of metastatic bone cancer, to the theoretical framework provided by Sayer Ji and Dr. Ben Lerner within which self-healing from cancer is made intelligible, this book strikes to the root causes of and solutions for the cancer epidemic. 

The Dark Side of Wheat
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A critically acclaimed internet classic, The Dark Side of Wheat is now available to own as a downloadable document exclusively from It includes two hard-hitting essays that represent a seachange in the way wheat intolerance is comprehended; no longer a rare, strictly genetically-based disease, wheat is revealed to be a species-specific intolerance, whose role in health and disease has been greatly misunderstood since ancient times. The downloadable document also includes a 90-page quick reference guide containing hyperlinks to research on the National Library of Medicine on over 120 diseases that have been linked to wheat consumption.

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Water is our most essential element. Every day we drink it, bathe in it, cook with it and wash with it. What do we know about our water? Where does it come from? Is it clean? Is it healthy? Perhaps it is polluted or toxic. Perhaps what comes out of our faucet is making us sick. Perhaps we are slowly poisoning our bodies. Or perhaps not, depending upon our water source and treatment method. "Pure Water" engages all of these questions and more. Here the author, a naturopath, avid surfer, sailor, swimmer and general waterman, explores the latest scientific discoveries about water and its many magical and healing properties are unveiled. The latest research on water pollutants and contamination sources are exposed. We discover our options for home filtration, the truth about bottled water, and the facts on water treatment. From "Pure Water" we gain clarity regarding the epidemic of dehydration, and discover how to use water to heal and feel better every day.

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