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Quick Summary: 183 associated Diseases
NameCumulative KnowledgeArticle CountFocus Articles
Arterial Calcification325Log in | Sign up
Arteriosclerosis266Log in | Sign up
Triglycerides: Elevated222Log in | Sign up
Arterial Plaque213Log in | Sign up
Gastric Cancer212Log in | Sign up
Hepatopulmonary Syndrome213Log in | Sign up
Blood Diseases201Log in | Sign up
Ear Infection202Log in | Sign up
Hypertension202Log in | Sign up
Colon Cancer176Log in | Sign up
Oxidative Stress179Log in | Sign up
Cytomegalovirus Infections144Log in | Sign up
Diabetes Mellitus: Type 2143Log in | Sign up
Liver Cancer144Log in | Sign up
Endometrial Cancer122Log in | Sign up
Lead Poisoning122Log in | Sign up
Myocardial Infarction122Log in | Sign up
Streptococcus infections: Group B122Log in | Sign up
Cancers: All112Log in | Sign up
Hypoxia112Log in | Sign up
Tuberculosis112Log in | Sign up
Alopecia101Log in | Sign up
Arterial Hardening: Elasticity101Log in | Sign up
Atherosclerosis101Log in | Sign up
Blood Pressure: High101Log in | Sign up
Coronary Artery Disease101Log in | Sign up
DNA damage105Log in | Sign up
Diabetes: Lipids/Cholesterol101Log in | Sign up
Dyspnea101Log in | Sign up
Fibrinogen: Elevated101Log in | Sign up
Hair Loss101Log in | Sign up
Heart Attack101Log in | Sign up
Helicobacter Pylori Infection101Log in | Sign up
High Homocysteine101Log in | Sign up
Intermittent Claudication101Log in | Sign up
Intima Media Thickening 101Log in | Sign up
Low Immune Function: Natural Killer Cells101Log in | Sign up
Multiple Myeloma: Prevention101Log in | Sign up
Otitis media101Log in | Sign up
Pancreatic Cancer101Log in | Sign up
Peripheral Vascular Diseases101Log in | Sign up
Stroke: Prevention 101Log in | Sign up
Thrush101Log in | Sign up
Vulvovaginitis: Infectious101Log in | Sign up
Bacterial Infections: Resistance/Biofilm Formation87Log in | Sign up
Cadmium Poisoning 84Log in | Sign up
Endothelial Dysfunction83Log in | Sign up
Gallstones74Log in | Sign up
Nicotine/Tobacco Toxicity 74Log in | Sign up
High Cholesterol63Log in | Sign up
Liver Cancer: Prevention62Log in | Sign up
Candida Infection 54Log in | Sign up
Hyperlipidemia53Log in | Sign up
Mercury Poisoning53Log in | Sign up
Aflatoxicosis42Log in | Sign up
Breast Cancer42Log in | Sign up
Chemotherapy-Induced Toxicity: Doxorubicin42Log in | Sign up
Colon Cancer: Prevention41Log in | Sign up
Hypercholesterolemia42Log in | Sign up
Hypertension: Pulmonary41Log in | Sign up
Insulin Resistance42Log in | Sign up
Lymphoma42Log in | Sign up
MRSA42Log in | Sign up
Pseudomonas aeruginosa43Log in | Sign up
Right Ventricular Hypertrophy41Log in | Sign up
Sodium nitrate toxicity42Log in | Sign up
Staphylococcus aureus: Methicillin-resistant (MRSA)42Log in | Sign up
Testicular Diseases42Log in | Sign up
Thrombosis43Log in | Sign up
Hyperuricemia32Log in | Sign up
Androgen Deficiency21Log in | Sign up
Bacterial Prostatitis21Log in | Sign up
Biliary Obstruction 21Log in | Sign up
Bladder Degeneration21Log in | Sign up
Candidiasis22Log in | Sign up
Cataract21Log in | Sign up
Cervical Cancer21Log in | Sign up
Chemical Exposure: Nitrobenzene21Log in | Sign up
Chemically-Induced Liver Damage21Log in | Sign up
Chemotherapy-Induced Toxicity: Cyclophosphamide21Log in | Sign up
Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome21Log in | Sign up
Dental Caries22Log in | Sign up
Diabetes Mellitus: Type 121Log in | Sign up
Diesel Exhaust Particle Toxicity 21Log in | Sign up
Enteropathy21Log in | Sign up
Fibrosarcoma21Log in | Sign up
Fibrosis: Liver21Log in | Sign up
Fructose-Induced Toxicity 21Log in | Sign up
Gonorrhea21Log in | Sign up
HIV Infections22Log in | Sign up
Immune Disorders: Low Immune Function21Log in | Sign up
Immune Dysregulation: TH1/TH2 imbalance21Log in | Sign up
Infection: Antibiotic Resistant22Log in | Sign up
Infertility: Male21Log in | Sign up
Insulin: Elevated21Log in | Sign up
Kidney Damage21Log in | Sign up
Kidney Infection 21Log in | Sign up
Klebsiella Infections22Log in | Sign up
Leukemia: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)21Log in | Sign up
Lipid Peroxidation21Log in | Sign up
Liver Disease21Log in | Sign up
Liver Fibrosis21Log in | Sign up
Lymphoma: B-Cell21Log in | Sign up
Lymphoma: Mantle Cell 21Log in | Sign up
Metabolic Syndrome X21Log in | Sign up
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus21Log in | Sign up
Mobile Phone-Induced Oxidative Stress21Log in | Sign up
Obesity21Log in | Sign up
Petroleum Exposure And Toxicity21Log in | Sign up
Pneumococcal Infections21Log in | Sign up
Prenatal Chemical Exposures21Log in | Sign up
Promyelocytic leukemia 21Log in | Sign up
Prostatitis: Chronic21Log in | Sign up
Pulmonary Fibrosis21Log in | Sign up
Pyrethroid Insecticide Induced Toxicity21Log in | Sign up
Radiation Induced Illness21Log in | Sign up
Smoking21Log in | Sign up
Splenic Diseases21Log in | Sign up
Streptococcus Infections22Log in | Sign up
Streptococcus infections: Group A 21Log in | Sign up
Tobacco Toxicity 21Log in | Sign up
Tubercolosis Drug Induced Toxicity 21Log in | Sign up
Ulcerative Colitis21Log in | Sign up
Urinary Tract Infections: Catheter-Associated21Log in | Sign up
Vibrio Infections22Log in | Sign up
Weight Problems21Log in | Sign up
Wound Healing21Log in | Sign up
Acute Myeloid Leukemia11Log in | Sign up
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)11Log in | Sign up
Alzheimer's Disease11Log in | Sign up
Amebiasis11Log in | Sign up
Anemia: Sickle Cell 11Log in | Sign up
Aortic Stenosis11Log in | Sign up
Aphthous Ulcer11Log in | Sign up
Arsenic Poisoning11Log in | Sign up
Arterial Thickening11Log in | Sign up
Ascites11Log in | Sign up
Basal Cell Carcinoma11Log in | Sign up
Bladder Cancer11Log in | Sign up
Cancer Metastasis11Log in | Sign up
Canker Sore11Log in | Sign up
Cardiac Mortality 11Log in | Sign up
Cardiovascular Diseases11Log in | Sign up
Chemotherapy-Induced Toxicity: Adriamycin11Log in | Sign up
Cholera11Log in | Sign up
Clostridium Infections11Log in | Sign up
Colorectal Cancer11Log in | Sign up
Dermatophytoses11Log in | Sign up
Escherichia coli Infections11Log in | Sign up
Foodborne Pathogens: Prevention/Food Preservation11Log in | Sign up
Glioblastoma11Log in | Sign up
Glutathione Deficiency 11Log in | Sign up
HSV-111Log in | Sign up
HSV-211Log in | Sign up
Haemophilus influenzae11Log in | Sign up
Hemolytic Anemia11Log in | Sign up
Herpes Simplex Virus Type 111Log in | Sign up
Inflammation11Log in | Sign up
Ischemia11Log in | Sign up
Leukemia: Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) 11Log in | Sign up
Listeria Infections11Log in | Sign up
Liver Diseases11Log in | Sign up
Low Human Growth Hormone11Log in | Sign up
Malaria11Log in | Sign up
Melanoma11Log in | Sign up
Mycobacterium tuberculosis11Log in | Sign up
Mycotoxicity11Log in | Sign up
Neuroblastoma11Log in | Sign up
Neurodegenerative Diseases11Log in | Sign up
Osteosarcoma11Log in | Sign up
Parainfluenza Virus Infections11Log in | Sign up
Peridontal Infection11Log in | Sign up
Periodontal Diseases11Log in | Sign up
Pneumonia11Log in | Sign up
Prostatic Hyperplasia: Benign11Log in | Sign up
Pseudomonas Infections11Log in | Sign up
Rhinovirus Infection 11Log in | Sign up
Salmonella Infections11Log in | Sign up
Staphylococcal Infections11Log in | Sign up
Steptococcus Mutans Infections11Log in | Sign up
Streptococcus pyogenes 11Log in | Sign up
Tuberculosis: Drug Resistant11Log in | Sign up
Vesicular Stomatitis Virus11Log in | Sign up

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Therapeutic Actions : Moxibustion : CK(214) : AC(22)

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