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Quick Summary: 160 associated Diseases
NameCumulative KnowledgeArticle CountFocus Articles
Celiac Disease680104Log in | Sign up
Gluten Sensitivity32943Log in | Sign up
Schizophrenia606Log in | Sign up
Food Allergies: Wheat466Log in | Sign up
Epilepsy376Log in | Sign up
Autoimmune Diseases346Log in | Sign up
Autism Spectrum Disorders313Log in | Sign up
Irritable Bowel Syndrome314Log in | Sign up
Cerebellar Ataxia303Log in | Sign up
Dermatitis Herpetiformis303Log in | Sign up
Diabetes Mellitus: Type 1: Prevention307Log in | Sign up
Celiac Disease: Diagnostic Considerations235Log in | Sign up
Diabetes Mellitus: Type 1239Log in | Sign up
Food Allergies233Log in | Sign up
Celiac Disease: Prevention222Log in | Sign up
Celiac Disease: Prevalance 213Log in | Sign up
Infertility213Log in | Sign up
Migraine Disorders213Log in | Sign up
Psoriasis213Log in | Sign up
Aphthous Ulcer202Log in | Sign up
Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity202Log in | Sign up
Casein Intolerance202Log in | Sign up
Dental Enamel Defects202Log in | Sign up
Gastroesophageal Reflux202Log in | Sign up
Gastrointestinal Inflammation202Log in | Sign up
Infant Nutrition201Log in | Sign up
Infertility: Female202Log in | Sign up
Liver Disease202Log in | Sign up
Multiple Sclerosis202Log in | Sign up
Restless Legs Syndrome202Log in | Sign up
Stomatitis: Aphthous202Log in | Sign up
Macroamylasemia 163Log in | Sign up
Epilepsy: With Cerebral Calcifications143Log in | Sign up
Cerebral Calcifications132Log in | Sign up
Diarrhea132Log in | Sign up
Osteoporosis132Log in | Sign up
Pancreatitis132Log in | Sign up
Uveitis132Log in | Sign up
IgA Nephropathy122Log in | Sign up
Ataxia: Cerebellar112Log in | Sign up
Miscarriage: Recurrent112Log in | Sign up
Psychiatric Disorders112Log in | Sign up
Acquired hypogammaglobulinemia101Log in | Sign up
Anaphylaxis: Exercise-Induced101Log in | Sign up
Atrial Fibrillation101Log in | Sign up
Attention Deficit Disorder101Log in | Sign up
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder101Log in | Sign up
Brain Injury: Hippocampal Damage101Log in | Sign up
CNS White Matter Abnormalities 101Log in | Sign up
Cancers: All101Log in | Sign up
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome101Log in | Sign up
Child Mortality 101Log in | Sign up
Cholestasis101Log in | Sign up
Cholestasis: Autoimmune101Log in | Sign up
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease101Log in | Sign up
Cirrhosis: Liver101Log in | Sign up
Colitis: Collagenous101Log in | Sign up
Cryptogenic Hypertransaminasemia101Log in | Sign up
Diarrhea: IBS associated101Log in | Sign up
Diarrhea: in Children 101Log in | Sign up
Down Syndrome101Log in | Sign up
Dysbiosis101Log in | Sign up
Dysmotility-Like Dyspepsia101Log in | Sign up
End-Stage Autoimmune Liver Disease (ESALD)101Log in | Sign up
Epithelium Damage: Lymphocytic infiltration 101Log in | Sign up
Fibromyalgia101Log in | Sign up
Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage101Log in | Sign up
Gluten Ataxia101Log in | Sign up
Gluten Enteropathy101Log in | Sign up
Graves Disease101Log in | Sign up
Headache101Log in | Sign up
Hepatitis: Autoimmune 101Log in | Sign up
Hippocampal Sclerosis 101Log in | Sign up
Hyperexcitable brain and refractory coeliac disease101Log in | Sign up
Hyperthyroidism101Log in | Sign up
Hypertransaminasemia101Log in | Sign up
Hypogammaglobulinemia101Log in | Sign up
IgA rheumatoid factor: elevated101Log in | Sign up
Liver Fibrosis101Log in | Sign up
Mania: Acute101Log in | Sign up
Mortality: All-Cause101Log in | Sign up
Mucosa: Flattened101Log in | Sign up
Myocarditis: Autoimmune101Log in | Sign up
Myopathies101Log in | Sign up
Neurological Illness: GAD antibody-associated101Log in | Sign up
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma101Log in | Sign up
Organ Transplantation: Liver101Log in | Sign up
Peripheral Neuropathies101Log in | Sign up
Polyarthritis101Log in | Sign up
Psychoses101Log in | Sign up
Rett Syndrome101Log in | Sign up
Sensory Neuropathies101Log in | Sign up
Sjogren's Syndrome101Log in | Sign up
Stiff-Person Syndrome101Log in | Sign up
Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE)101Log in | Sign up
Urticaria62Log in | Sign up
Anemia42Log in | Sign up
Asthma42Log in | Sign up
Ataxia42Log in | Sign up
Malabsorption Syndrome 42Log in | Sign up
Prolactin Hypersecretion Syndrome42Log in | Sign up
Prolactin: Inappropriate Secretion42Log in | Sign up
Cerebral Hypoperfusion31Log in | Sign up
Conjunctival Tumor31Log in | Sign up
Diabetes Mellitus: Type 231Log in | Sign up
Ectopic Calcification31Log in | Sign up
Encephalopathies31Log in | Sign up
Eosinophilic esophagitis31Log in | Sign up
Epidermolysis Bullosa31Log in | Sign up
Facial Palsy31Log in | Sign up
Folic Acid/Folate Deficiency31Log in | Sign up
Food Allergy: Immunoglobulin E-mediated 31Log in | Sign up
Hypocalcemia31Log in | Sign up
Idiopathic Parkinson Disease31Log in | Sign up
Inflammation32Log in | Sign up
Neuromyelitis Optica31Log in | Sign up
Osteogenesis Imperfecta31Log in | Sign up
Osteomalacia31Log in | Sign up
Parkinson's31Log in | Sign up
Parkinsonian Disorders31Log in | Sign up
Parkinsonism31Log in | Sign up
Polyneuropathies31Log in | Sign up
Schizophrenic Disorders31Log in | Sign up
Seizures31Log in | Sign up
Splenic Calcifications31Log in | Sign up
Splenic Diseases31Log in | Sign up
Tremor31Log in | Sign up
Breastfeeding Concerns: Chemical Exposure21Log in | Sign up
Breastfeeding: Complications21Log in | Sign up
Drug Toxicity: Methotrexate21Log in | Sign up
Enteropathy21Log in | Sign up
Glomerulonephritis21Log in | Sign up
Glucagon: Excess Secretion21Log in | Sign up
Gynecomastia21Log in | Sign up
Hyperinsulinism21Log in | Sign up
Insulin: Elevated21Log in | Sign up
Intestinal Permeability 21Log in | Sign up
Kidney Diseases21Log in | Sign up
Male Hormone Imbalances21Log in | Sign up
Metabolic Syndrome X21Log in | Sign up
Overweight 21Log in | Sign up
Pituitary Diseases21Log in | Sign up
Pregnancy Complications21Log in | Sign up
Serotonin Disorders21Log in | Sign up
Abortion: Spontaneous11Log in | Sign up
Allergies11Log in | Sign up
Ataxia: Idiopathic11Log in | Sign up
Chorea11Log in | Sign up
Dementia11Log in | Sign up
Demyelinating Diseases11Log in | Sign up
Guillain-Barre Syndrome11Log in | Sign up
Huntington Disease11Log in | Sign up
Lane-Hamilton syndrome11Log in | Sign up
Miscarriage11Log in | Sign up
Mycotoxicity11Log in | Sign up
Myelopathy11Log in | Sign up
Neurologic Disorders11Log in | Sign up
Neuropathy11Log in | Sign up
Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity (NCGS)11Log in | Sign up
Opiate Addiction/Withdrawal11Log in | Sign up

View the Evidence: Problem Substances

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