Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)

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Quick Summary: 125 associated Diseases
NameCumulative KnowledgeArticle CountFocus Articles
Cardiovascular Diseases27112Log in | Sign up
Cardiac Mortality 25010Log in | Sign up
Myocardial Infarction2306Log in | Sign up
Coronary Artery Disease1708Log in | Sign up
Drug-Induced Toxicity 1668Log in | Sign up
Hearing Loss986Log in | Sign up
Fever923Log in | Sign up
Gastric Ulcer888Log in | Sign up
Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Toxicity 8511Log in | Sign up
Dysmenorrhea706Log in | Sign up
Heart Failure702Log in | Sign up
Abortion: Spontaneous602Log in | Sign up
Children: Drug-Induced Toxicity601Log in | Sign up
Miscarriage602Log in | Sign up
Febrile Seizures522Log in | Sign up
Mortality: All-Cause502Log in | Sign up
Duodenal Ulcer423Log in | Sign up
Drug-Induced Toxicity: Gastrointestinal402Log in | Sign up
Hypertension403Log in | Sign up
Aspirin-Induced Toxicity 358Log in | Sign up
Gastroduodenal Ulcer323Log in | Sign up
Diabetes: Cardiovascular Illness302Log in | Sign up
Heart Attack302Log in | Sign up
Stroke303Log in | Sign up
Inflammation265Log in | Sign up
NSAID-induced toxicity 244Log in | Sign up
Autism Spectrum Disorders212Log in | Sign up
Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage213Log in | Sign up
Thrombosis212Log in | Sign up
Aspirin-Exacerbated Respiratory Disease (AERD) 201Log in | Sign up
Cerebral Aneurysm202Log in | Sign up
Cerebral Ischemia202Log in | Sign up
Congestive Heart Failure201Log in | Sign up
Coronary Stenting 202Log in | Sign up
Diabetes Mellitus: Type 2201Log in | Sign up
Dyspepsia201Log in | Sign up
Elderly: Age Specific Diseases201Log in | Sign up
Fasciitis: Necrotizing201Log in | Sign up
Helicobacter Pylori Infection201Log in | Sign up
Hypertension: Pulmonary201Log in | Sign up
Osteoporosis201Log in | Sign up
Pain201Log in | Sign up
Premature Birth201Log in | Sign up
Preterm Infants: Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) 201Log in | Sign up
Skin Infections201Log in | Sign up
Subarachnoid hemorrhage202Log in | Sign up
Thromboembolism 201Log in | Sign up
Kidney Damage: Drug-Induced162Log in | Sign up
Tinnitus165Log in | Sign up
Chemically-Induced Liver Damage143Log in | Sign up
Kidney Failure132Log in | Sign up
Cold and Flu: Infants & Children 122Log in | Sign up
Rheumatoid Arthritis123Log in | Sign up
Ulcerative Colitis124Log in | Sign up
Anemia: Hemolytic101Log in | Sign up
Blood Transfusion101Log in | Sign up
Brain Hemorrhage: Cerebral101Log in | Sign up
Brain Injury: Traumatic101Log in | Sign up
Brain Ischemia101Log in | Sign up
Childhood Chronic Lung Diseases101Log in | Sign up
Clostridium Infections101Log in | Sign up
Diarrhea101Log in | Sign up
Diverticular Disease101Log in | Sign up
Diverticular Disease: Bleeding101Log in | Sign up
Glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase-deficient (G-6-PD-deficient)101Log in | Sign up
Glucosephosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency101Log in | Sign up
Hemodialysis101Log in | Sign up
Hypoxia101Log in | Sign up
Infant Mortality 101Log in | Sign up
Intracranial Hemmorhage101Log in | Sign up
Intraocular Hemorrhage101Log in | Sign up
Left Ventricular Dysfunction101Log in | Sign up
Leukemia: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)101Log in | Sign up
Low Immune Function: Natural Killer Cells101Log in | Sign up
Lymphoma101Log in | Sign up
Macular Degeneration101Log in | Sign up
Menstrual Cramps101Log in | Sign up
Preterm Infant Care101Log in | Sign up
Vitamin B Deficiency101Log in | Sign up
Anemia61Log in | Sign up
Influenza61Log in | Sign up
Influenza: Mortality61Log in | Sign up
Nephritis62Log in | Sign up
Oxidative Stress63Log in | Sign up
Renal tubulointerstitial fibrosis62Log in | Sign up
Drug-Induced Toxicity: Indomethacin42Log in | Sign up
Endothelial Dysfunction42Log in | Sign up
Ibuprofen Toxicity41Log in | Sign up
Lipid Peroxidation42Log in | Sign up
Streptococcus infections: Group A 41Log in | Sign up
Vibrio Infections41Log in | Sign up
Wound Healing42Log in | Sign up
Arrhythmias: Cardiac31Log in | Sign up
Eosinophilic Pneumonia.31Log in | Sign up
Esophageal Cancer31Log in | Sign up
Kidney Tubular Necrosis: Acute31Log in | Sign up
Liver Failure: Drug Induced31Log in | Sign up
Pericarditis31Log in | Sign up
Pneumonia: Drug-Induced31Log in | Sign up
Respiratory Diseases31Log in | Sign up
Wegener Granulomatosis31Log in | Sign up
Atherosclerosis21Log in | Sign up
DNA damage21Log in | Sign up
Diabetic Neuropathies21Log in | Sign up
Fatty Acid Disorders/Imbalances: Arachidonic Acid21Log in | Sign up
Heart Attack: Recovery21Log in | Sign up
Hypersensitivity22Log in | Sign up
Hypoglycemia21Log in | Sign up
Immune Disorders: Low Immune Function21Log in | Sign up
Intestinal Permeability 21Log in | Sign up
Liver Damage21Log in | Sign up
Methanol Toxicity21Log in | Sign up
Neuropathic Pain21Log in | Sign up
Radiation-Induced Illness: Plutonium 21Log in | Sign up
Reye Syndrome21Log in | Sign up
Uranium Poisoning21Log in | Sign up
Vitamin E Deficiency21Log in | Sign up
Wound Healing: Delayed21Log in | Sign up
Cancer Stem Cells11Log in | Sign up
Detoxification: Impaired11Log in | Sign up
Endocannabinoid Disorders11Log in | Sign up
Endometrial Cancer11Log in | Sign up
Endometrial Neoplasms11Log in | Sign up
Multiple Myeloma11Log in | Sign up
Stroke: Prevention 11Log in | Sign up

View the Evidence: Problem Substances

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Problem Substances : Aspirin : CK(487) : AC(68)

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