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ArticleIn this study, cancer patients with pre-existing diabetes experience higher mortality than cancer patients without diabetes. greenmedinfo04 hours 46 min ago
ArticlePreexisting diabetes mellitus may increase the risk of lung cancer, especially among female diabetic patients. greenmedinfo05 hours 7 min ago
ArticleP. major extracts attenuate the inflammatory reaction following APAP-induced liver injury. greenmedinfo05 hours 15 min ago
Profileggambaro ggambaro05 hours 22 min ago
ArticleProtracted use of acetaminophen (1 week) may suppress fetal testosterone production, which could have adverse consequences. greenmedinfo05 hours 57 min ago
ArticleAdenosine and P. distasonis have previously been shown to be anti-inflammatory in the colon and we postulate their reduction could promote tumorigenesis by de-repressing inflammation. greenmedinfo06 hours 13 min ago
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Audio/Video ProductWomen's Health - Week 02 greenmedinfo07 hours 2 min ago
Audio/Video ProductWomen's Health - Week 01 greenmedinfo07 hours 2 min ago
ArticleAn aqueous extract of Solanum nigrum can potentially be used in novel integrated chemotherapy with cisplatin or doxorubicin to treat HCC patients. greenmedinfo07 hours 19 min ago
Pharmacological ActionCaspase-7 Activation Ebidah07 hours 19 min ago
SlideGood Medicine: Do As Much Nothing As Possible Sayer Ji07 hours 37 min ago
Blog EntryGood Medicine: Do As Much Nothing As Possible Sayer Ji07 hours 39 min ago
Blog EntryRoll Up Your Sleeves Folks: 271 New Vaccines in Big Pharma’s Pipeline DrGaryKohls014 hours 47 min ago
ArticleAspartame influenced the gut microbial composition which could lead to the development of metabolic disease. greenmedinfo021 hours 15 min ago
ArticleThese findings suggest that long-term consumption of aspartame leads to hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia, as well as to oxidative stress in erythrocytes. greenmedinfo021 hours 26 min ago
ArticleAspartame acts as a chemical stressor because of increased corticosterone level and increased lipid peroxidation and nitric oxide level induce generation of free radicals in serum. greenmedinfo021 hours 39 min ago
ArticleConsumption of caffeinated and artificially sweetened soft drinks was positively associated with risk of early menarche in a US cohort of African American and Caucasian girls. greenmedinfo021 hours 50 min ago
ArticleAspartame and saccharin led to overexpression of the key oncogene (h-Ras) and the downregulation of the tumor suppressor gene (P27) in all treated rats. greenmedinfo021 hours 55 min ago
ArticleAspartame may induce redox and lipid imbalance in rats via mechanism that involves oxidative stress and depletion of glutathione-dependent system. greenmedinfo022 hours 5 min ago
ArticleNut consumption was significantly associated with a reduced risk of cancer incidence. greenmedinfo022 hours 20 min ago
ArticleTHC may provide a protective effect against oxidative damage induced by diabetes. greenmedinfo023 hours 26 min ago
ArticleThese results suggest that the apple polyphenols are a beneficial nutritional supplement for the attenuation of atherosclerosis. greenmedinfo023 hours 50 min ago
ArticleDHA and EPA are found to exhibit growth-inhibitory effect on the human neuroblastoma LA-N-1 cells. greenmedinfo023 hours 57 min ago
KeywordChemotherapeutic Synergy: Mitomycin C Ebidah01 day 6 min ago