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ArticleGlycyrrhizin possesses therapeutic potential against hepatocellular damage in metabolic syndrome. greenmedinfo02 hours 54 min ago
ArticleSilymarin may exert protective effects against paraquat induced lung injury. greenmedinfo03 hours 57 sec ago
ArticleThe bioactivity of garlic is multifaceted and includes activation of genes related to immunity, apoptosis, and xenobiotic metabolism in humans and Mono Mac 6 cells. greenmedinfo03 hours 11 min ago
ArticleFresh garlic minimised the high-fat-diet-induced fatty liver changes in rats. greenmedinfo03 hours 16 min ago
ArticleVitamin E treatment effectively inhibits the generation of lipid peroxidation products in subjects with the SBP2 gene mutation. greenmedinfo03 hours 20 min ago
ArticleThese findings may lead to the development of dietary strategies to optimize healing after periodontal procedures. greenmedinfo03 hours 29 min ago
ArticleVitamins C and E provide synergistic neuroprotection in the jejunum in experimental diabetes. greenmedinfo03 hours 39 min ago
ArticleSupplementation of Fenugreek in prediabetes subjects was associated with lower conversion to diabetes with no adverse effects. greenmedinfo03 hours 52 min ago
ArticleAcupressure showed evidence of pain relief while acupuncture improved both the mental and the physical components of quality of life. greenmedinfo04 hours 5 min ago
ArticleThe present review discusses the mitochondrial restorative mechanisms of these bioenergetics and antioxidants as a potential alternative drug strategy for effective management of AD. greenmedinfo04 hours 28 min ago
ArticleThese observations provide novel mechanisms and potential targets for the better understanding of the anti-cancer mechanisms of curcumin. greenmedinfo04 hours 53 min ago
ArticleCurcumin enhances the activity of fluconazole against Cryptococcus gattii-induced cryptococcosis infection in mice. greenmedinfo04 hours 59 min ago
ArticleThe application of curcumin may be a novel strategy to protect against age-related change in AMD. greenmedinfo05 hours 5 min ago
ArticleA 69-year-old woman had been receiving acupuncture found relief from lower back pain. greenmedinfo05 hours 31 min ago
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Audio/Video ProductWomen's Health - Week 02 greenmedinfo05 hours 40 min ago
Audio/Video ProductWomen's Health - Week 01 greenmedinfo05 hours 40 min ago
ArticleThis study showed that short-term acupuncture treatment is more effective than ibuprofen for mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome. greenmedinfo05 hours 46 min ago
ArticleAuricular acupuncture could be healpful for pre-exam anxiety. greenmedinfo05 hours 58 min ago
ArticleThe serum TAC, paraoxonase and antioxidant levels are lower, and the serum free radical and oxidative damage product levels are higher in depressed patients. greenmedinfo06 hours 10 min ago
ArticleDevelopmental BPA exposure modifies Fkbp5 methylation and expression in male rats, which may be related to its impact on stress responsiveness. greenmedinfo06 hours 37 min ago
ArticleCurrent findings suggest developmental exposure of rats to BPA may disrupt aspects of spatial navigational learning and memory. greenmedinfo06 hours 42 min ago
ArticleThese results suggest that the prostate of female gerbils were more susceptible to the intrauterine BPA effects, since they became more proliferative in adult life. greenmedinfo06 hours 50 min ago
ArticleIncreased dietary ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and extra virgin olive oil have beneficial synergistic effects on lipid metabolism and oxidative stress in patients with MetS. greenmedinfo06 hours 58 min ago
ArticleThe results of this study suggest that the long-term consumption of EVOO-containing diet starting at early age provides a protective effect against AD and its related disorder CAA. greenmedinfo07 hours 2 min ago