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"Green Exercise" Boosts Workout Results

"Green Exercise" Boosts Workout Results

Exercising in the great outdoors causes an increase in self-esteem, a better mood, and reduction of blood pressure and anxiety. However, you can still get the benefits of an open air workout when you're stuck inside

You already know that getting to the gym or doing some physical activity can bring a long list of health benefits. It's linked to better moods, less stress and anxiety, improved self-esteem, better sleep, and just feeling better overall. 

Bubbly Champagne Boosts Heart Health

Bubbly Champagne Boosts Heart Health

Good news for the holiday season! Champagne does more than tickle your nose. It may also protect your heart

Eating Chocolate Could Slash High Blood Pressure Risk

There's a growing list of research touting chocolate's antioxidant content, favorable action against disease-inducing oxidative stress and overall health benefits. One study highlights chocolate's potential to reduce the risk for high blood pressure, which can be good news amid near-epidemic levels of this condition worldwide

Garlic Effective at Lowering Blood Pressure

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and are concerned about the harms associated with blood-pressure drugs -- and you should be -- you may want to toss a few extra garlic bulbs into your grocery cart. The wondrous Allium sativum plant can ward off more than vampires -- it may prevent heart attack and stroke

Grape Seed Extract May Reduce Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is considered a "silent killer" that needs consistent treatment and is best addressed even before it begins. A study reveals that grape seed extract may be an effective natural therapy in lowering the blood pressure of men with prehypertension

High blood pressure is a chronic medical condition that affects about 1.13 billion people worldwide.[i] As one of the major causes of premature death around the world, high blood pressure occurs when blood pressure levels are elevated beyond normal ranges.

Hot Yoga Study Shows Benefits for Lowering Blood Pressure

Hot yoga is more than a sweaty fitness trend: it can help people with high blood pressure shift in a calm, soothing direction -- away from high blood pressure and heart disease

A preliminary study confirms the benefits of hot yoga on symptoms of high blood pressure. In a presentation at the American Heart Association's Hypertension 2019 Scientific Sessions, findings were presented from the novel study exploring a drug-free method of treating elevated blood pressure and hypertension using heated yoga classes.

Japanese Research Exposes Statin Scam: People with High Cholesterol Live Longer

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No Time For The Gym? Eat An Orange!

No Time For The Gym?  Eat An Orange!

New research suggests that vitamin C may give you some of the same heart benefits as regular exercise. 

A study from the University of Colorado, Boulder examined the effects of vitamin C supplements on overweight and obese adults.  This group of people is often advised to exercise to improve their heart health but more than 50% ignore the advice. 

Research: Garlic Supplement Slows Cardiovascular Disease Progression, Decalcifies Arteries

Garlic is widely used as a spice, but few realize how powerful a healing agent it is for cardiovascular disease, the #1 cause of death in industrialized societies

Given that cardiovascular disease is the primary cause of death within industrialized societies, anything that can slow the underlying pathological process in its decades-long, mostly subclinical march towards heart attack, embolism or stroke, is worth considering as a prophylactic -- especially if it is as safe, accessible and affordable drug alternative.

Research: Watermelon Lowers Blood Pressure

Watermelon Lowers Blood Pressure

Just looking at a juicy watermelon seems to relax us perhaps because the image conjures memories of lazy summer days and informal meals. But a new study reveals that it's not just in our heads. Eating watermelon lowers blood pressure - it's true

Vitamin D and Fish Oil May Help Prevent Cancer Death, Heart Attacks

Sought-after nutritional therapies vitamin D and omega-3s found in fish oil have gone through intense scrutiny with the largest study to date, called VITAL. Results of the study on whether they can effectively prevent cancer or cardiovascular disease have shown that these therapies are popular for a reason, and the benefits simply cannot be ignored

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