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9/11 Building Toxins Still Poisoning First Responders

9/11 Building Toxins Sill Poisoning First Responders

CNN reports today that Federal health authorities just added 58 cancer types to the insurance coverage for first responders, nearby residents and survivors of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City. The World Trade Center Health Program, led by Dr. John Howard, is responding to recommendations made by its Science/Technical Advisory Committee to add the cancers.

While health insurance coverage for these victims is certainly laudable and responsible, we must also consider a larger issue: Our buildings are being made with toxins that, when they are demolished, will poison us for many years to come. When it comes to building demolition, these toxins come in the form of course particulates.

Building Toxins and Course Particulates

When our modern buildings are demolished, they can rain fumes of various dangerous substances a mile or more from the demolition site.

The most blatant illustration of the demolition effect is the World Trade Center bombing. The collapse of the towers caused such a toxic fume that there are still thousands of people suffering from a slow poisoning of the lungs. Dangerous chemicals including asbestos, formaldehydes, benzenes and many others were breathed by thousands of people.

Cancer as a Curable Metabolic Disease

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Cancer as a Metabolic Disease

Does Cancer Screening Save Lives? A Closer Look at the Benefits and Costs of Screening

The prospect of developing cancer is a frightening one. Sadly, this fear is leading many to undergo dangerous and harmful cancer screenings that, ironically, can cause the very diseases patients hope to avoid

Glutathione & Bicarbonate Nebulization



 Glutathione & Bicarbonate Nebulization

The other day I published a series of testimonies for Natural Allopathic Medicine but one of the most important ones that I meant to stress fell through the cracks and was not published.

Dear Dr. Sircus,

Is Cancer Just a Crapshoot?

Is Cancer Just a Crapshoot?

Written by Jon Barron or staff member at The Baseline of Health Foundation.

The Cannabis Solution For Cancer

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This quick overview of the science backs up the assertion that every cancer patient and every oncologist should put medical marijuana on their treatment maps

Tomatoes Better Than a Pill for Heart Disease

Tomatoes Better Than A Pill For Heart Disease

Western medicine has trouble recognizing the health and healing power of whole foods. Instead scientists engage in an endless quest to identify, isolate and extract components from foods and deliver them by needle or pill. 

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