What is the GMI Smart Search Tool

What is the GMI Smart Search Tool

What is the GMI Smart Search Tool

The GMI Smart Search Tool is one of the most powerful features that GreenMedInfo.com offers.  With the vast resource of pubmed.gov, and the unique method by which we have parsed and grouped the information that is presented on this website, we are able to provide an even more in-depth look into a topics when combined.

The concept ends up being rather simple. Say you or a loved one are suffering from High Cholesterol, Diabetes Mellitus: Type 2, Insulin Resistance, and Hypertension. While going to each page on its own, and gathering information may be quite informative, it will take a considerable amount of time to gather the information and make an informed decision based off of the information.

With the Smart Search Tool, you can enter in all of these Disease Topics into the form, and will be redirected to the following url //www.greenmedinfo.com/greenmed/smart/search/2?arg0=19416&arg1=19672&arg2=20613&arg3=20495 (Note, searching for more than two topics without being logged in a Member/Professional user will limit you to two topics).

After the data has been compiled, you will find that Curcumin has been shown to be beneficial to all four of those Topics, with 22 total topics with a Cumulative Knowledge of 48. Also, Arginine has 24 articles and a Cumulative Knowledge of 166.

If this information ends up being beneficial to you, and you are interested to obtain a PDF document of these findings, as well as all of the related articles, you will be presented with the option to immediately download the document using GreenMedInfo.com Tokens. The number of tokens is the total number of topics list, subtracted by one, and then multipled by ten. ( (4 - 1) * 10) = 30 tokens.

You can perform a Smart Search on the following Topic Categories

While this information might not be useful for everyone, for some of you this will be an invaluable tool.

Thousands of years of research at your fingertips

Our database now contains the equivalent of 18,000 years worth of scientific endeavor, assuming it takes on average 3 scientists 4 months to produce each one of the published articles indexed on our site.

With 1500 substances and 2700 Ailments now indexed, the question is:

How do we take this overwhelmingly voluminous research and make it relevant to an individual with very specific health concerns or questions?

Getting Past Information Overload

We have a solution called the Smart Search. It is part of a clinical tool set we have been working on behind the scenes. We believe it will provide users with a method to obtain instant access to the most relevant user-specified research present on our database, without having to spend a lot of time searching it out and organizing it.

Six person years of development time, and thousands of years worth of research time, is now available to a user in a matter of seconds. Let us use a concrete example: 

A woman undergoing chemotherapy and radiation wants to know what evidence there is to take to her oncologist for using something "natural" to improve her condition. She (or her health practitioner) simply plugs in up to 5 disease categories of concern.  In this instance: "Chemotherapy-induced toxicity" and "Radiation-Induced Illness," and our system generates a list in order of relevance identifying "good" and "bad" substances and actions, along with an extensive list of hard references linking directly back to the bibliographical citations stored on the US National Library of Medicine.

Instant and compelling results

Below is a screenshot of the topmost section of the results that are generated. As you can see Curcumin matches up with both selected disease categories as the most compelling substance, with 19 other substances listed below that.

search results


Further down below you will see the lengthy list of MEDLINE references to support the evidence list provided above.

detaied article results

Taking back control with hard evidence

For the woman in our example, this document will provide her a compelling "evidence bridge" supporting her interest and/or decision to use natural and integrative approaches in the treatment of her condition. She can slap it down on her physician's table and say: "would you please look at this evidence?" and start the slow, but necessary process of educating the "experts" on the available research supporting alternatives. 

The common dismisal by conventional practitioners of "natural cures" based on unreliable "anecdotal sources" on the internet can be challenged using this document. Our database does not sell products, therefore has no conflict of interest. We also don't make "recommendations," but let the evidence speak for itself directly from the national treasure which is the US National Library of Medicine - the gold standard for evidence-based medicine.

Is this feature currently available?

This feature is now available. A GMI PRO membership provides 100 GMI Tokens a month (which rollover) and which is enough to purchase 5 GMI-PUB downloads containing 2 diseases each. You can buy additional tokens at the rate of $25 per 100. Become a member now to enjoy this feature to its fullest capacity! 

Click here to download the PDF example on Reduced Toxicity

If you have any further questions regarding the GreenMedInfo.com Smart Search, please E-mail cameron@greenmedinfo.com

Use The Feature Now

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