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The Disaster In The Gulf Hits Home

This newsletter is arriving late in the month due to my intense involvement in researching and responding to the environmental disaster in the Gulf region where I live.  I firmly believe that what is happening in the Gulf will have intimately felt repercussions throughout the world and that at times like these inaction is simply not an option.  The only way to offset the horror of events like these is to use the shock to catalyze greater awareness and positive change.

Albeit, many of us are already experiencing a certain degree of "disaster fatigue," if not also an overwhelming sense of disempowerment. After all, the steady stream of reports coming from the Gulf region are invariably negative and even those who are in charge of fixing this mess have next to nothing to show for their efforts. There is also a growing sense that the government, BP and elements of the mainstream media have been misinforming the public about the true magnitude of this disaster.  In light of these concerns, I decided to do a little digging of my own.

Were it not for
Medline - the powerful government biomedical database from which all GreenMedInfo.com derives its data - I would probably still be in the dark about the immense danger that crude oil and the chemicals used to "mitigate" and "remediate" it pose to the environment.  The media, government officials and BP, of course, have been playing down the dangers to the public, with examples like oiled beaches still being made open to the public, and OSHA recently deciding that clean-up workers should not have to wear respirators to protect themselves from the deadly fumes created by dispersants.  Guest "expert" scientists can be heard in countless radio and television interviews making overly cautious and politically-motivated comments like "we do not know what these chemicals will do," contradicting a vast body of evidence which clearly demonstrates the dispersants are making the problem far worse.

If the spinning of this event continues, unchecked by reason, this disaster in the Gulf will result in irreversible damage to clean-up workers, residents, and marine life in the Gulf - and by dispersion into the Gulf current - the entire world's oceans.

Medline contains first-hand clinical data on
past crude oil spills, chemical dispersants, and the highly toxic hydrocarbons being released in this event, such as benzene.  After reviewing these studies, the true magnitude of the environmental and health catastrophe has revealed itself to me. My main discovery was that the very dispersants being employed to mitigate the disaster are AMPLIFYING IT, to the point of making it impossible to save the life in the ocean....

The Environmental Protection Agency's own toxicological assessment of Corexit 9500 - BP's preferred dispersant - shows it is the most toxic and least effective of all 18 approved by the EPA to use. In fact, the
EPA's toxicological evaluation showed that the dispersant increased the toxicity of the crude oil to marine life by 350%. What is far more shocking is that research exists on Medline showing that Corexit 9500 increases the absorption of deadly hydrocarbons from crude oil into exposed fish up to 1,100 times more readily!  Evidence is also beginning to surface that these dispersants do not biodegrade safely with time as we have been told, but rather increase in toxicity the longer they persist in the environment. If this is true, the dispersants could be transmogrifying an already catastrophic event into an ecological nightmare from which we may never - in our lifetimes, or our children's lifetimes - awaken from.  This is why I implore you to educate yourselves further on the topic. The website I created Gulf Oil Spill Truth and the articles linked below should give you the information you need to come to an independent understanding of what is actually happening in the region.

Gulf Oil Spill Truth


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A special thanks goes to Dr. Mercola who responded to my request for help in exposing both the toxicity of the dispersants and the magnitude of the disaster, by publishing this article in his June 12th Newsletter which has already received close to 90,000 views.  

The BP Oil Spill May Be Bad, But This Cover Up is Far More Deadly

Also, special thanks to Debra from Voices of Tommorow for featuring my article on the same topic this month.

I believe that once people understand what these chemical dispersants are actually making the disaster much worse, they will let their voices be heard loud and clear! Please sign our petition to end further use of these chemicals, and do one better by contacting local, state and national representatives. Thank you for taking action!!

Mitigating the Toxicity of Crude Oil Exposure: Focusing on Benzene.


My main focus last month was on studying benzene exposure, as this lighter hydrocarbon (C6H6) will rapidly disassociate itself the crude oil (within 5 days) evaporating into the air where it can travel and be inhaled or absorbed through the skin hundreds of miles away. Benzene is an exceedingly powerful carcinogen, which through time can so devastate the bone marrow that it may cause leukemia.  Dispersants make the problem of benzene exposure far worse, as they accelerate the phase transition of hydrocarbons (15 carbons or less) from liquid to gas, making it possible for it to literally rain down upon us. Since crude oil is up to 1% benzene by weight, millions of pounds of the stuff has now been released throughout the Gulf region.  It only takes 1 part per million to do significant bodily harm, so benzene is, and will continue to be one of the most significant health challenges those living in the Gulf will face.  With this in mind, the following studies are of great value in helping us come up with a protective protocol and to mitigate the damage it can do to our bodies......

Research on Attenuating Benzene-Induced Toxicity
Study Type : Commentary
Additional Links:
Diseases : Leukemia
Study Type : Human Study
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Substances : Catechin , Green Tea
Study Type : Animal Study
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Substances : Selenium
Pharmacological Actions : Antioxidants
Study Type : Animal Study
Additional Links:
Substances : Selenium
Study Type : Animal Study
Additional Links:
Substances : Selenium
Study Type : Animal Study
Additional Links:
Substances : Turmeric
Study Type : In Vitro Study
Additional Links:
Substances : Vitamin C
Diseases : DNA damage

To learn more about the dangers of crude oil exposure and dispersants you can visit Gulf Oil Spill Truth.

Other Developments....

This month I started the first phase of a new project called Information To Inspire Change. It will be a hub of sorts, where I can tie in many different sources of progressive, uncensored information. The goal is provide a resource that counterbalances what the mainstream spoon-feeds the masses.  Keep in mind this is only in BETA, and will be undergoing a great number of positive changes and additions in the near future.

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